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  1. As of September 7th, 2022, the automatic service gratuity of $16.00 USD per person, per day for guests in non-suites staterooms, or $18.50 USD per person, per day for guests in Suites, will be applied to each guest’s SeaPass account on a daily basis. The gratuity applies to individual guests of all ages and stateroom categories. As a way to reward our crew members for their outstanding service, gratuities are shared among dining, bar & culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes to enhance the cruise experience.
  2. https://www.porteverglades.net/cruise/parking/ https://www.cruzely.com/15-convenient-port-everglades-fort-lauderdale-park-cruise-hotels/
  3. I have never seen a pillow menu in my ocean view or balcony cabin. I find that exercise and alcohol make for a good night sleep.
  4. I would be interested to know what kind of treatments the onboard Docs can provide and what kind of injury or illness would prompt a medical evacuation. FYI I do buy Travel/Medical insurance when I cruise.
  5. Sometimes the food is pitiful in the windjammer and the MDR. Not hot enough or poor variety. Or is it that i'm just not that hungry hmmm.......
  6. Hey were on this cruise flying down to Lauderdale from Boston a couple of days before departure. What do you do in Aruba at night?
  7. Hi People. Thank you in advance for your opinions an suggestions. 1st off I always prepay my gratuities then give extra to my room steward wait staff and bartenders. On my next cruise I ordered the Unlimited dining package and 18% gratuities were added. I know the people take care of us work very hard but do you think I should keep my prepaid gratuities or Pay cash tips to my room steward and any one else that takes care of us? Thank you
  8. If your happy just being on a ship and cruising its a great option but no complaining if you get a room near the pointy end or the very back on the lowest floor.
  9. Thank you, I guess I'm still in the running then.
  10. Hi, I bid on 4 categories of state room upgrades. I am 3 weeks away from embarkation and I see that there is only 1 category left and it says pending. Is this a good sign or does it mean nothing? Thanks for any insight
  11. To the best of my knowledge you always have 24 hours to cancel your cruise or airfare.
  12. 2 full .750 ltr. bottles of wine per cabin and as many empty one as you like
  13. Q What is Royal Caribbean's service gratuities (tips) price and policy? A The automatic service gratuity is $14.50 USD per person, per day for guests in Junior Suites and below, or $17.50 USD per person, per day for guests in Grand Suites and above, applied to each guest’s SeaPass account on a daily basis.
  14. Pre-paid gratuities Gratuities acknowledge the 24/7 service commitment of your personal stateroom attendants, culinary and service staff. Guests can conveniently pre-pay gratuities at the time of booking or assign gratuities once onboard through their SeaPass account.
  15. Try this https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade
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