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  1. Hi, Is there a place to get smoothies on Odyssey? Someone on FB mentioned in the spa but, I don't see a vitality cafe. Is there one? Do they have a smoothie place as a stand alone? I don't see anything on the deck plans or old cruise compass.
  2. If anyone has a recent menu for The Chefs Table on Navigator, please share. I'm sailing January 28th and have Chef's Table booked. Looking forward to it!!
  3. How is it going? I saw some pictures and the ship looks almost empty. Do you know how many are on board? How is the weather?
  4. We are leaving in 2 weeks! Bon Voyage! Any idea on the # of passengers? How is th weather. The Forecast says 50 and rainy every day. Did it impact you much? Can't wait! First time to Alaska.
  5. How was it? Looking at this for a January Cruise?
  6. Anyone brave enough to join us on the LAST sailing of the Alaska Season?
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