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  1. I feel if they are going to serve the mediocre lobster, then it should be back to the all you can eat. If they are going to limit you to 1, it should at least be a decent lobster.
  2. why would someone pay extra to sleep there when your room is a few hundred yards away that you can sleep where you have already paid for? I am ok if they do the overnight as I think doing the water park at night would be cool and having 2 days at PDCC I don't see as an issue, but I don't get why you would want to pay extra to sleep there instead of just going back to the ship.
  3. I just booked MJ Brunch for me and my son when we go in early August!!! Have heard such great things about it on these boards I HAD to try it! And the pricing wasn't too bad. $28 for me and $12 for him.
  4. So it’s $32.99 for 2 days with the discount? The internet has gone up the last few months. On my November cruise I was able to get a 1 person 4 device for like $12/device. Now the best I am seeing is like $18/device.
  5. Those people that packed their ID have to be STRESSING!!! Hopefully the people with them can get it and get off to get it to them in time
  6. If my wife wouldn’t divorce me if I did, I was going to snag it
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