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  1. No I don’t only care about myself but thanks for telling me about myself, your opinion is appreciated. I care about our freedoms. We don’t do all of these things for the flu that has been around forever and that is basically what this is. There is no science that proves otherwise. At this rate maybe they should make someone stand in the bathrooms too and watch you wash your hands so the norovirus isn’t spread. You want them watching your child go to the bathroom? Where does it stop?? And please don’t throw out the fake science provided by CNN and the same scientist who said the world was going to blow up 20 years ago from global warming. Oh right, they had to change the term to climate change because their theory of warming was proven wrong.
  2. I wouldn’t care if nobody was tested. I don’t believe any company should be able to force any person to do any type of medical test or procedure. If there was cruising this entire time and no test being done I would still be on the ship. I believe if you are the one that is afraid and wants everyone else to be tested, maybe you shouldn’t be on the ship to begin with. Besides, someone could test negative to get on and the next day have it, so what good does the test do anyways???
  3. I really hope it is not true that they are going to require you to get a covid test to cruise. I love cruising, but refuse to be forced to get a test to go on vacation. This is very disheartening news.
  4. It’s Cruise Day! You should be up by now excited and ready for your cruise!
  5. That’s funny. Last night I was just looking at possibly booking a back to back on her as my back up plan. I heard great things after the refurb and have been wanting to cruise her.
  6. I’ve been considering booking a plan B. It’s our anniversary and was really looking forward to this inaugural cruise. What’s your plan B?
  7. Are you able to share an internet package with friends traveling with on a different reservation? If all of us were planning to get it, to get (2) 2-device package is considerably more than getting (1) 4-device package. I am not sure though if it can be shared across staterooms like that.
  8. This should be a great place to watch the Aqua show from. And you will love it! The best of the 3 I have seen. The couple we took with us said it was the best show of any kind they had ever seen. I also really enjoyed the escape room if you like that kind of thing. Enjoy the upgrades to your first love. She was amazing!
  9. I was on Oasis next to the famous @twangster and didn’t even know it!
  10. Thanks for keeping Oasis safe @twangster I’m on her in 2 weeks and when I first heard this it said Oasis was hit as well and I was not happy.
  11. Great! I’m on Jan 5. Would love to meet him.
  12. Agree. Saw him on Symphony last year! I think I saw he is on Oasis now. Hope he’s there Jan 5th sailing!
  13. Oasis - January 5 2020 Odyssey - Nov 5 2020
  14. @Lovetocruise2002 Thanks! Can’t wait to hopefully meet some of you!
  15. Anyone here booked for the Inaugural cruise?
  16. Ashley great blog! I have been reading all day catching up. I’m on in 5 weeks and this blog has me ready to go
  17. @Matt Do you know if the ship models have been updated with having the slides? I enjoy collecting the ship models and will be on Oasis in a few weeks.
  18. Has it been announced or confirmed if Portside BBQ is complimentary?
  19. I would think within the next week or so they would be making a decision on the 24th cruise. The ship probably needs to start heading this way by the 12th or 13th to be here in time for that cruise. You will have an extra week, but I would think at this point they have an idea if they are 2-3 weeks behind schedule.
  20. I am booked January 5th sailing. I went that far to hopefully make sure if it was delayed it would be going by then.
  21. Hopefully this means the WOW bands will be able to be used. Also, has anyone heard is the BBQ place going to be free, or is there an additional charge for that?
  22. As far as weather is coming in January a good time? Is there any areas in Australia or New Zealand that a more chilly at that time of year?
  23. Ok, so looking to book an Australia/New Zealand cruise. There are so many options I don’t know where to start! Never been and not that familiar with the different ports. Any suggestions on the must have stops on the cruise?
  24. Bummer. Not sure how often they change out the casts. Hopefully you will enjoy flight. I enjoyed it more than hairspray, but thought the cast did well when we were on in January. I want to say the sailing we were on might have been the last for that cast. Hiro was pretty good as well I thought. Amazing what those divers can do on a moving cruise ship! Enjoy your anniversary!
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