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  1. I sent a note to my "fine" State elected officials about cruising.... here's the response I got... Thank you for contacting me regarding The American Rescue Plan of 2021. I was pleased to vote in favor of this legislation, which was signed into law by President Biden on March 11, 2021... and a bunch more blather about the his support for the bill. I guess there's no "quick response email" for my Cruising email info OR, his interns/staff were out that day... . (I actually didn't expect any response, but at least it could've been a relevant form letter! ) Ah Congress...
  2. Currently... 8 starting with Adventure in July... I just keep shifting them to the right...
  3. I've got a 4:40 flight on the day the cruise is over...
  4. Thanks! Booked AOS for July 10... Looking forward to all of the great insights from the "early adopters"!
  5. Just Cancelled - Freedom of the Seas, July 8th Just Booked - Adventure of the Seas, July 10th woo!
  6. Just added: October 8, 2021 - Navigator of the Seas May 27, 2022 - Freedom of the Seas
  7. Please add: April 24, 2022 Oasis of the Seas Sorry, I forgot the date!
  8. Please add: April 2022 Oasis of the Seas; (I'm sure this will not be the only "tweak" to the 2021-22 schedule for us)
  9. Kelley is AWESOME!!! We love working with her! Congrats!!
  10. Anchors Aweigh!! Go Navy Beat Army!!!
  11. Indeed!!. and I'm not happy 'bout it! , but, I'm waaaytooo positive to get down!
  12. Please Remove: Explorer of the Seas (Feb 5 2021) Please Add: Oasis of the Seas (Feb 13, 2022) Thanks!
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