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  1. Dec 12th Oasis was back this morning... I'm sure upcoming cruises will randomly continue to drop on and off as RC makes tweaks to the app platform...
  2. My 12 December cruise disappeared off of my Cruise Planner and App. Maybe I need to just re-add it?
  3. Independence of the Seas... 9 Day Holiday Cruise in 2017... we were hooked!!
  4. Independence of the Seas - August 22, 2022 Harmony of the Seas - December 18, 2022
  5. I feel for the crew (who are 100% Vaccinated) that have to wear masks. ESPECIALLY those in outside venues. Why are lifeguards at Coco Cay wearing masks?! I know, I know…. CDC.. optics…. Etc. I just feel for them.
  6. On the AoS July 10th sailing and we just found out we’re staying moored overnight tonight…. But they’re removing the gangway and Coco Cay is “closed” tonight. Back ashore tomorrow at 0800!!
  7. The Beach Club was fantastic. I [email protected] sentiment on how phenomenal the friendliness and how crazy good the service has been everywhere. We are looking forward to heading back tomorrow morning.
  8. We’re working to have a drink in every bar this afternoon…. Schooner now!! Goombay w/Kraken!!
  9. Awesome pics Josh! We dropped our luggage with the Royal porters in the lobby and we’re just waiting to head down for our check-in time in the lobby. #almost
  10. We’re here…. Sitting at a two-top. Pink shirt!
  11. I’m planning to be at the Nassau Airport 3 hours before my flight. I’m flying AA.
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