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  1. of course I did, the way i look at it the sooner I'm onboard the sooner i start my vacation. The last day they kick you out of your room before 8 and any services are very limited other than breakfast. Inevitably most time i have to try to get off as soon as possible that last day, to make sure I catch a flight, or to start a drive home since no port is close. Only once have I tried to stay on longer and then it seemed Customs to forever.
  2. My Explorer cruise isn't till early next year but I've been reading what I can find about San Juan and a few weeks ago it seemed they were opening back up. So now I'm surprised
  3. Check in is now avalible time started at the 12-12:30 slot
  4. this thread is a breath of fresh air. relief from _ _ _ _ _ discustion and a sure sign that "we" as a whole think we are back to cruise mode again
  5. @twangsterI see you like to manipulate spreadsheets also. I do that to, thanks for some of whats going to be very useful tips.
  6. yup something like 5 or 6am is the change over, you wont get them the last morning either
  7. not getting seat assignment is typical when using an air consolidator (I'm pretty sure that's what they are called) They purchase a block of seat that they pay for used or not (though they can trade them) and much like the UDP the trade off is not getting seats assigned early, much like for the lower price of the specialty restaurant you cant' book until aboard. as @smokeybanditsaid there are trick to getting your seats early.
  8. Because it is not the right thing to do for the cruise industry as a whole. only time will tell for sure, but as we are now seeing in the USA the vast majority of cases of covid running ramped again are in unvaccinated individuals.
  9. all the more reason to require vaccinated only cruise. I just don't get it almost ever one of the current hospitalizations in the US are due to unvaccinated persons and the Delta variant. Seriously can anyone actual dispute that?
  10. maybe one at Diamond+ but the its a long way to pinnicle
  11. I agree, to top it off Thenford was our tour guide, supper guy, very personable had a great time
  12. Yes to that statement. In reference to earning double point, in my situation, I just checked, we have the same number of cruises +1 booked as we had cancelled, which is pretty much the same number of cruises we would normally take every year. Actually the +1 is a special celebration that would have been added to the normal anyway. Then I thought, lets see if i can figure out how much it cost me per point earned, maybe double points make it much cheaper? All situations are different, and there are also intangibles in addition to cost. But clearly for me double points has not come out any cheaper that most of my other cruises, with the exception of one of my L&S that was already a good price when I bought the original cruise 3 years ago. Everyone will be different and i had fun setting up the spread sheet (also many other calculations included)
  13. The scary part to me is that she slipped through without having her card punched to begin with.
  14. Since the Supreme Court ruled over 100 years ago that state governments could require vaccination for reasons of public health. It would logically apply that a private company could require them to safely conduct their business. The fact that recently the Hospital in Houston reinforced this by winning their lawsuit to require nurses to be vaccinated in order to be employed, is a good indicator that NCL will prevail over Florida. The sooner the better.
  15. @SJ1, yes excellent post. renew a year out from expiration date. pay for photos at a Walgreens or a CVS, most absolutely know what they are doing, if you frequent there you probably know who the photo "Team Lead" or Asst manager is, if not ask, then go when they are there. Thankfully our expired in 2018 and we renewed in 2017
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