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  1. Cancel: 4/24/22 Oasis of the Seas Add: 4/7/22 Independence of the Seas
  2. Lovely wife and I just finished making an offer on a new home on the Space Coast due to job changes!! Yay!! We are so looking forward to moving to Sunshine and long weekends at Coco Cay! @WAAAYTOOO story inspired us to make the change!! Thanks, and excited to call FL home! #independenceismynewweekendgetaway
  3. I'd like to be able to see my Photos from Ship's photographers... it'd be great to see them and make our choices/purchases from my phone.
  4. Cancel: 2/13/22 Oasis of the Seas Add: 3/4/22 Independence of the Seas Add: 3/3/23 Liberty of the Seas
  5. We booked both of these and took them last week (well, Bodden's on Roatan last week, and the ATV tour with Splash in the Sun the week before); both were fantastic!! We'd not hesitate to use either of them again. The ATVs were a blast, and getting to see Roatan on a private excursion was great! Highly recommend!!
  6. Thanks!!! I just submitted a request for the Beach and Sloths from Bodden
  7. Do you have a "go-to" recommendation for a Sloth's tour in Roatan? Looks like Royal's Shore Excursion to the Sloths is sold out for our cruise. Thanks!
  8. We're doing the same thing. We've booked CK every night for dinner already on the 5 Dec sailing.
  9. We're on an ATV tour that will head over to the French side as well in early December. I guess we'll wait to see what everyone else reports! Thanks!
  10. Coco Cay Beach Club dropped to $79 per person... pretty darned good deal (since it was $150!!)
  11. We're trying to RoyalUP to Star Class on the Oasis sailing on 12/12. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks...
  12. We're on the same cruise and were thinking of heading over to Water Island on our own (Ferry departs from Tickles Pub which is a short walk from the ship); However, it looks like we're in from noon to 7, so I'm not sure the ferry times line up. Water Island is very quiet, has a great beach, and a great beach restaurant with good food and cold beers...
  13. Anybody see anything about our Itinerary changing? I'm still showing MIAMI, FLORIDA; NASSAU, BAHAMAS; CHARLOTTE AMALIE, ST. THOMAS; SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO; LABADEE, HAITI. I'd heard (can't remember where) that San Juan may be exchanged for St. Maarten.
  14. Looks like prices have dropped a bit; Not sure for everyone's situation, but you may be able to save a few bucks... (Kelley from MEI saved us $500!!)
  15. It did not... I think we've never seen the Balloon actually fly The winds at 100ft were a little too high for safety requirements. The attendant did tell us that although we signed up for a specific time, they'll honor your reservation no matter what time you show up (would've been nice to know since we left the ship early to get there, and missed the call (into our room) that canceled the Balloon ride.. ) Also, he mentioned that the best chance for the Balloon to fly is during the Late Spring/Early Summer timeframe.. May/June/July. We're shooting for May now!!
  16. Concur with that report. 3300 and apparently only 1000 “veteran” cruisers. Lots of “first-timers”. Which is great!
  17. Thanks... we're booked for 9am so maybe we have a shot!
  18. We have the same thing, we're headed up for our tests in about 15 minutes... and I wholeheartedly agree... we are very lucky... hopefully the rapid test availability will spread more OR, better yet, we won't need to do them anymore... soon
  19. Does anyone have any idea of what the "batting average" (number of times it's gone / number of times it's sold) is for the Hot Air Balloon ride at Coco Cay? It seems like every time we've been to Coco Cay in the last couple years, it's been grounded. We're going on Saturday (10/9) and have it booked... weather not looking too good.
  20. I thought about doing one from Freedom as well (10/8), but now (it seems) that more people are going on the YASBC's than will actually read a live blog, so, I guess it makes no sense to do one.
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