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  1. Got it now, thanks had not noticed that before, but then check-in wasn't that important before either. I'd used that screen to select different cruises before but had never noticed that feature
  2. So folks help me out here Where are you seeing a "Check in date" I don't see it on my app or on the web site when I log in?
  3. We have stayed in a few cabins on deck 10 Freedom Class ships a number of times in OVB, JS and GS all on Deck 10 and our experience is the opposite of @Pattycruise . We both go to bed and rise early and we have never been disturbed by a lot of noise. But i think each persons tolerance to noise is different so your experience may not be the same as mine.
  4. one time offer after you use that "coupon" although it is electronic, it is gone
  5. you got that last part right. as a computer system admin, at time I made changes without notification and used the negative responses to gauge weather it was a right decision or not. 80 percent of the time no one ever said anything and it changed the way I as admin wanted it.. Personally I prefer an "All in Price" right up front. But as long as everything is clear at checkout. Have made many internet order right to the pay button until i found hidden shipping charges etc. Like everything you have to do your due diligence.
  6. my 21 Nov cruise still shows use as checked in. Could it be where your sailing from?
  7. it seem that what you are seeing is the new late start time for My Time dining, as they are currently using the MY TIME dining room at early seating for the Un-Vaved traditional seating, which is there only option of early dining. I understand Royals desire to provide more social distancing, but It really messes up the my time option as the dining start times are now much latter than they normally would be. My have to change all my sailing to Early Traditional as My Time no longer works for us
  8. If you had good friends in the US, the test kits could be sent to them and they could put them in a covering box and send them up to you, probably have to reimburse them for the extra postage. Just another option that might work
  9. I submitted for my 23 Dec 2021 cruise in July and it shows in the planner.
  10. and of course is that not the entire problem. even before Covid we (and I say that to include my self in many cases) line up at the terminal door waiting for it to open. I think much of this problem is limited to Royal Caribbean, as some other line I sailed (mea culpa) have always enforced check in times, at least at most ports.
  11. disposable paper 3 layer masks, if you ask you cabin steward will also get you some more, but I brought my own, if they catch you with out one they will go get one for you. Really not as bad as I thought it would be, only really need when traveling from location to location. Flying was worse with the extended time of wear.
  12. Same cruise and checked in earlier today also
  13. free testing for cruises is only going to get worse now with the President new proclamation
  14. Since I didn't find one don't know if anyone cares Check-in is now OPEN
  15. agree on other than Oasis and Quantum Class ships with Coastal Kitchen the in room MDR menu is a definite plus and done a couple nights each cruise. On Quantum class we enjoyed wake up omelets at 6am. At least JS for the extra room and a full deluxe beverage package (is this really needed if your Diamond ) and unlimited specialty dining package really worth the extra per person for the prestige to be in a suite. Doing the math for the most cost effective enjoyable vacation, considering we love to cruise.
  16. seriously, how trained do you think those tele-med employees that proctor the tests are?
  17. most of us don't have that many cruises planned before then
  18. just based on Ovation from Seattle, it was first come first served.
  19. Scares me that they expire so soon, not much help for a Nov, Dec, Jan cruise schedule, looks like they are dumping old stock now
  20. had them on Ovation last week and the concept made sense to me maybe the supply is limited like everything else
  21. JMHO But let's make it more complicated for those of us that received to vaccine, in my opinion Royal should just test every one when boarding and consider it a cost of doing business. Those that are unVaxed and show up for a test more that 3 days before boarding or test positive at boarding should then be denied boarding. Really what it delay boarding, 15 minutes and what is the,real cost, if the kit only cost me, retail $25. 79% of all hospitalizations in my area are from those darn unVaxed and that includes those poor children which are about 20% of the that number and Can't get the vaccine yet.
  22. Boarded in suite last week, leeway 1 hour before or after chosen time. At port terminal opening, Suite guests called fro m line and boarded first, approx 150 in line when terminal opened, 30 minutes before first time slot. Just my experience, yours my differ
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