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  1. or this.... Cozumel National Marine Park Snorkeling And Open Bar COZUMEL, MEXICO DURATION: 4 HOURS Spend half a day on an outdoor adventure that combines snorkeling a famous reef with an… From*$64.99USD Adult $64.99USD Child
  2. or this 3 Reef Snorkel By Boat COZUMEL, MEXICO DURATION: 3 HOURS 30 MINUTES Discover a pristine underwater world as you plunge into the dazzling waters off Cozumel… From*$78.99USD Adult $78.99USD Child
  3. Captain Your Speed Boat, Snorkel & Beach COZUMEL, MEXICO DURATION: 4 HOURS $93.99USD Adult $64.99USD Child We will be in Coz this April and want to go snorkeling. The above option looked fun but we want spectator snorkeling. We are resigned to Royal only excursions due to Covid. The group is comprised of three middle aged married couples, so no kids anymore. If you have a better snorkeling option through Royal we would appreciate it. Also looking for anyone that has tried this excursion to comment. Thanks!
  4. On Allure December 2020 we couldn't get into Costa Maya because the NCL ship was pinned against the dock by waves. We cruised right up to the port and you could see the waves crashing on the ship. It was a rough sea day with the pools and tubs splashing over. My wife is prone to motion sickness and we stayed topside which worked out for her with some meds. We did our 4 mile walk on the track and it felt more like 5 with all the stumbling, note no booze yet that day.
  5. We booked after one Covid cancelation, the 8 night Eastern to have it switched to the 6 night Western. Not thrilled with the change but it is a relatively inexpensive trip. My wife's college roommate and her husband are joining us. Additionally a couple that are old friends jumped in. We rode out the changes because it was too complicated with the group to make changes. The roommate couple has cruised once on Carnival years ago and didn't enjoy it. We talked them into joining us but they are a bit skeptical. The changes didn't help. The other couple has cruised a few times but never on Royal. We were at a wedding this past Summer together and casually mentioned the cruise. They booked the next day and we are thrilled! Fingers crossed everything goes well, we all need some vacation.
  6. Nope...... ZZ Top's Master of Sparks! RIP Dusty
  7. Back in the day, they would cut down a Sequoia drill a hole in it and make straws. Man the good old days.
  8. So when we get onboard we should know our cabana number? It sounds like from your post all the Beach Club cabanas are waterfront so no worries. Any tips about the CCay Beach Club land cabanas? Thanks!!!
  9. Hello fellow cruiseheads, How are the cabanas assigned? When we purchased an on land beach club cabana the person on the phone couldn't give us a cabana number. We have looked at Matt's map of the CocoCay cabanas and would prefer an ocean front one. When will we know our cabana number? Thanks!
  10. We are full tilt vacationers, the lads say "we don't take vacations, we go on trips." We are on an empty nest cruise for the first time with two other couples that are dear friends. I'm trying to tone it down a bit and take things slower. Smell the flowers and relax. This could happen and fall under something new to try or more than likely will be a never happen. I think I need a relaxation coach!
  11. Not at all! I'm trying not to jinx it by putting in the next cruise tagline! April 16, 2022 Cheers!
  12. Strange still on my Cruise planner! Perfect Day Cococay Wave Jet Tour - Driver A PERFECT DAY COCOCAY, BAHAMAS DURATION: 1 HOUR 15 MINUTES Go full octane on an exhilarating tour around CocoCay and the Berry Islands as you drive… From*$109.00USD Adult $109.00USD Child
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