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  1. As far as weather is coming in January a good time? Is there any areas in Australia or New Zealand that a more chilly at that time of year?
  2. Ok, so looking to book an Australia/New Zealand cruise. There are so many options I don’t know where to start! Never been and not that familiar with the different ports. Any suggestions on the must have stops on the cruise?
  3. Bummer. Not sure how often they change out the casts. Hopefully you will enjoy flight. I enjoyed it more than hairspray, but thought the cast did well when we were on in January. I want to say the sailing we were on might have been the last for that cast. Hiro was pretty good as well I thought. Amazing what those divers can do on a moving cruise ship! Enjoy your anniversary!
  4. Let us know how you enjoyed Hairspray. I thought it was really good. And love the room! I would probably spend most of the cruise in their as well 😂
  5. Maybe we can make it a mini RCBlog group cruise. Just without @Matt and @twangster lol.
  6. My wife and I are on this cruise with you! Very excited as our first time to Alaska as well. We are doing a pre-tour at Denali national park as well. Enjoy your trip!
  7. Ok we leave in less than 3 weeks! Cruising on Radiance going from Seward to Vancouver with a 3 day pre-tour in Denali National Park. Trying to start packing and need a list of the must haves!
  8. I was on Symphony with Bliss docked right next to us. It certainly didn’t appear to tower over us. To me the other ships look inferior to Symphony. Just my humble opinion
  9. Going on first Alaskan cruise this summer. First question is about the internet package. Is it needed, or are you able to be on the wireless cell since you are in US mostly? My wife likes to have it so she can listen to her music while in the gym, and I like to have it to keep my email cleaned out so I don’t come home to hundreds of emails to go through. Second question is about excursions. We are doing a southbound 7 night on radiance middle of July and want to know the must do excursions. The wife is a pretty adventurous type and loves the wildlife, birds in particular. Thanks for any advice.
  10. Haha. I agree about the Phoebe comment. And yes the only thing bruised was my uncles ego. Stuff like that always seems to happen to him.
  11. You’re welcome! Sorry it ended up not being live and I probably missed a bunch of stuff, but I know you will love this ship. Let me know if you have any questions and if I can I will answer them.
  12. Final thoughts: I really loved the Symphony. She is very similar to Harmony, but I love these Oasis class ships and was glad we chose to go on this trip. These are not complaints, but more observations: 1. The chair hogs were out in full force. I know this is something difficult for RC to manage as if someone is in the pool and have there stuff on a chair I think that is fine. But when people just leave a towel on the chair and are off eating lunch or doing whatever that is just rude to the other guests. 2. There was a huge company group of about 1200 people on this cruise. Many times they had different areas of the ship reserved and off limits to everyone else such as the boardwalk one night, the solarium one night, and others. I know RC is in the business of making money and I am sure this company paid a good amount to reserve these spots. It is just a bummer for everyone else on the ship when you go to do something to find out it’s closed. 3. The food and service in the MDR I thought was a little worse than what I experienced on Harmony last year. Those are not complaints as I didn’t let any of it ruin my vacation and I still had an amazing time and would book this ship again. It is now time though to really start planning our Alaska cruise in July. I am looking forward to being on a smaller ship(radiance) to see the difference between that and the Oasis Class. If you are thinking of booking this ship, YOLO, DO IT!
  13. Debarkation our flight was out of FLL, but not until 12:55 so we had plenty of time to get off the ship. We slept in a little, had some breakfast, and just walked around the ship a bit. Around 9 we decided it was time to leave, even though I didn’t want to. Was a pretty easy process to find our luggage even though one of mine was at the wrong number. Luckily I happened to spot it. A quick glance at a screen to do facial recognition through customs and we were outside. It was quite a mess outside the port. I was originally thinking we would try and get an Uber, but ended up just doing a shuttle for $20/person. It was a quick ride and we were at the airport and through security in plenty of time.
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