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  1. From what i have seen post Covid sailings i would have to agree with your assessment. Definitely not a true Chops Lunch.
  2. My impression from the crew i have talked to, at least on the ships Ive been on it that asking for high survey ratings is discouraged. I do know that it seems that Corporate seems to give each ship lots of leeway on how they do things, so it may be different on different ships.
  3. Mention it to me once and I'll let it pass, on the 2nd time from the same person I will politely say "my score will be very low if i hear about the survey again" I'm glad they've quit bugging me about it.
  4. I believe 2 things from my multiple interactions and discussions with crew this year. 1. Your specific comments by crew name in the large box towards the end of the survey are pull and placed in a document that is posted on that crew members department bulletin board. They like them. 2. They, the crew are not supposed to be asking for good ratings on the survey. It is highly discouraged at the management level. That is the purpose of the survey question ask if any crew member has solicited a rating from you and what department they were from. In 10 cruises since start up I have only had it mentioned to me twice now and both time from the MDR. I have no problem rating each item as I precieve it and provide a reason for a low score in the comments block. Also I always name those that go a little above expected service by name.
  5. I believe the answer is YES you can restrict charging privileges on any seapass card. Although, the first link is Aus. I seem to remember it asking the same question on USA checkin for my wife, who I always grant that privilege to. Though it seems to be an all or nothing Not a Limit. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/faq/questions/children-seapass-limit?country=AUS https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/can-limits-be-placed-on-arcade-spending#:~:text=Can limits be placed by parents or guardians on arcade spending%3F&text=The system is automatically set,onboard to adjust the limit.
  6. At check in YES, as long as you drop off after they start accepting bags for your cruise. At disembarkcation NO, once you leave the terminal you will not be allowed back in
  7. Already been running 80%+ in may sailings I've been on
  8. I have seen parts of it, but the on board tv/channel schedule leaves so so much to desire.
  9. Going to base my conclusion in support of the thread subject on my current b2b and the picture I am posting of this current sailing below taken this afternoon. YMMV
  10. It has meant being put in quarantine for everyone else I've read about.
  11. Your answer to question 1 would be NO, as you have 2 separate bookings and the will be treated as such. I would recomend not wasting your time or money bidding on any Royal Up as you already have connecting cabin and any accepted Irreversible bid will mess that configuration up Answer to question 2 is only in a cabin with a capacity of 5 or more, they will not allow you to squeeze into a cabin limited to 4 people.
  12. I have also read, that most extracts that use a vodka base, the higher the proof of the vodka the more flavor is extracted.
  13. Another option is to send an email about 2 weeks before sailing with your booking #, ship, sailing date, cabin # and your request to [email protected] I have had excellent results
  14. Don't know where your cruising from but I'm on my 4th cruise in the last 7 weeks and the number of cases is as low as it has been since the restart, both among crew and passengers. That question was on my last weeks survey also and I had to think hard to decide as I know the CDC recommendations have a big influence, I think the most correct answer was "I am aware the health and safety protocols are set by Royal Caribbean"
  15. JMO, but since the restart of cruising and testing to board, it seam most of the problems I have read about, ie cancelled test last minute, show up testing closed, etc has been at CVS stores. Personally I try to have 120 to 150% of the required emed kits avalible for each cruise, if I need newer one they are ordered about 30 days out. I find the ~$30 per person cost much cheaper than enduring any stress and just consider it part of the cost of cruising just like taxi from airport to cruise ship I also have never had a defective kit yet.
  16. I'm more worried letting them handle my baggage on departure than I am at embarkation. Always check our bags at embarkation, I just watch to make sure they are put on a cart before I walk to far away
  17. I not only check in for both cruises, upload passport and vaccine cards. I also complete the 24 hour before wellness check. This last time the check in person not only thanked me for that, but said it made everything faster and easier for them also.
  18. There should be a sign at one of the restaurants that says key lunch. Normally around the same time as Windjammer opens around 11:30 or a little after. Plenty of crew just inside as you board stop and ask, they'll be glad to help you.
  19. In my experience, at least for the cruise I'm interested in book, rarely have I seen where letting them pick a cabin has there been much of a savings. Your right in that I have also seen a number of time when it's cheaper to pick you cabin especially recently
  20. They have always in the past offered to do that. But heed the warnings and always have at least on extra test for every 3-4 people testing
  21. Wanted to post the letter in this area also Last line under the section labeled "Check-In"
  22. My letter from Liberty of the Seas recieved this morning @Matt It is the last line under the section labeled "Check In"
  23. That only applies as the emed policy is "name on Navica system (reporting system) must match exactly the ID used be it a passport or DL" My test from other sources, ie walgreens,CVS only have my first and last name like my set sail pass.
  24. As has been stated by many posters, and having sailed for many birthdays and anaversaies. Best not to expect anything you are not paying for with the exception of a special towel animal from your room attendant. Although I have had good luck when in a specialty restaurant on the actual celebration date in having them put my dessert on a larger plate and writing Happy ,,,,,, in chocolate syrup on the plate to go with my dessert
  25. Unsure of the actual question conditions. Was the specialty dining purchased pre cruise in the planned and then the added a gratuity onboard? Or Was the dining purchased for the advertised price and then the gratuity ie 18% also charged. The 2nd description is what I believe is now done as standard practice.
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