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  1. We stayed in 12236 and it wasn't bad for outside noise, so i would imagine it would be no different one deck lower.
  2. There’s a good chance that if the person that asks for it wouldn’t know what there looking for unless they have examples in front of then or were prior service.
  3. I would assume that verification proof would be for those who are currently active duty, reserves, National Guard and retired be in the form of I’d cards and for those who didn’t retire it would be a DD 214 which has your combat service annotated on it.
  4. That's why i was pointing that out...It's like the warning label on cigarettes... "May be hazardous to your health" but people do it anyhow. They are advising, the devil is in the details. Wording!
  5. Well now let me back that up a bit, it now appears on the screen under MORE FILTERS as an option when you're searching for a cruise. i didn't see that on a mobile device earlier. However it does't work for me right now..must be an IT work in progress function for the new intern.
  6. @Floski it’s on the same page that you put in your C&A status for discounts. You won’t see what discounts you getting until you go thru the process a few more steps to finalize the booking. It appears when your given the page to add names to the booking. It didn’t offer military discounts on the sailing that I selected, but you would see it in the summary.
  7. My best guess would be that a greedy Suite snob from Canada scooped them all up, just saying!
  8. Oh great! Mr. Negativity joins us with his negative vibes
  9. It’s working for me...never mind..I tried to log in and see what you mean.
  10. Well when you referred to all there ships being bigger than the Mayflower, they assume you’ve served in the military within that time period!
  11. Just seen this change posted on another site. I guess the protesters last year has made an impact, thus another location to cruise from has been chosen. "Dear Guest, We’re really looking forward to welcoming you onboard Rhapsody of the Seas. Before we set sail, we have important itinerary information to share with you. There have been increased concerns regarding the future of cruising in Venice, Italy due to port congestion and the ability to control port traffic. And, while it’s not yet clear how cruise operations will be affected there, it’s important to us that we continue t
  12. We own a TS in Playa Del Carmen and the Resort owns several properties, so there is an owners site where they do trip reports. Sort of like a blog without a lot of pic's, however there are plenty of pics they post on the site. I hope you enjoyed my RS Week 1 Trip Report. What the heck, I’ll do another report this week as long as you will add a reply to tell me someone is reading. SATURDAY: Still taking it easy in paradise. Woke up this morning to blue skies. The temp is definitely up a few degrees. There is a bit more humidity hanging in the air. YES! I like it. This
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