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  1. I'd much rather get off at Nassau walk up to the fort ASAP when you dock, and walk back to the ship. Great exercise and globally poorly behaved people sleep in. It beats the walking track on ship by a country mile. If you need another reason, for any of us that can afford cruising, it is import to have a safe street level view of life that is commonplace throughout the world and in much of urban/rural America. Please don't take this as a political judgement, as almost any post today could be viewed, I respect that many folks on vacation want to be on vacation. This is just another viewpoint
  2. We had a great time on the New Years cruise. The price makes it tough to repeat. I know Royal has a good loyalty program but just an idea, Royal double points for the Holidays. Trust me I understand in the capitalist system it should be no points for the Grinch season, but one can hope.
  3. My family and I loved Izumi Hibachi and the sushi roll class. Now we enjoy sushi, so take that as a starting point. I do find sake interesting but don't love it. Depending on a few factors I'd try this. 1) I did NOT have the drink package. You can go to Izumi and try these drinks anytime it is open. 2) I didn't plan to go to the Hibachi. 3) The menu above contains foods I'd enjoy and don't have allergies to. 4) I didn't have specialty dinning planned that evening. That is a ton of food and you will be stuffed. Going into Izumi and buying a piece of sushi or two tha
  4. My oldest son (20 Y.O.) fancies himself as a Hibachi Connoisseur. He has eaten at ton of Hibachis and rates Allures as the best. We had a great chef and of coarse that makes a huge difference. My take was that it was well worth the up charge and we really like the value proposition of the MDR. The sushi class was also outstanding, my only complaint about both of them is the food quantity is ridiculous. Another thing is that these are great family time activities, and as the kids get older, it is even more precious.
  5. On our upcoming cruise on Harmony (Newyears this year) our Xplorer excursion was down $10 per person which was $40. My wife had an uncharacteristic encounter with the customer service agent. The agent was indignant about processing such a small refund. We just laughed!
  6. DBP was $65 and yesterday $54. This is on Harmony New Years cruise! The 2 cabins also dropped $20 each. Just a reminder to check all fares when calling!
  7. I'd love to cruise that itinerary, so no tips there. Soak up those sea days!
  8. So when we we booked it was $50 per and then the club opened and it shot to $200 per. We have been to C Cay before the club and enjoyed a waterpark cabana for $500. That was a stretch and way cheaper than the $1600 for our next cruise New Years 2021. We loved the waterpark (52,53, 20 and 17 Years Young). My original plan was to buy waterpark and CCB Club day passes. I didn't jump on the $50 CCB Club price and it went to $200 per, and I was out. Now the price is down to a more tolerable price (80 per) and I'm trying to figure out if it is worth it. I know we would have a great time just enjoyin
  9. I was inquiring about your itinerary Western Eastern or South?
  10. We just did this and the only real problem is that your luggage will not be directed to the correct room unless you fill out the tag the way you want it. It is somewhat inconvenient to have two seapass cards. Benefit you can bring 2xbottles of wine per room, regardless of whether they get the booze package.
  11. We were on Allure over the last New Years with DW and our 20 Y.O & 17 Y.O. , not Christmas but a holiday feel. We were in a balcony and boys down the hall interior. We were Western and you didn't mention East West or South. We did date night (Giovannis) sans the boys and otherwise ate in the MDR, except one night at Hibachi. The MDR is awesome don't feel pressured to eat specialty. You will really enjoy the relationship you will build with the MDR staff. Advice 1) Have fun and never forget the irreplaceable family time! 2) My boys are here due to Covid and they say "never
  12. The price has not returned to those rates for my sailings. Admittedly prime time over New years, so look for someone with more regular season sailings. We will re book the water park for $80 a head, because it was great!
  13. I think the reason that people jump all over cruise industry is it is perceived as luxury/non-necessity. People must fly and stay in hotels for work. Cruising also has a snobby rep that as @CrznTxn explains is unearned. I admit that I don't really proselytize about the virtues of cruising because most people just don't get it unless they have cruised.
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