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  1. i have all the excursions paid for, for the 3 cruise i have left which is why i would like it placed on the 7 Night Italy & Adriatic cruise, where i could use it the most..since the credit i have coming is from the canceled Alaska trip, which i should have over 2K from excursions, wifi and drinking package coming available. Will i get an option or will they just place it on the next cruise in the roster?
  2. 125% cruise planner credit...If you elected this option and have several cruises booked, how does one go about selecting which cruise that you would like it to be placed on?
  3. @DaiC01 Seen this and found it interesting, don’t know the creditability of it yet. Looks like some research could put more to light if I had time, however I’m fully booked with sitting on the couch This week doing nothing, maybe next week something might open in my busy schedule. https://nationalfile.com/video-japanese-vice-pm-says-who-should-be-renamed-chinese-health-organization/
  4. https://tenor.com/view/poke-bear-gif-9854676 It's not wise to continue.....
  5. Canada is the 51st U.S. state
  6. If nothing else I hope they fix her azipod before she returns to the states.
  7. Okay...I have 63 days showing till our Alaska cruise supposedly takes places, for those of you that also have cruises pending that have been cancelled. Is it still showing? Shall we post when it disappears from our upcoming cruise lists.
  8. I asked the wife if she would like for me to make this dish tonight, she politely told me if I did make it, I would be dining for one and not two! 😂
  9. Since @Matt loves his spaghetti Bolognese on the ships and the fleet is grounded, so to say, I thought I would throw out an alternative suggestion for him to try out at home.😂 All the ingredients you need is spaghetti, hotdogs and a sauce, with a little imagination like the pic..you too can be a stellar chef! Follow me for more recipes.
  10. I concur, cruise industry is a leisure and not a necessity, therefor it shouldn't be bailed out with tax payers bearing the burden. As much as we like cruising, the bargain for what you get, there are other alternative for vacationing, which is what i expect to see in the near future for a short time.
  11. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/89/royal-caribbean-extends-global-suspension-of-cruisingrnnbsp There goes our Alaska trip!
  12. Delta Airlines also does the FCC or eCredit as they call it and not a refund.
  13. Since the topic is Donuts..I thought I would post these.
  14. I have to change that up some, Departure Port Day 1 San Diego Day 2 Cruising Day 3 Cabo San Lucas, MX Day 4 Puerto Vallarta, MX Day 5-6 Cruising Day 7 Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala Day 8 Cruising Day 9 Puntarenas, Costa Rica Day 10 Cruising Day 11 Panama Canal Day 12 Colon, Panama Day 13-14 Cartagena, Columbia Day 15-16 Aruba Day 17 Curacao Day 18 Bonaire Day 19-20 Cruising Day 21 Turks & Caicos Day 22-23 Cruising Day 24 Fort Lauderdale
  15. Need to start passing this out!
  16. This is starting to irritate me, as my Alaska cruise/tour scheduled for 29 May 20, in 87 days, falls into the closed schedule date. RCL said as or right now it’s still a go...hopefully this passes sooner than later and opens prior to our departure. I think it was stupid move to announce closure till July 1st, it would have been smarter to say until 1 May 2020 pending reevaluation of current cases and virus status.
  17. For my veterans, I have decided to let go of my private stock....for a slight price increase of $10 per package.
  18. It does say if you have diabetes that you WILL be denied access. Read B.
  19. I’m on 5th & Main Street, but keep this on the down low!
  20. We've done this tour when we stayed in Mexico for our annual timeshare weeks and enjoyed the tour, however i would not do this as an excursion as the majority of your time will be traveling to and from the ruins. If this is the only way that you can see the site, then go to experience Chechen Itza.
  21. LOL i was just in Tacoma for a week and experienced the stupidity of those who lost their minds. 🤦‍♂️ I posted this on C&A society members page on facebook and it was removed within minutes 😂 Apparently they didn't see my humor 🤷‍♂️
  22. May 29th were sailing come hell or high water...as they say!
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