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  1. but none of that applies to a private business As private business I could require you to do hand springs to enter my establishment as long I did not discriminate on race; age; sex(or lack there of); or religion
  2. Only if he actually can admit it was his fault if not, then no feelings of guilt SHOULD have been jailed, for at least a few days to a week minimum, and had to admit to what he did.
  3. good points. I also think the domestic airlines have more political clout than the cruise lines. Note i have heard the airlines are complaining big time about the international covid test requirement and pointing out already their loss of revenue and need for more bailout.
  4. @RickinSTL thanks, I just live upriver from you where it truly flows from East to West, in the summer the sun both rises and sets on the river. Not as dramatic a view as being at sea but a beautiful sight non the less
  5. not really that different from the UK's handwritten card, and yes for travel purposes easily faked My first shot card is the same as the one posted, but in Iowa the public health dept maintains a master database and you will not get a shot in Iowa unless your in it, card or no card.
  6. Look at Barbados, they already had some infrastructure as a departure port and had some cruise lines that departed from there. Their airport structure was a little more robust mainly do to the travel there from the United Kingdom. They are just barely getting started and with only one small ship. I still think Vaccine is the answer. The US is only 60 days into vaccination and 10% of the population has received at least the first dose, with another vaccine ready to be rolled out, I would suppose that everyone who wants the vaccine will have it no later than the end of this year. Then t
  7. I feel for you and understand. We had a Xmas 2020 cruise booked for 7 family members in 3 cabins. Booked it as soon as the itinerary was out (2 years in future). For planning purposes I monitored Xmas 2019 flight costs every week from 6 months out and logger it in spread sheet. Jan 2020 was 11 months out and Xmas 2020 flight were released, while not the lowest in my spread sheet prices were close to bottom, so i spent $6k on plane tickets. We all know what happened end of Feb 2020. I sat on everything until just before final payment for cruise was due, then I L&S the cruise
  8. I'm not a beach person either, but i would not miss a chance to get off the ship at Labadee. Even without a cabana or the special suite beach there is quite a bit to see and do there, that is if you don't mind walking around. Avoid the craft area like the plague though. As for the Labbadoozie make sure you get one early, because the will run out.
  9. everything Waaaytooo said are the advantages if you use the card, I still use mine for RC cruise purchases. For me the kicker to get it was the bonus points offered at application with a spend in 1st 3 months (I timed the application and used it to pay off a couple of cruises) fetched something like $100 or $150 on board sign&sail credit. Also remember that if not used in something like 2-3 years (they have a chart on the web site) your points exprire. They don't last forever.
  10. We cruise every other year over Christmas, the odd year when our grandson does not visit. Our first one was when our children were around 15 years old and it was I can buy you the normal junk or I can take you on this nice vacation on a cruise ship. They voted and the cruise won. They loved it. It is probably the most expensive week to cruise, certainly one of them, but then so is every other vacation spot. Can't wait to take the grand children!
  11. yes and add the factor of "to big to fail" we have seen it happen before, an industry bailed out by either a government or big financial institutions. It seems to be that if too many big business would collapse, the whole financial market would collapse similar to a domino effect. It not just popular themes in SciFi, but could be a real possibility.
  12. agreed now we just need the vaccine widely avalible
  13. Both links seem to portray a positive outlook for the future, at least for cruising that may stay in domestic waters. Of course the question of crew is still a concern. Question: Does Australia have a ban on cruises to "Nowhere" like we have here in the US? From my perspective I would not even mind that type of cruise, just to get away from it all for a week, just not possible in the US
  14. yes and the practice ended in 1868, in the US even when i was young judges often told young offender that if they enlisted they would dismiss their case, another practice unheard of
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