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    Cruising warm ports of call, Cruised on RCCL ( 8 cruises + 2 pending) and also cruised w/ Carnival, Princess, and Celebrity. Love Caribbean cruises

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  1. Love it. Can't go wrong with the bacon trough
  2. Thanks, any idea on price for sweat shirt?
  3. if there's money to be made a business will try to make money
  4. Thanks, I'm also, still looking for a Royal sweatshirt. Again , never seen one on a Caribbean cruise
  5. Does RCCL do the 2 for $20 t-shirt sales on Alaska cruises.?All my cruises have been caribbean, but we are using our FCC from our cancelled March 2020 cruise for a June 2021 cruise in Alaska. If they do the sale, should I assume they would be Alaska port t-shirts.
  6. We received out FCC on April 25 for our cruise and a refund for our shore excursions, but still waiting for our airfare refund to hit the credit card from Royal's airfare program
  7. I'm in the same boat.I have a June 12th on Harmony . Crossing fingers
  8. I have a June 14th on Harmony, cross my fingers, since I'm still mourning my March Freedom cruise being cancelled
  9. Sign me up, the more sea days and beach days the better
  10. June 14 on harmony of the seas. #stillgoing unless royal cancels
  11. We were on Freedom today out of San Juan
  12. We're still planning on going on our Freedom cruise on March 22. The entire family is health (cross our fingers it continues), so no concerns for us.
  13. #stillgoing 11 days (3/22/2020) Freedom out of San Juan
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