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  1. Based on the NEW benefits if your going to already purchase Voom Surf and Stream for each guest and depending on your anticipated use of Room Service, it might be of benefit for the right price. To me most of the time the price/benefit ratio makes it to expensive New benefits can be found here https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/10/08/royal-caribbean-changes-benefits-of-the-key-its-cruise-ships
  2. After Royal has seen my card one time on a sailing, why can't they have a field in your C&A record that is checked to say fully vaccinated. they manage to track lots of other information, don't need to see the card 6 times a year cause I don't all of a sudden become Un-Vaccinated
  3. The real problem is this is going to be more of an issue as we continue to need to use these cards as time goes on. I know most states have records of these Vaccinations, but to get a replacement card is difficult at best. Continuing to rely on this silly hand written card as the only acceptable proof, in the computer age is ridiculousness
  4. the most unreliable source of accurate information on level with print Rags
  5. easy cure, put vaccine on board a ship and tell the staff take the shot or don't enter the compound. easy peazy for a big company like Royal. fence or security will have a talk with you don't know about any of you , but I've walked the compound line at Labadee, huge fence security everywhere, cameras, monitored, don't get to close to the fence line. Safest place in Hati for an American, it's all about insurance coverage for Royal
  6. Sorry but i have to call you some of the BS you spew 1. early on NO one know how this spread, so closing Playgrounds was a wise preemptive strategy. They also closed all schools at the same time. Later we actual found out how it spread. 2. closing beaches made sense when without a vaccine we saw "College Age Kids" congregate with no social distancing and no mask wearing. 3 Actually the now common Plexiglass barriers seen at cashiers and banks do provide a block for the aerosol causing it to move in a different direction. Total blockage NO but disbursal so it is not as concentrated YES 4. Ok this one was wild but depending on your distance not a bad Idea. Remember masks don't protect me the protect others. How many scientific study using blue/black lighting to follow the aerosol do you have to see to know this is true. A compete blockage NO, but effective in decreasing the viral load YES Japan, up lets bring people in from all over the world, tested or not and see we can prevent a rise in cases, Not unexpected. Australia I will only say this. "Cases and deaths per million As of 8 September, Australia had recorded around 29 deaths per million people, a rate nearly four times lower than the global average of 114, according to the University of Oxford-backed ourworldindata.org website. About the only VALID point you make is " Zero Covid is a fantasy " ENJOY YOUR UPCOMING CRUISE
  7. @Psycho and BarbI have a sailing on Explorer soon, so have been watching everything PR. this web site seems to be accurate, when compared to other google searches https://www.discoverpuertorico.com/info/travel-guidelines requires a Travel Declaration Form on the Puerto Rico Health Department’s online portal be filled out before arrival at the airport. Should be no problem if you're fully Vaccinated. Please come back and let us know how your sailing went, Good Luck and have fun
  8. 2 years ago this past November we were booked in a Suite and rcvd a call from Royal asking us to give up our suite for a full refund (as FCC i seem to remember) and to sail that sailing in a balcony for free. Because it was a Milestone Birthday cruise we declined the offer. They apparently contacted a number of suite guest with this same offer, of course I was only able to talk with others who also declined. Apparently a movie-star/celebrity wanted on that cruise and had been willing to pay all the associated costs. The suite concierge could not give us details, but let some general info slip out, .I'm pretty sure she knew more of the actual story that we ever will
  9. Russian Roulette anyone, I was hoping to get at least what was promised on the web site. Would have been happy with anything after 21 Dec 2021 extended use date maybe we need a trade thread? not because everyone is looking for out dates
  10. thanks @twangster, As I suspected expireing on 12-19-2021. Just very misleading when both Royal's site and Optum's site both state "There is a nationwide short supply of Covid Antigen tests therefore your test kit may expire as soon as December 21, 2021." I would expect the expiration to be on or after that advertised date, not before it.
  11. because of the recent shortage of available at home tests, i bite the bullet and ordered through the Royal link as shown below From the way I read this my rcvd test should be good at least through Dec 21, 2021, which would meet the conditions of 2 days for my 23 Dec Sailing. This is what i RCVD THE WAY I READ THESE THEY ACTUALY EXPIRE ON 12-19-2021 2 DAY BEFORE THE ADVERTISED DATE. ANYONE ELSE AGREE WITH ME? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
  12. So looking at the cruise planner for one of my upcoming cruises this year yet, I saw under Internet & More the below with this in the detailed explanation "Learn to Play is only available on Day 1 and 2 of your sailing. Check the Cruise Compass for gaming lesson times and check-in with one of our dealers" my question is can this also be purchased when on board or is it pre-purchase only?
  13. Not likely now that sailing are head upward in capacity. Report of around 70% on a number of ships. With no major outbreaks and all the testing and vaccine requirements, I easily see royal at full capacity buy early next years, or at least as many berths as they can fill. Carnival has been running with 70% capacity since the restart and only one minor incident that was before the went to the testing and mask indoor policy they now have.
  14. I hope they soon end the ridicules block off of every other table, with the capacity going up those table are sorely need. Even at 30-40% capacity there were times when there were no available table in Windjamer especially for mid-morning breakfast
  15. and if those run out Royal will really need to scramble, to prevent numerous cancellations at the last minute
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