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  1. I for one am glad the video has gone public and that RCCL has made a public statement to the effect that they hold no responsibility for the negligent actions of an adult.
  2. on lots of ships if they have to many Diamond plus for that particular sailing the have been restricting the concierge lounges to Suite s and Pinnacles. I would save complaints like this if the just changed the name of all the concierge lounges to Suite Lounge fleet wide and save themselves this headache
  3. did you also complain about this on a Facebook group get over it some folks are just lucky..... personalty I'm happy when ever some or myself gets over on the system If I really want it "I pay for it" ... i.e. book a suite wish i was in the 1% but darn happy to be in the 10% most people to sail more than once are, and I'm just guessing at this are at least in the 20%
  4. looking for more actual information related to the lawsuit
  5. romance is what you make it for all i know it could be early to bed and and early morning .... trip to the gym .... well adults know
  6. Sorry but if I'm awaken at that time of the morning and GS did not answer the phone, I would have been standing in front of their counter, and they would have known I was there.
  7. looks like all flat rates have increase from a little over a year ago, by about $2 along with the airport fee climbing $2 also. has actual Wonder if Uber being allowed has actual cause rates to increase due to lost revenue as opposed to bringing rates down
  8. agree, you should be able to find one there that makes you happy, I have stayed at a number of them and each have pro's and con's
  9. loved this place, the service is so exceptional
  10. If interested, I'd have showed up with the paperwork and taken the tour
  11. Cozumel downtown area is very walkable and very safe and not anything like the port terminals. Not nearly as aggressive as Jamaica or some other ports
  12. Which I dislike, I don't want all the other fixings each time after the first time, just bring me a few tails on a plate.
  13. Hearing reports that this will no longer be the case after 1 Jan 2020
  14. Matt has given the best advice yet. Anytime the company sets tip amount (Gratuity) and auto charges it, it has been taken care of and nothing additional is needed, nor expected.
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