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    Cruising warm ports of call, Cruised on RCCL ( 8 cruises + 2 pending) and also cruised w/ Carnival, Princess, and Celebrity. Love Caribbean cruises

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  1. Glad its coming to Allure. Only heard about it for Oasis.
  2. That chicken sandwich really looks good. I may have to get at least 2 of those .
  3. Menu looks very tasty. Thank you very much for posting this
  4. I'm still waiting for it on Freedom by March 2020
  5. I hope the person is ok. I really wonder how this keeps on happening to people.
  6. We were on FOTS 2 yrs w/ connecting balcony rooms and on Deck 9 and it was fine for our Western Caribbean cruise . No issues with wind, only glare from the sun.
  7. Thanks for confirmation that I shouldn't sail NCL, didn't want to anyways
  8. Too expensive for my wallet and our family is not big into seafood, so this is an easy no thank-you for us.
  9. Just like the bacon trough in the windjammer, one of my favorites🥓
  10. Harmony of the Seas (June 2020) - Eastern Caribbean, Freedom of the Seas (March 2020) - Southern Caribbean,

    Symphony of the Seas (March 2019) - Western Caribbean, Harmony of the Seas (Marc 2017) - Eastern Caribbean

    Oasis of the Seas (March 2018 - Western Caribbean, Freedom of the Seas (March 2016 ) - Western Caribbean

    Enchantment of the Seas (April 2002) - Southern Caribbean, Grandeur of the Seas (Nov 2001) - Southern Caribbean

    Brilliance of the Seas (May 2001) - Mediterranean (Europe), Majesty of the Seas (Oct 1996) - Western Caribbean

  11. Thanks for sharing this was really interesting. Maybe someday we'll be able to go star class. The highest suite we had has been sky class
  12. I'm in the same boat on timing, which is school calendars. We normally cruise end of March during spring break and again in late June right after school gets done for the year. We also live in Minnesota, so in addition to paying high cruise fares we also deal w/ crazy airfares as well.
  13. Glad it was an enjoyable trip. Thanks for the review
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