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  1. Have never cruised Easter so cant comment on that holiday. Have cruise many times over the other 3 though. Thanksgiving and Christmas have a special menu that includes a Turkey dinner in MDR. Those holidays also offer an Upgraded Higher cost meal at some specialty restaurants that is NOT included in the UDP. Valentine does not offer a special menu in the MDR. Valentines Day does offer the Upgraded Higher cost meal at some specialty restaurants that is NOT included in the UDP.
  2. Interestingly I mentioned I'm ok with one a day service but missed the "out catching thrills" side of the magnet to the Hotel Director at top tier event. I also spoke with my cabin steward and the ones on either side, all 3 liked the magnet to let them know we were vacated. Interestingly one of the old "out catching thrills" magnets was on my door when I returned this evening. If you like them ASK that's how upper management knows. Again I'm fine with once a day, just want to let my cabin steward when I'm gone and the know when they are finished, sometimes if they haven't got to me I'll find someplace to go till there done
  3. I just had my 5 drinks on Adventure, tonight at the same bar zip have visited most nights, and no receipts, though they did earlier in this cruise. Unsure what or why at this point Personally I liked the receipts
  4. This only happens if you do not select one of the approximately 3 price protected cruises that are usually around the original sailing date. The 2 time I've had similar happen, the selection of cruises price protected showed as costing more than I paid, occasionally much more.
  5. If I remember correctly only one bar on Wonder over Xmas 2022 printed the drink count on the receipt. Jewel in Jan 2023 did print count Radiance jan it started to show after 4:30 Thursday at every bar, POS must have had an update pushed. Allure in Feb all 4 weeks it showed, except a few bartender didn't even print and get signed. Adventure right now it prints on receipt, but some bartenders are lack at printing. It is at the very bottom of the receipt and unless you really look for it you might not notice it. Also personally I prefer that they print and make me sign the receipt, every time
  6. But it is generally the show performers, who don't have that many other duties
  7. From what I have been told by a couple of other who have had that experiance, when you arrive in Vancouver the Canadian authorities will have you escorted to the airport and put on the first avalible flight to the US at your expense, does not matter where it goes in the US. Now one of them said the Canadian agent was in a good mood and let them wait for there scheduled flight which was early afternoon the same day. I'd also run a record check beforehand with a company that does FBI database checks, as some of the older ones never got reported. Good Luck
  8. Sorry, but there is no "intentional deflection" as you claim. It is 2 different letters, the first which you and others may not have recieved, don't ask my why but it happens with other examples also, was explaining the mistake and what the would be doing. The letter / email they now are sending is in regards to the individual cancellation and is the same format "been a change in plans" that they always use when they impose a company initiated cancellation of a cruise planner purchase. Just wanting you to have the correct information and not internet misinformation. BTW for anyone interested I received my 4th of 7 cancellation notices accompanied by restoration of purchase OBC. So it is moving along slow but sure.
  9. More nickle and dime profit for my favorite cruise line. Not sure the process can be patented, I'm no lawyer, they may have copy righted the term emuster. Either way with NCL rolli g back it is good news for this process over the old way
  10. Just an FYI update, I just recieved 3 email in the past 2 hours saying they are sorry but have canceled my Premier Passes. 2 returned my OBC and one refunded my credit card used. Yes it will be a while until the actual CC refund posts, but OBC shows now. Purchase shows as refunded now rather than booked as it did before
  11. Just boarded Adventure and of course they have changed now to once a day service. BTW I am OK with just once a day service. Also the door magnet that had "Out Catching Thrills" on one side and "Sleeping Off the Adventure" on the reverse side have been replaced throughout this ship with one sided magnets that only have "Sleeping Off the Adventure" on them. Seems on this ship it is a more if you don't have the do not disturb out they will try to get to your room when they have time. My cabin steward did say if I wanted service I should call her extension on the card she gave me. Personally I liked that "Out Catching Thrills" side to let my steward know I was ready for service. Also on boarding day the cabins seemed to be available later than normal for a ship that started boarding just before 10:30, I imagine since they now each have more cabins to service that will be the normal going forward.
  12. Yes definately fly in a day early. @WAAAYTOOO had some good advice. If you can afford it and maybe you can stay downtown the night before. The Intercontinental prices high and sells out quickly, but a great downtown stay. Cheaper by airport, I preferred the 3 Marriott that are co-located, but that's me Leave early to get to port to beat traffic jams by 9 am it's a nightmare Once you actually arrive at terminal "Suite" Access is fantastic. When the Concierge emails around 5 days out tell them what you want for shows. If it was my first time in a suite I'd eat all my meals in Costal Kitchen rather than the MDR. Personally first time in a suite on an Oasis Class ship me I'd skip the UDP as you have an upgraded suite resturant ie Costal Kitchen. You can also order MDR meal directly to your cabin during dining times, no extra cost Go to the suite lounge, basicly the same room a CK, during happy hour 5-8pm and talk with others you'll learn a lot about the suite amenities. ENJOY YOUR CRUISE
  13. Sorry to say but since the 2021 restart "My Time" has su..ed. the 6:45 start time has created huge lines and long wait times. Hint if you go down 15-25 minutes after Early Traditional starts they try to squeeze you in as soon as possible, but it can still be a long wait and in my opinion defeats the purpose. I have switched to early traditional, but to be honest when I leave 30-45 minutes after the start time some folks are still filtering in. Yes I eat quick and skip dessert. I Truly wish that after 15 minutes from the start time they'd close the doors and turn those folks away, especially when I'm on the after Traditional becomes "My Time" dining room deck.
  14. Let's face the facts If Royal was not at least at the break even point on their drink package, they'd raise the price even more. For most purchasers royal make a substantial profit. On average it is more than if they just sold drinks by the drink. Just like those Casino free cruise folks. Royal bottom line is PROFIT
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