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  1. Do Jr Suites follow the above rule? We are sailing on Allure. Thanks!
  2. Any ship hanging out in "Davy Jones Locker".
  3. Just a thought you could share your Voom account and not need every family member to have Voom. We purchased the Key last time and it was fine, but I wouldn't pay for it again.
  4. The Key is pretty expensive for what few perks it provides. If your in-laws aren't going to get Voom, then I definitely would not consider the Key. The boarding together part of your question is difficult to answer because we don't know how Covid protocols will impact boarding. My guess is that your in-laws will be assisted by the RC staff if they need help finding their room. Welcome to the boards and ask questions!
  5. More than likely! Royal has sales as regularly as the tides. Some are Super Moon tides and some quite low. Keep checking and enjoy the fact that you are planning a cruise!
  6. Our next cruise will be over Easter in 2022. We are staying in a jr suite and they are currently sold out. I'm wondering if it is worth it to attempt rebooking for a lower fare? No more inventory exists, so why would Royal lower the price?
  7. I posted in the wrong category, can someone move me to general disscusion?
  8. We are sailing on Allure over Easter 2022! We are in a Jr. suite and they are now sold out. We have repriced once and saved $100! My question is now that the Jr. Suites are sold out is it worth calling to reprice. We don't use travel agent and I know those fine folks would take good care of us. We are independent New Englanders and can't ask someone to do something we could do ourselves. Do the experts here think prices will continue to fall given no availability in the cabin class? THANKS!
  9. +1 Gratuities rate can increase between booking and cruising. I don't understand folks that want to tip crew out individually. Many of the crew are behind the scenes and it is impossible to reward them. We make sure to reward someone that has been good to us, but a good review is worth more than any tip I could afford.
  10. Like a proper person they should run the hair dryer and then the royal flush!
  11. I will check with our friends to be sure they weren't up charged. Rooms are getting scarce as this is a North East vacation week, actually it is over Easter. Does Royal decorate the ship for Easter? Any special events. The kids are in college so this is going to be an adult only cruise.
  12. Friends of ours are joining us on our next cruise on Allure of the Sea! They are in an ocean view balcony and it is a connecting room. They will have a strangers in the connecting room. My question is how much louder is the connecting room than the a regular room? The connecting room is closer to ours than a open regular balcony room. An open balcony room on the same floor is available. Should they switch out the room due to noise levels?
  13. April 2022 DBP = $58 best price so far. Last cruise it was $48 but that was pre Covid pricing. We don't have any private island days, so that is kind of steep. Royal I'm challenging you bring back the intern!
  14. This is not an official website for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Mr. B is speaking from his experience with Royal in the past. You will need to contact Royal for their answer/response. Best of luck!
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