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  1. Indeed!!. and I'm not happy 'bout it! , but, I'm waaaytooo positive to get down!
  2. Please Remove: Explorer of the Seas (Feb 5 2021) Please Add: Oasis of the Seas (Feb 13, 2022) Thanks!
  3. I just did a Lift and Shift of a Southern Caribbean 7-night (FOS) to a Western Caribbean 7-night (Oasis), so it's possible! Good Luck!!
  4. Please remove Freedom of the Seas (Dec 13 2020) and add: Oasis of the Seas - Dec 12 2021 (B2B!!) Thanks!
  5. Still have fingers crossed for our 4 December Mariner weekend cruise...
  6. Dinner in CK on Allure last December... our last cruise before multiple cancellations... Here's hoping for more CK memories in 2021!!!
  7. Will do... have been trying to check in (on App and PC) for 3 days; may try it on my wife's phone/app. Thanks.
  8. I've been trying to check-in for my upcoming 13 December FOS Cruise on the app, but I keep getting the following error (below). I've reached out to Royal (via FB Messenger) and all of the possible fixes have resulted in the same error. I tried to check-in online (via PC) but still no dice. Anyone ever have this issue? Thanks!
  9. Ask, and we shall receive, sort of... but all good!! Thanks @Matt!! https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/09/01/new-royal-caribbean-health-policies-expected-end-of-september
  10. Yeah... impressive due to rolling FCCs!!
  11. Has anyone seen/heard any updates or info from the Health Panel? I thought there was supposed to be something "delivered" in late August?
  12. May 28, 2021 - Navigator of the Seas
  13. We did it too.... as our TA Kelley says... "what better way to start out a week than booking a cruise?!"
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