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  1. thank you so much for another perspective. my take is the rapid spread in the USA is do to those that refuse to mask, and there are many, just stop by and look at any local bar. I also believe that with like minded cruiser that are courteous and obey the rules i am just as safe as going to the store which we all have to do from time to time
  2. yes same back to back and both from Iowa - hit me up at hotmail if you like. it does seem like they want us to decide fast, but probably a method to retain money on hand. good thing this one is with a TA Odd because i just checked all Jan/Feb 2022 sailing from San Juan and Explorer for our dates does not show. Really would like to know if i have the same stateroom on both sailing, before I commit. i have had to change staterooms before and will never do it again, worst part about that experience is there was a fog delay, had we stayed in the same room we could have relaxed
  3. exactly what i was thinking as I read through this post.
  4. and people still wonder how they are going to get to the reduced capacity without telling someone who is booked that they can't sail. I'm sure this change will help reduce capacity so that after the cancellations they can cap the rooms they sell. My self I'm real glad that i have a travel agent, my first worry is my Jan/Feb 2022 cruise is a b2b and will i have the same room on both of my cruises. My second concern is they gave me, at least how I read it, a very limited time to get a true refund of my deposit have to decide by 30 Oct 2020. There is enough restrictions on FCC use, on
  5. On top of the above looks like her upgrade /renovation was put off, so not nearly the same ship or quality as Freedom
  6. How are you seeing the new itinerary, does not even show on RCG website at this minute. I personally am getting real tired of them selling cruises to me then switching either the ship or itinerary at a later. I book early to get the location I want and lo and behold over half my cruises for the past 3 years have had major changes. I'm just getting real frustrated when the RCG management.
  7. Excellent point, my March 15th cruise wasn't even canceled until the day before, the day we landed in the port city.
  8. Agree with the point on " CDC guidance (distanced) " but my thoughts are even with reduced sailing capacity I have trouble imagining the pool, sun deck or solarium on a sea day where i could effectively maintain social distancing.
  9. good luck finding it at that price, but at that price it might be worth it, depending on your status level
  10. I'm very happy with Michelle also, especially during this Pandemic situation
  11. hey I've already made money on my RCG stock and it is only going to go up once cruising resumes. Maybe i should sue because I didn't get to enjoy the loss. Seriously its the stock market, for us Americans we can vote for a strong economy or not its up to all of us
  12. good info, but video would have been much better in judging how it worked if there had been actual passengers present in the video
  13. first 7 day itinerary - pick your favorite Florida port of departure embark - Coco Cay - Day at sea - Labadee - Day at sea - Coco Cay - Day at sea - debark embark - Labadee - Day at sea - Coco Cay - Day at sea - Labadee - Day at sea - debark embark - Day at sea - Coco Cay - Day at sea - Labadee - Day at sea - Coco Cay - debark you get the idea, all kinds of possibilities and all the money goes in RCI's pocket so to speak
  14. no mater how you did your L&S via phone or on line, why would you provide them with an option that your not willing to accept? I had an Xmas 2020 cruise booked and did my L&S on line. I put the same acceptable Xmas 2021 cruise in all 3 choices for option 1, 2, 3 as that was the only cruise i was willing to accept. I was surprised the online form let me into the same cruise for all 3 options and initialy thought i 'd have to call in, but it worked.
  15. having read this thread that is less than a day old, and digesting some of the opinions expressed as well as observing some of the actions in my community, I can easily see why we in the USA have the highest infection rate in the world. Which is to bad because we definitely won't be returning to cruising until that rate is much lower and somewhat under control. I so want to cruise, but I want to do it safely with very low risk.
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