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  1. I couldn’t do it in anything less that a Jr Suits or higher, wife would need that bigger closet
  2. Naw…there sitting back saying not so fast..we’re gonna drag this out as long as we can!
  3. It’s nice of them to plan for 2023, yet they can’t even give you what protocols are passed 14 days right now!
  4. Looks like Jamaica has a lvl4 warning per CDC. https://www.cruisehive.com/cdc-increases-another-caribbean-cruise-destination-to-level-4/55964?fbclid=IwAR19vuan9jci1BTwYQZYt9eKmKa81dES1nMKUEUoqcIF2NLdK_j8cQ7ZGJk
  5. They will cover it upfront, however they're going to pass the cost on to the individual/family at a later time I'm sure. They can recommend that you have travel insurance that covers medical evacuations...it falls on you, the consumer to purchase.
  6. I would be curious to how a business can make you purchase insurance, since there isn't a law mandated saying so?
  7. Then it will be the flu…if you haven’t been vaccinated for the flu..you can’t cruise. ??
  8. Think about that statement for a minute..Those that aren't vaccinated still get to live a normal life irregardless, it's just that they may possible get the virus or not. Who knows what their body immune situation is..they may have had the virus previously and it didn't affect them based on various factors and built up an immunity to it. For those that have received the vaccine, what does it matter if you're in a vicinity of unvaccinated people, Your vaccinated right? Then don't worry what others do, it's their choice how they live, NOT Yours or Mine! Why would there be a restricted area, the vaccine is supposedly the antidote that removes that factor from the equation, unless you don't trust the vaccine.
  9. Here's a question for you...what do you do with those that can't get the vaccine due to medical conditions or those that don't due to religious beliefs? That's a slippery slope legal wise, I'm sure that it has been addressed, but not commented on yet that I've seen.
  10. Correct, I was referring to the cruise planner..sorry.
  11. I haven't logged into it in quite some time now and just noticed that it has been upgraded....I'm shocked!!! it's beginning to look more professional! When did that happen?
  12. Do you own a business? If not, it doesn't apply to you. There are many out there that don't know HIPAA does apply to Business owners as well. The requirements exist, however it isn't as stringent as the healthcare industry.
  13. So you already know what the terms are? Hmm Do you work for RCCL or is this a SWAG? I can choose to consent or Not consent..the burden lies with the terms upon my arrival. Everyone has choices...what you elect to do is upon you, I choose to disclose as little information ie medical or whatever i deem necessary. Your incorrect, Businesses are required to protect your data, whether it being medical, educational, and HIPAA does apply to them as well. I own a business and must comply to safeguarding personal data information. https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2013-01-25/pdf/2013-01073.pdf
  14. Correct, but if the cruise lines allowed you to board, however required you wear a mask, but those with a vaccine didn't require it...that's where the file line hits, As they have just openly disclosed you medical states knowingly to everyone...Now it's no longer private, which they're require by HIPAA to not disclose. Who would want to get on board knowingly you're going to be restricted to your cabin? To each as their own i say.
  15. What your stating is if someone came down with COVID while on board...what i'm talking about is prior to boarding, a screening process ...You missed the point clearly...Try reading sometime!
  16. Your partial correct, but by them singling you out with any requirement that isn't required by all, they've just released your medical status/condition..which they're required by law to protect. They openly disclosed private medical information via forcing you to modify your appearance. Does that make sense? It's a thin line...but it will be put to the courts i feel in the near future.
  17. Violates HIPAA laws! They can't disclose medical info..In doing this they announce who has and hasn't been vaccinated.
  18. That violated Hipaa laws, RCCL would end up in court real fast and lose that one!
  19. Just for fun, we're at the 90 day mark for our TA and i though i might as well check-in! I see that now they have included the below statement for your health acknowledgment.
  20. Did you get a time machine for Christmas? Back to the Past! It’s catchy ?
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