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  1. Here in the Midwest people are taking head of the warnings, very few people in stores and every one cognoscente of their distances. it is only the younger children in their 20's that are still running around and socializing, at least those with out family responsibilities. My 28 year old son with no family still runs around at night, his twin sister with a daughter has hunkered down with schools closed, she actually told him not to come over and as twins they are close, face-time it is
  2. Your experience with MTD and mine/ours has been the same, a lot of times I not only get the same wait staff, but if not the same table one very close to it. I personally enjoy the fact that dinner is not a long drawn out affair as we generaly only allow ourselves desert once a cruise. For me a couple of hours at dinner is way to long.
  3. Although I'm a Marriott and IHG guy, I have no doubt the points accumulated to those free rooms are based on how much you spend per night on your paid rooms. I had over 500 lifetime nights with Marriott before I realized that to obtain "Lifetime" status i also need a couple of million in spend dollars. Started staying in the better hotels, up the the rate the company would reimburse, and then also paying with a Marriot card to receive the 5X point on spend. Luckily i made the highest lifetime status before the program changed. I am not saying that loyal cruisers should not get some perks, but those paying the heavy fare should have their perks also. In my mind though the heavy fare cruisers should always win in a tie type situation. JMHO - enjoy those free rooms I do!
  4. @WAAAYTOOO @DublinFC what I can tell you about the motion is that one the first night I ran into a friend from other cruises. We spent some time almost every night with a group of 8 of us all diamond plus, all but us were on at least a b2b, some even longer. On our week the last portion, 2 sea days, at least 2 were sick. 3 reported being sick the week before, but said the seas were rougher. One of our servers, who had recently, joined the staff was missing the last night and reported to be motion sick also. My wife was able to head it off, by taking "Bonine" starting the morning of the first sea day and again that night and next morning. We have been in rougher seas on other ships with a lot less motion noticed. Maybe it was a combination of time of year and the storms that have been effecting the southeast US this pas few weeks. I am certainly not trying to influence anyone's decision, this is just my opinion of my experience and yours could differ. We did enjoy our cruise, but it is not at the top of our list to repeat again, although in my opinion the food served and variety in Windjammer was superb.
  5. As it should be, suites pay 2-3 time what other passengers pay per person. (when the additional cost falls below 2x balcony I seriously consider it) It is no different than when booking a suite motel room, or first class airfare rather than economy. Depending on which cruise line you book suite passage on some line don't necessarily reap huge benefits other than a bigger room
  6. I know that a few posters just before my response were in favor of taking this ship out of NOLA. I just returned from a sailing on her, Majesty last week, also know I personally do not prefer the big Oasis class ships. I will give my opinions, starting with, I have sailed from NOLA 6 times now, although the other 5 were on a carnival ship. Lets start with a few positives, the service is definitely up to Royal standards, all staff are pleasant and willing to help. The food was good, maybe even some of the best I have had on 20+ Royal cruises in both the MDR and Windjammer. Decent itinerary, that included Key West and CoCo Cay (interestingly on our sailing we were the only ship there) First at this time Majesty is moving from doing 4 or 5 day sailings to 7 day cruises and experiencing a new home port. This presents some noticeable adjustment for the crew, that should hopefully should work itself out over time. The terminal Royal uses does not have a very large waiting area and the traffic flow for both people and cars is not the best. There definitely seems to be a longer time from actual docking / tied up to actual release of passengers than on any other ship I've experienced (this could be attributed to new home port) There is no adult only area. The rooms no mater what category, are much smaller than normal. There is no specialty restaurant at all, if that's your thing. Almost all bars have daytime activities ie trivia, next cruise event, that make for very little quite space during the day. The centrum design makes it difficult to find somewhere to sit and listen music played there. The big screen on deck is of very poor quality, most noticeable if watching a movie, in addition not a lot of clear views of it (this is also a problem on a lot of Royal ships, but most noticeable on this one) the best viewing are has been taken over by the smoking sections. By the way the smoking sections are not clearly delineated on open decks and seem to expand more so than on other ships of the fleet. The ships movement is very much more noticeable, so much so that some long time cruisers experienced motion sickness. The ships ability to attain a higher top cruising speed is not there due to size and age of ship (this affects the ability to make up for lost time due to either delays or rough seas). Finally, if your are interested in the diamond lounge, there is not one and the old use of the Viking Crown has definitely ended. You can get specialty coffee only at the Diamond and above breakfast in the MDR in the mornings, but you must ask to be seated in the section if you qualify. Just our/my opinions above, and although we like to sail out of NOLA, once was enough on this particular ship. Again just our opinion the slight cost advantage does not offset the many disadvantages.
  7. 316.613 f.s. Abstract: F.S. 316.613 316.613  (6) The child restraint requirements imposed by this section do not apply to a chauffeur-driven taxi, limousine, sedan, van, bus, motor coach, or other passenger vehicle if the operator and the motor vehicle are hired and used for the transportation of persons for compensation. It is the obligation and responsibility of the parent, guardian, or other person responsible for a child’s welfare as defined in s. 39.01 to comply with the requirements of this section.
  8. I agree, but how are they going to enforce this? voluntary disclosure? that never works, guess if your using a passport the could look for exit Visa stamps (very time consuming)
  9. I bet your looking to store it for the 6 hours before you can check in at pier. probably not getting a motel. The only storage I have heard of, Barracuda Restaurant, does not open till about 9 or 10 am. I might suggest looking into a one day car rental, returning it to Airport later in afternoon and then Uber to port, you'd have to figure out if this is cost feasible.
  10. First time I have ever remember, last cruise in Nov on Liberty, my check-in asking for an arrival time. this time is also printed on my boarding pass. I have sailed out of NOLA before with other cruise lines, (don't hate on me, sometimes you have to try other to appreciate your favorite), in fact just returned from that cruise, and they strictly enforce this check-in time to even let you into the terminal buildings. Has anyone ? maybe @Twangster sailed form NOLA and knows the answer for sure??
  11. I for one am glad the video has gone public and that RCCL has made a public statement to the effect that they hold no responsibility for the negligent actions of an adult.
  12. on lots of ships if they have to many Diamond plus for that particular sailing the have been restricting the concierge lounges to Suite s and Pinnacles. I would save complaints like this if the just changed the name of all the concierge lounges to Suite Lounge fleet wide and save themselves this headache
  13. did you also complain about this on a Facebook group get over it some folks are just lucky..... personalty I'm happy when ever some or myself gets over on the system If I really want it "I pay for it" ... i.e. book a suite wish i was in the 1% but darn happy to be in the 10% most people to sail more than once are, and I'm just guessing at this are at least in the 20%
  14. looking for more actual information related to the lawsuit
  15. romance is what you make it for all i know it could be early to bed and and early morning .... trip to the gym .... well adults know
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