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  1. I heard that a Royal has the best IT department. 😳😂
  2. We’ve had several movies on Allure..Cpt Marvel, Clocks on someone’s wall 😂, an a gnome flick.
  3. We’re on Brilliance in September 2020 and have already had an adjustment to our itinerary.
  4. Since you have the key..you should have a sectioned off area reserved for shows..just show up 30 minutes prior for better seat selection.
  5. Shows are only available to book on Oasis and Quantum class ships.
  6. @Douglas I'm on Allure currently and just put our niece and her friend in the same room, both are 17. I took one of there sea pass cards and mine down to Customer service and they made new cards for us. The exception is that there can't be a cabin between you and them. We have cabins next to each other.
  7. Here's my thoughts on this...Is this a public venue or private? Either way it's up to the establishment for policing there policy's and enforcing rules. I do however dislike when they state formal attire and people show up in t-shirt and shorts, but its not up to me to enforce there rules...I say don't let them in or change the attire guidelines. It is considered rude to show up in inappropriate attire knowing what the dress code is. That to me shows disrespect to the establishment and those around that your clearly a "it's all about me" entitled individual and no respect to others. Last night was our second formal night and i did see people in t-shirts and jeans, t-shirts and shorts (not dressy) with the majority in appropriate attire. Maybe Royal Caribbean should have those not in designated attire in one dining room and the rest in main dining. Just a thought.
  8. Here's what i have her running now at.
  9. Rumors has it that a passenger has passed away. Update: That rumor was wrong... glad to see that wasn’t the case.
  10. It's apparent that American's don't care for tea...It was all thrown in the harbor long time ago.😳
  11. I knew we would receive the rejections emails as there were nothing available to upgrade too.
  12. We got our rejection emails....again. 😂
  13. Our is at home in the safe. We don't take them on vacation! 😂 They cried when we locked them up.
  14. @nkenn Make sure you go to the Suite check-in line, sometime the staff have an abundance of people coming at them and they have been know to direct you to your C&A status line by mistake.
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