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  1. Just tried it and still doesn’t let you know..also tried using ships Wi-Fi for what’s app and that doesn’t work either.
  2. We met a couple on Adventure this cruise and their friend hit the slots for 20K 😲
  3. Here is the info that will be given to you prior to your departure day.
  4. I’ve ran it several time and this is the best. We’re sitting at Costa Maya with clear sky’s and 80 degree temps.
  5. I was led to believe it was fleet wide, couldn’t see doing it for select cruise ships. The blowback would be heard far and wide. Maybe @twangster can confirm as he’s currently sailing also on another ship.
  6. The NextCruise has stopped the standard OBC offering for booking the first three days..no raffle. I was told it wouldn’t be offered next week also. This is just the OBC raffle that applies to the current sailing. However they just announced that they will be giving away a autographed ship from the Captain. Things are tighter these days.
  7. It’s not that fast..😂 more like sloooow vooom with a flat tire.
  8. @rjac I dress my best...flip flops, wife beater shirt and short shorts, what else could you expect? Hey..stop trying to visualize this, that’s making me feel uncomfortable...like your trying to undress me. 😲
  9. We’re on Adventure and this is the second day which is formal night. I found this in our door and notice it was in all the doors in the hall that I could see. Guess this is there shuttle way of letting you know.
  10. Well we’ve managed to get our standard congratulation rejection email 😂 now we will wait for the second one in 7 days for the next cruise 🤦‍♂️
  11. I’m making sure that you get to see what you’re planning for. Sort of warming up those tastebuds before the taste actually happens 😂
  12. But it will do any day of the week! @Lovetocruise2002
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