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  1. I travel to Seattle quite a bit, matter of fact.. I leave again on Sunday. I would say it would take you on a good day with Uber/Lyft approximately 30 minutes without delays, however I-5 traffic does get congested every day during work hours, weekends are hit and miss with the congestion of traffic throughout the day, depending on what’s going on in that area. Now Sea-Tac airport check-in is very tricky…I’ve managed to walk right up to the counter and also had to wait 45 minutes just to check-in, I fly Delta and have priority via there rewards travel program as a frequent flyer. TSA pre-check line has been very slow lately, usually 30 minutes to get passed security screening and on my way, however I’ve seen it take longer. If you have Clear…you breeze right through security screening, like 5 minutes max. Regular lines are hit and miss, I’ve seen people waiting 2 hours and miss there flights and seen where standard time is 1 hours general getting through security.. it all depends on how many screening points are up and running and how the tsa screening teams feel like doing there job. That’s another story
  2. I feel great today…had two days off….not so fresh feeling Is that how that commercial when We we’re on a 6 day cruise and on the 4th day, woke up to the captain announce the virus had made its appearance…at that time 28 cases of it were reported…so that stopped all self service at the windjammer, back to being handed/served. looks like it hit the radar https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/surv/outbreak/2023/Jewel-of-the-Seas_1-28.html?fbclid=IwAR0vSSAyRjAZBn7vU4bLHjrpz4advtGfFdqpfbMcgc5-Z3RPqLtQday47Tg#print
  3. First time I caught the Norovirus on a cruise ship. I was fortunate to just get home before it took full effects.
  4. Eventually it will become the pinnacle lounge only and Suite lounge only, no pinnacle’s…watch the crying then
  5. If only Royal had a system that customers and TA’s could actually look at FCC’s availability, wouldn’t that be great.
  6. I was told 30 days by the Resolution department rep, interesting part is that when it’s sent out it will have past the expired date, however MEI can call and they will honor it and reset it for immediate use for bookings
  7. Don't forget today is the last day to book for some FCC's. I'm currently working with MEI to see what I have available to use since the last TA has it in a mess.
  8. What’s your take on this..it seems like there skirting around saying it, by not saying it.. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/stay-up-to-date.html
  9. The next question is, since the CDC now considered those that haven’t had booster shots to be in the same category as Unvaccinated…yep you heard that right…does RC consider that currently?
  10. The biggest factor will be getting into port of call with host countries…Will they deny access? Only time will tell…especially since they hold the CDC in high regard, as what is spoken by them as gospel.
  11. I can understand that! I’ve made it a point to NOT accept any FCC’s due to RCCl inability to issue correct amounts, tracking and distribution of credit amounts (They (RC) spread out on previous FCC into 3 separate cruise, which the original amount could have been used on 1 sailing. Needless to say TA wasn’t happy with that process, which I couldn’t blame him.
  12. Now I have more questions than answers. Why was I able to see the reservation still online (I didn’t open the booking) since RC rep stated that it was canceled before today? What was I seeing? Is RC software/dbase that antiquated that glitches drop reservations from the system? If so, how often does this happen? Is there a better way to get better results that protect the consumer? If so, is that an insurance protection plan, how would that helped?
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