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  1. Just to follow up, the chase sapphire insurance claim was a big win!! I submitted the claim on the 12th and was received approval for 100% of the remaining cruise cancellation reimbursement today ( October 25th). This definately made the fee for the card above the perks totally worth it for us this year!
  2. update. We rebooked anthem for thanksgiving week at an AMAZING deal! I am excited!
  3. The special tastings is actually something I enjoy doing again when I don't get the drink package!
  4. Following because I think I am rebooking Anthem Thanksgiving week ( since we are not on it as planned right now! ). You get on on our 21st anniversary on Saturday!
  5. The laundry was something we really enjoy when we do reciprocated diamond (Elite) benefits on Celebrity. My husband even got his suite dry cleaned on the summer Alaska cruise.
  6. It was a real bummer seeing the messages from the facebook group and seeing what people were having for dinner!
  7. Delta was super nice and reimbursed my frequent flyer miles already with no fee!
  8. So unforutenately, we had to cancel at the last minute for this cruise because my husband had to have an emergency appendectomy today! :(. We are bummed. I would have attempted to meet the ship in Boston or portland this weekend, but there were many restrictions for that because of the Jones Act (We would have had to get off in Halifax). I have pretty good travel insurance on my premium Chase sapphire reserve card so I will update you all on how things go with the submission. I have already gotten my port charges and excursions credited back. We are booked on the 2020 New Year's RCL blog group cruise so we still have that to look forward to in a few months! My sister and her husband are still going on the cruise, and we are bummed that we can't be with them!
  9. Happy to answer any questions. this is our 5th Canada/NE cruise.... We are not really beach people.:). I do want to do Adventure on the Quebec itinerary sometime, though! What I love about the ports is that they are all super easy to do your own thing. We are doing a private tour in Acadia national park this time. I found an amazing deal on Viator so I am looking forward to it! In the past, we have also taken the free bus from the Village Green. Boston is a fabulous port stop Last time we were there, we walked to Harpoon Brewery and did their tour and then took an uber to Sam Adam's brewery. This time, we are doing the beer bus. We will have to take an uber to meet it, but we know from experience that Uber and lyft are easy from Black Falcon cruise stop. Prior to lyft and uber, we used to use the public transportation into the city via the T. We also love Portland! We have done the beer bus there in the past. It is also a great town to walk around and hang out in with lobster rolls and bluberry beer available at every turn. Last time we went, we took an uber to Allagash brewery and did there tour. We really loved it even though it is about 20 minutes outside of the port area. We decided we wanted to go back again. Our other favorite brewery is Rising Tide. Shipyard is also popular, and there are several meaderies. Halifax is a fantastic port town with a great waterfront. We have heard great things about the food tour there so we booked that this time outside of the cruise port. The meeting point looks to be about a 20 minute walk near the citadel. In the past we have rented a car at the train station and driven out to Peggy's cove on our own. We also like some of the breweries there. Garrison brewing is right across from the cruise port, but we also like propeller, 2 crows, and good robot. Saint John has grown quite a bit since our first cruise there. Popular there is seeing the tide change. They have a fun public market. We considered taking a tour to see the fundy trail national park, but since we don't get in until 1:30, we decided to save this for a future trip (possibly the 2020 fall GC). We will use that day to find some free wifi and visit some of the breweries we like. We also like Saint John's Ale house.
  10. We are super excited and days away from our first cruise on Quantum class . We have done Canada/ New England multiple times before, and love the itinerary so planning has been easy! My sister and her husband will be joining us this time. They will have the drink package. We went back and forth since they were going with us this cruise, but opted to just use our diamond drinks. We have 5 port days on this cruise and enjoy the New England brewery scene, so we feel that between that and Diamond drinks-- we will come out okay. This will be our first inside virtual balcony, and I am looking forward to experiencing it. We will be flying into Newark the morning of the cruise. Generally, I don't like to do this, but we have a super early direct flight so I feel okay about the timeline. Here is our wallmount itinerary for the cabin.
  11. Yes. they are also the godparents of Symphony of the seas. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2018/05/10/royal-caribbean-announces-godfamily-of-symphony-of-the-seas
  12. Has anyone done this in Bonaire? Looks super fun! I rented one for the New years' group cruise on freedom.
  13. Yes. It shows you how many minutes you have left. You can also opt to get a day off the price of the package when you log in. I chose the 90 minutes on my last cruise. It told me how many remaining minutes I had when I logged back in.
  14. Some of my favorite perks on celebrity that my husband and I used on our last sailing: I love the specialty coffee, mimosas, or bloody Mary's during the morning captain's club hour in the Tuscan grill. The views are breathtaking at the aft of the ship. Love the free bag of laundry for each guest. Each guest can also get 1 item dry-cleaned, so we got my husband's suit dry-cleaned on our last guest (This will be nice on your longer itinerary) Many days on the Solstice, we got invited up to special sailaways on the helicopter pad (invitations to our cabin) There is not captain's club hour on the 1st night, but on the second night and after, they rope off part of the sky lounge and serve drinks and appetizers. The captain's club party is also usually nice and always has special entertainment Each guest gets one complimentary scoop of gelato On 2 seperate cruises on solstice, my husband and I have been in the right place and the right time, and gotten invited to a special dinner in the Tuscan Grill with the hotel director and the director of food and beverage.
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