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  1. I was booked on the same cruise from Tokyo April 15th. My travel agent informed me two days ago that the cruise was cancelled. No surprise considering the 14 day quarantine requirement. RCL didn't belive in the cruise them self because even with just 80 days to go there were no excursions to book and no online check-in. You can normaly check in 90 days before your sail date. I'm sad because I had a JR-suite that would have earned me 40 C&A points for the 10 day cruise.
  2. Yes, I sure hope for quadruple points. Have a Junior Suite booked next year for a 10 day sailing. Would really give a boost if we get 40 CAS-points for that. And maybe I put my wife in a cheep Inside Cabin and stay alone to get the solo points also, (10 + 10 + 10) x 2 = 60 points for one sailing! Hopefully @Matt will have some info on this soon.
  3. Thank you all very much for all the reply's. I will buy this in the Cruise Planner and will come back here to tell about the experience after the cruise. Safest is to ask the croupier what is allowed. For example maybe I play my chips on Red or Black and my wife plays hers on Even or Odd and a third person in our party places her bets on Low or High. The casino still has the edge but if the promotional chips is enough for a few games then we should not come out empty-handed.
  4. Do anyone here have some experience buying and using the Learn To Play: Casino Table Games at Casino Royale? In the Cruise Planner the description is the following: Considering that the cost includes two complimentary drinks for less than the charge for two drinks the participation it is basically free of charge and on top of that you get to play in the casino for $25. I don't gamble but this sounds like a great deal to me and I'm considering purchasing this. In the fine print Royal Caribbean states the following: What does this mean exactly? I understand that I can
  5. I have done some zip-lining excursions in the Caribbean and elsewhere with my wife and I must say it is fun and exciting the first few times but the novelty wears off fast. My advice would be to not book several zip-line excursions during the same cruise.
  6. @Traveler Thank you for answering. We will make sure to enjoy all the silverbenefits we can get.
  7. @Traveler Thanks for your travel blog, it was interesting. Me and my wife has a Japan cruise booked next April in a Junior Suite on Quantum of the Seas. It will be a 10 day cruise concentrating mostly on ports in Japan. I have one question for you. Normally Junior Suite guest can go to the Coastal Kitchen if there is room enough for them but you said that only gold guests were allowed there. Is this correct? How is guests dividend between silver and gold status? Are Junior Suite silver and the real suites are gold?
  8. Only guests of Grand Suite-level and above are allowed to the Suite Lounge but guests in Junior Suite can get inside to the Coastal Kitchen. Therefor, seems no one is asking the important question here. Has anyone in a Junior Suite that gives access to the Coastal Kitchen (subject to availability) went to the Suite Lounge to get complimentary evening drinks? At least on Oasis they are located in the same place. Do they check you status at the bar?
  9. @WAAAYTOOO The refund I was waiting for was for Cruise Planner Cancellations only. Every purchase I made for everyone in my group got refunded to my credit card along with the 250 $ compensation. The cruise itself we made a Lift & Shift on.
  10. @mike potts It is always a good idea to pay with a credit card. In that way you have another option to get refund or money back if there is some problems. I waited about 3 months on my Cruise Planner Cancellations refunds but received them now after my travel agent helped me. I cancelled in end of April and got the refund in end of July. If this would not have worked out my next option would have been to contact my credit card company to get the refund thru them. I suspect Royal Caribbean has financial problems and want to hang on the our money as long as possible. You can read about my
  11. Wanted to come back her and tell you I finally received my Cruise Planner Cancellation refunds. It was me who got told by Royal Caribbean on the phone to travel around the country to have every person on my several cabins bookings to individually call in to Royal Caribbean and request them to process the glitched refund as I who paid and bought the items very not allowed to do it. Anyway, after that it got even more bizarre and my adventures with Royal Caribbean's customer service has more unexpected twists and turns than an Alfred Hitchcock (or if you prefer, M. Night Shyamalan) movie.
  12. I finally took the bullet and called Royal Caribbean to get the delayed refund sorted out. Some background information first. I had several cabins booked for my family and relatives. I myself booked and paid for the cruise and for the Cruise Planner items for everyone. I am the only contact person on every reservation and everything is paid with only my information. The only place my family and relatives names are mentioned is under the guests names in the staterooms. Well, it turns out the customer service at Royal Caribbean are just not Clowns, they are the entire Circus. They conf
  13. Good to know that I'm not the only one wondering where my refund is. Thanks for all the reply's. What I don't understand is how inconsistent Royal Caribbean is with their refunds. After my April 30th Cruise Planner cancellation I have myself cancelled other items in May and June and also have had Royal Caribbean cancel my Cruise Planner items because of a Lift and Shift. They have all been refunded, the fastest was just under three weeks. So I'm wondering how it can be that if I cancel something in June it is processed and refunded under three weeks when my April cancellation refund is no
  14. Hope someone here can help. I cancelled my cruise planner items on April the 30th and got the Cruise Planner Cancellation Summary e-mail the same day. That's now nine weeks ago or about 45 business days and still no refund to my credit card. Have anyone here waited for a longer time to get a refund? Should I still sit quiet and wait for a refund or do I need to contact Royal Caribbean?
  15. I never seen lava flows and margaritas on the menu. Do you order them outside the list? How much do they cost compared to cocktails on the list?
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