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  1. Anyone know how it works if you bid on a royal up room and you have a linked reservation for another room?
  2. I wonder how it works with bots 🤔 Lulubot...aka @Lovetocruise2002 please tell us how this works...or does it?
  3. @twangster I hear ya...oh by the way....Have yourself a Perfect Day! 😂
  4. I just looked at a video for the sky suite room, I don't think the wife would like not having a true balcony.
  5. I've had it given to me at check-in, it's been in the room with the welcome letter and I've had to go get it from the Voom kiosk.
  6. That doesn't make any sense. I could understand if you were trying to use the percentage off coupon, but not the OBC. I would use the TA from USAA to call RCL and resolve this issue.
  7. WHO? Is this a new girl you speak of? Does she cruise or even better...chat on here 🤔 Probable a bot! Yea thats my final answer...Bot!
  8. Translation: Hello We will be 2 days stopover in St Petersburg with Brilliance of the seas beginning of June. My agency phoned me this morning asking me if I had asked for my visa to enter Russia. On the forums, some say that if you take the excursions with the cruise line we do not need a visa. Can you tell me your experience. Thanks in advance. Françoise Second message Thank you for this clarification, no problem for translation. This is what I had read during my research on the Internet but my travel agency told me that it was absolutely necessary to have a visa. Your opinion comforts me in my positions. Kind regards.
  9. Jan 2020 Change 19 - mworkman (Oasis of the Seas) to 19-mworkman (Allure of the Seas) Nov 2020 Add 29 - mworkman (Allure of the Seas)
  10. 😮 14 people in one Villa 😳 I hope you have scheduled showers and restroom activities. ☹️
  11. Update: Talked to our TA and here is where were at. Since no JS were available for some the cruises and due to existing booking prior to this cruise, those dated won't work, RC wants price difference for GS and above. So were left with booking further down the road in order to get the $400 OBC. Unfortunately we have pets and don't want to cruise longer than 2 week. If we didn't it would be game on for 3 weeks of cruising. 😁 Now the search for another cruise is ON! 🤪 Harmony Dec 13, 2020 so i can Jinks someone else!
  12. When the cruise gets chartered and notification goes out, how long will that cruise stay in the reservation section in your account?
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