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  1. Just for fun, we're at the 90 day mark for our TA and i though i might as well check-in! I see that now they have included the below statement for your health acknowledgment.
  2. Did you get a time machine for Christmas? Back to the Past! It’s catchy
  3. lol If they don’t return before the end of 2021, there won’t be a cruise industry.
  4. We had our first refund hit our card on Saturday, surprisingly we have full payment due 12/31/20 and the next on 01/14/21 for out TA, which is also a b2b in Europe in April. We will request full refund on these once there canceled, as they were non refundable bookings.
  5. I’ll be at the end of the line once everyone get the anthrax vaccine.
  6. Not at this point. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/12/14/royal-caribbean-chairman-ceo-says-vaccines-not-new-protocols-will-be-what-gets-cruises
  7. I noticed that they were asking questions during RCL Q2 2020 conference call, so they must have something at stake or representative for a company. Someone’s footing the bill for them to do the research? My question is who, because there not doing this for free.
  8. That's why i asked what the largest class ship that could sail from Tampa, as i see very few options at this stage. In order to remain at Tampa you have to hold onto 1 Radiance class ship or below or build a new ship with modern updates, that will accommodate passage under the bridge, which i don't see that happening, or turn over that port to one of the sister company's, as they also have ships in that class that fit the bill.
  9. I see the same thing, I’m waiting to see if it changes once I get closer to sailing date and can check in.
  10. We’re waiting on two refunds at this time, one is at the 30 day mark and we just asked for our refund on our Alaska cruise/tour yesterday as the deadline to request nears soon, like the ends of the month.
  11. Seen a rumor that Celebrity had canceled cruises until 30 April 2021, wouldn’t be long before Royal followed suit.
  12. With the smaller and older ships being sold or scrapped, what is the largest class ship that can sail from Tampa?
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