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  1. Majesty of the Seas 1996 our Honeymoon cruise, at the time it was the largest cruise ship, I believe. We also did Carnival, Princess, and Celebrity, but settled on RCCL as our go to line.
  2. Spring Break and our first Crown Loft Suite. Kids are pretty excited about it. This should use up all our remaining FCCs.
  3. Christmas on a cruise, better than snowy MN
  4. Jamaica, especially Ocho Rios, the local are very pushy.
  5. Will get the vaccine and wearing masking inside is fine, but won't cruise if we have to wear masks outside on the pool deck or just walking around outside.
  6. agreed, since we have to fly in and adding a hotel stay, its too impractical for us for a short cruise. The airfare if higher than the cruise. The restrictions and reservations for pool time, etc. This isn't our cup of tea
  7. We used our FCC which came from last March's FOTS cruise out of SJ that was cancelled. We applied our FCC to this year's March HOTS cruise and only payed the difference. We'll apply the new FCC to next year's March springbreak cruise. We normally book non-refunded rooms, and have know for awhile that March was looking very slim for cruising.
  8. We just payed for our March 27th on Harmony and wish they would make a decision to go / cancel. If its cancelled we have plans all set to go to Cancun to an All-inclusive w/ the kids. Just would like to get it booked earlier rather than later due to airfares.
  9. Sail away on Symphony of the Seas from Miami, just realizing that I won't have contact with work for 7 wonderful nights and nothing to worry about, since I can't do anything about it. I refuse to access / pay for the internet service, just to decompress for a few days.
  10. Glad I'm not the only one seeing this. Thanks much
  11. Yes, I tried that and it did give me the option to purchase it. Thanks for the confirmation everyone
  12. I was looking at drink packages for our March 28, 2021 Spring break cruise on Harmony . We normally get the soda package for all 4 of us, since we don't drink much, maybe 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks for the entire cruise. Anyways, the site is saying my wife purchased the unlimited drink package, but it doesn't show a purchase date or price and when I looks at My Calendar, it doesn't show up and looking at order history, it only shows the Oasis cabana, which we purchased for the family. Can I assume this is an error with Royal's website. I checked 3 days ago and just now and it still shows the same thing and I didn't receive an email from Royal as well for the purchased drink package, but did received an email for the Oasis cabana we purchased.
  13. My kids love the French Onion soup, but alot of times the temperature of the soup is way too hot and they end up adding an ice cube to cool is off. The other soups are never that hot. Also, the chilled soups were my favorite, they usually remind me of melted ice cream or a smoothie. The strawberry was my favorite. I also miss the 3 salad dressings the assistant waiter came to your table with each night, so you could have as little or as much as liked on your salad. Each night was 3 new dressings
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