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  1. If I'm not mistaken they use Costco's as there on the West coast. More than likely you are probably correct. I have never booked travel from any company that has a TA associated with them. I don't feel that you would get the best customer service like you would from a truly owned travel agency that does just travel.
  2. @twangster Here's more to the story, friends of ours are trying to upgrade on a cruise that we are sailing on. They were trying to game the system with the Royal up program, so they would be in the same room category as we are. So long story of it is, they looked at what they payed for the cruise and subtracted what the current price is listed at and submitted a bid that matched current price hoping for automatic response of an upgrade and they are still in the stand-by awaiting as we speak. They did call their TA and was told that the price based on the original booking date paid, that they would have to cancel current booking in order to get current price, since it was under the 90 day mark and that would result in a 75% penalty window. With that being told to them the upgrade price quoted to them was way over the current price by $500.
  3. After thinking about this for a short period...If I'm not mistake someone said that the Royal Up program is outsourced to another company, i assume this is just for the software/data base only, correct. The software reports the highest bid for that category room type, which is passed off to RCI and they determine, based on cabin availability what price meets their price point for an automatic selection of winning bid. The reason i ask this is as it's somewhat confusing, as i know of people that have reported bids with the initial purchase price that have matched or exceeded current price and still were not selected as a upgrade worthy 🙁 knowing that there rooms in there category were available. Things that make you go hmmmm!
  4. 1. Blanton Bourbon 2. Merlot 3. Dark beer 4. See #1, then #2 and if all else fails #3
  5. It's been that way for awhile now...on another note..think i will bring a turkey caller or duck caller and see how many people pop the head out of their cabins 😂
  6. I was fortunate to have printed off all my doc's that i need, just in case it no workie no more!
  7. @Cruising_Woj I've never seen that, Where do you see that package at?
  8. Great!! And here i was thinking i was going to have a bunch of sleepless nights, wondering if my suggestion were worthy of RCI's operations planning. Now if they would just pay me what i'm worth! On second thought...just let me cruise for free 😂
  9. I've just noticed this on one of our sailings and have not seen it before. Any ideas as to why?
  10. Vision could do the Panama canal during the winter months along with other exotic ports in the Caribbean. Note I did NOT say Coco Cay or Labadee..😂
  11. Bring Jewel back to do the Southern Caribbean 10 & 11 night sailings, push Vision off to doing the NE/Canada from Boston or Panama Canal passages to San Diego and back from Florida.
  12. Lodging option https://www.schaeferhausgalveston.com
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