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  1. Have stayed at the Spring Hill in Galveston and a few others, now we normally stay in Houston and Uber to port in the morning, just 2 of us. Great experience with Uber in Nov 2019.
  2. and then not booking another cruise immediately
  3. I for one could care less what you wear to dinner, any night. Won't affect my enjoyment in the least. No where on any RCCL ship is there a 5 star dinning experience. Wear what you want.
  4. Just so that it is made as public as all the accusations from the family. Will it get a spot on the today show?
  5. Sorry to hear that you were this dissatisfied. I'm sailing on her in Feb from NOLA, so i took notice of your post
  6. just off Liberty past Sunday, NO more prints on the wall, every thing in kiosks. you can chose print, email to you, or down load and email. down load is free no purchase of internet required. Worked great, was even able to get our Diamond photos in electronic format (jpg) for the first time.
  7. To be honest, the only decent steak I have ever had in Chops was the Filet Mignon, I have ordered all the steaks on the menu and both the Bone in Rib Eye and the New York Strip both have left something to desire. I have Even had the New Zealand Rack of Lamb and much like the MDR it is not Rack of Lamb but individual chops. I usually get better steaks in a mass market steak house at home for a little over half the up-charge for chops. At this point I won't book specialty dining again unless it is one heck of a discount, just not that good of quality. JMHO
  8. They do pick you up near port, right across the street at hard rock cafe. On our tour we dropped the bikes off at Mega Plex store underneath parking, then i drove the bike back to our ship with Milton riding along, he let us off and then took the bike back to the shop. Now the rest of the people on our tour were from NCL ship with docked right in town, so they walked back to their ship. They would have also let us stay in town and return on our own, but I elected to drive the trike back to the ship. they seem to use cabs for their transportation so even if you go to the shop them may transport you to town, you'd have to ask.
  9. Just returned from our cruise and on 19 Nov we took the Trikes in Cozumel. Milton was our guide and there were 6 trikes on our tour, because they only had one tour that day ours lasted about 4.5 hours. It was fantastic to say the least. we had a great time and there is really not a better way to see the rest of the island. you start by going south along the coast road and go by all the popular beaches you read about on the various forums. There are about 3 stops where they take your individual pictures and they are posted on a site for you to download along with pictures take during the ride. There are a number of other stops and you change position regularly so one trike is not always in front or rear of group. Yes there is also a stop for lunch that included tequila tasting and i have to cut the tasting short since i was driving, but my wife was pretty loopy. I will say i have also done the Trikes in Aruba and both tours are what we call "repeaters", in other words we plan to do them again. Can't think of a better way to describe how much we enjoyed Trikes Cozumel.
  10. Have twice been on a cruise where a group of around 350 had the solarium (to include that pool) closed for about 4 hours mid-afternoon for a private function. Wait I may have even been a member of that group, maybe a little inconvenient for other passengers, but believe me the group paid a good chuck for their use of that area.
  11. Really, what the today show should be doing is broadcasting a public apology to Royal Caribbean, for allowing someone on their show to voice obviously unfounded accusations.
  12. there are no do it your self machines on board RCCL ships, (I do know Carnival has machines that you can pay for and use) That said RCCL does have a laundry service either by piece or maybe even a bag full for a charge, but i never have used it so unsure, i also think it may only be on 7 day or longer cruises. I also have read that it is like sending your laundry to a commercial type service and you need to watch what you send if you care about the item. Hope someone that has used this service has better info for you
  13. also grab the path right near #10 and walk that lower edge you can still walk up and around #14, some of those paths are steep, well relatively, but all are pretty much concrete. I always enjoy walking completely around Labadee at least once and maybe even twice when I'm there
  14. Honestly, after many many cruises, I find that the tip "a lot" advice you get on any of the forums is very exaggerated. You pay your gratuities that are charged daily or prepaid. This also covers the buffet, Cafe Promenade and El Loco Fresh who area all in the tip pool. You pay18% per drink or via the package purchase that added the 18% You pay an 18% gratuity for a specialty restaurant, or if pre-purchase before boarding it is included in the price. Really about the only time you have to worry about extra tipping is when you finally reach a C&A level where you are getting free drinks, or use the services of the concierge, then it seems more appropriate. Then again if any service is way over the top, then you might consider a little extra. No one on the staff is going to label as "that cheapie" , they reserve that for those that remove their daily gratuities .... 😉
  15. go to shore excursion desk as soon as you board, It is possible they will have a few open slots, much like the dining rooms do.
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