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    Cruising warm ports of call in the caribbean. Cruised on RCCL (top choice) and also previously cruised w/ Carnival, Princess, and Celebrity. Love Caribbean cruises.

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  1. Anyone know how may casitas are available for rent on Oasis of the Seas? They aren't too badly prices for Apr 2023 spring break. $130 for port days and $170 for sea days.
  2. I've only seen pinnacles wear their pins. I've yet to see anyone else, but to each there own
  3. I second the recommendation for South Beach
  4. Escargot for dinner in the MDR, buttery and probably unhealthy.
  5. My kids have never tipped extra with the soda package for all 7 of their cruises. I also haven't with my soda package . All they do is push a button and fill your glass at the bar
  6. Just wear pants and you should fit in with the crowd
  7. 5.99 on Black Friday was what we payed for our last 2 cruises. never seen anything lower
  8. We had a Crown Loft (2 adults 2 kids) and got a rollaway bed as well for our Symphony 3/2022 cruise. It was a good choice, we normally get connecting balconies , but splurged for this cruise. The 2nd bathroom was nice to have. No complaints. Also enjoyed coastal kitchen for breakfast and sun suite deck on sea days as well
  9. What about vaccinated but no boosters? Are you considered vaccinated for Fl sailings?
  10. Personally I won't / refuse to pay extra for hamburgers and fries even if they are good . So no to Johnny Rockets for us .
  11. Ours sit in a drawer in the original package they come in. We're diamond now.
  12. I do all the cooking at home, so I've taken these home and place them next to my wife's plate at the end of her meal, when its a "special" homemade meal. Kids think its pretty funny, just to reminder her to at least say thank-you for the home cooked meal.
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