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  1. Can you grab a soda from the Suite Lounge on Explorer during non-cocktail hours (like you can make funky coffees?). We're in an OS next week, and contemplating the soda package. Thanks!
  2. Feeling good... may get a little wet on Sail-away... Thinking Good Thoughts...
  3. I would love to see the crew that work OUTSIDE at Coco Cay not wearing masks... but that's just me...
  4. SpringHill Suites is very nice; we've stayed there a couple times.
  5. We've had it the last couple cruises on Freedom and Independence... no issues at all... occasionally, the selection at one of the Machines is limited, but that's usually fixed pretty quickly by the staff. All in all, it's been worth it for us.
  6. A Labor Day Weekend Cruise on the Freedom of the Seas!!
  7. Have 2 of 3 Excursions booked so far... Looking for something cool to do in Curacao.
  8. We booked them for our Oct 1 Explorer cruise... I've heard lots of good things about it; we'll see!!
  9. 5 Drinks a Day per person and so much more!!! Congrats!!!
  10. I would like to see both restrictions gone... The Vax shot is reportedly good for minimizing the consequences of getting the virus, but don't think it prevents the shot-ee from getting it (obviously, based on people getting it on cruises).... I know from a business perspective, having shot-ed passengers keeps Cruise Lines out of the news (in case of unfortunate post-cruise tragedies)... but really, I'm not sure it's not just Optics at this point with the shots. (full disclosure, I'm 4x shotted).
  11. There are Vegan Options (at least we saw them) on the App for the MDR when we were on Freedom a couple weeks ago. You have to scroll way down below the Kids Options to find them, but they're there... Very nice choices too.... not a lot, but nice. Hope is works for you guys. #HereWeGo!
  12. Hello!! Please add: January 12 2024 - Allure of the Seas March 16 2024 - Rhapsody of the Seas (RCB Group Cruise!) Thanks!!
  13. Probably not good for OP's trip; but we spend (a lot some) time at the Carib Brewery; within a mile or so of the port... 'cause, you know... beer.
  14. We're getting our quote from Kelley... looking like a fun one!! I did this many years ago on a grey-hulled ship...
  15. Got mine in 3 days; Ordered 6/22, received 6/25.
  16. We booked it!! Thanks to all for the suggestions!!
  17. Thanks! I think we're looking at it this way so far... Aruba - Beach/Pool Resort; Bonaire - Snorkeling; Curacao - Touring, Eating, Shopping. But, we have a few months to alter our plans.
  18. I know there's a lot of info on the boards for A, B and/or C excursions, but looking for some more recent experiences... Any great MUST DO items that we shouldn't miss, or excursions you took that weren't worth it? We're going in October on Explorer. Thanks!!
  19. Indy was 4100+ this weekend (6/17 - 6/20)... It was the first time in a long time I'd seen the MDR with so many full tables. Crew was hustling and in my opinion did a GREAT job!
  20. Please add: April 28, 2023 - Independence of the Seas
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