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  1. If only Royal had a system that customers and TA’s could actually look at FCC’s availability, wouldn’t that be great.
  2. I was told 30 days by the Resolution department rep, interesting part is that when it’s sent out it will have past the expired date, however MEI can call and they will honor it and reset it for immediate use for bookings
  3. Don't forget today is the last day to book for some FCC's. I'm currently working with MEI to see what I have available to use since the last TA has it in a mess.
  4. What’s your take on this..it seems like there skirting around saying it, by not saying it.. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/stay-up-to-date.html
  5. The next question is, since the CDC now considered those that haven’t had booster shots to be in the same category as Unvaccinated…yep you heard that right…does RC consider that currently?
  6. The biggest factor will be getting into port of call with host countries…Will they deny access? Only time will tell…especially since they hold the CDC in high regard, as what is spoken by them as gospel.
  7. I can understand that! I’ve made it a point to NOT accept any FCC’s due to RCCl inability to issue correct amounts, tracking and distribution of credit amounts (They (RC) spread out on previous FCC into 3 separate cruise, which the original amount could have been used on 1 sailing. Needless to say TA wasn’t happy with that process, which I couldn’t blame him.
  8. Now I have more questions than answers. Why was I able to see the reservation still online (I didn’t open the booking) since RC rep stated that it was canceled before today? What was I seeing? Is RC software/dbase that antiquated that glitches drop reservations from the system? If so, how often does this happen? Is there a better way to get better results that protect the consumer? If so, is that an insurance protection plan, how would that helped?
  9. Closing...Just got off the phone with the TA....RC's final offer was to reinstate us on cancelled cruise (no OBC offered) TA tried, our original booked room is gone. Upgrade offer wasn't worth spending that kind of cash right now for just the first leg, so the TA guilted RC into giving us full refund on both cruises since they (RC) cancelled it and not our fault. Right now we have a sour taste in our mouth and hope this isn't what we have to look forward to in the future. We still haven't received FCC certificates from RC from previous cruises and have grown tired of tracking them. That's the main reason why opted to not take FCC at this time. Our next cruises isn't until April 2022, so we will wait to book after that with all preexisting FCC certificates before they expire and hope RC can get there stuff in order. Now to cancel hotel and airline tickets.
  10. They (RC rep) hung up on my TA and me, TA is taking a break as I’m and will call back later in hopes of getting someone else that’s better to deal with.
  11. Update…and I’m we’re not happy right now… RC has now stated it was a computer glitch and they don’t have any cabins available that’s comparable to what we have, (same cabin b2b) and location, however the can offer us an upgrade to GS (next available upgrade) current listed for $12k for $6k more That would make the final figure paid for $9k plus…and that’s just for the first sailing since it’s listed as an Holiday sailing. We decided that wasn’t going to fly and asked for a refund, now we’re being told it will be in the form of fcc and that will put back the $900 they took from cancellation (penalties). Which they officially canceled the cruise yesterday were now being told. I need a break….to cool off….
  12. Is this like poking the bear? Still on hold with TA and RC trying to resolve this..1 1/2 hours into it.
  13. Our original TA is working on it and has escalated it up to the resolution desk, payment numbers don’t match what he has and what they have on file. They show a payment of $500, where he shows final payment of $2513.62. Things that make you say hmmmm what did you do with the rest of the money RC TA did say that how RC does FCC has caused a lot of issues in there system. I’m not savvy on this, but don’t believe he would bs me..I’m sure some with this experience can express there opinions on it. Now that cruise is no longer showing up in my planner! Along with my other one… I’m not liking this one bit. Starting to freak out!
  14. We had room 9092 booked for both cruises. It would surprise me to find out if our room wasn’t dropped by RC system and rebooked by someone else and they don’t want to say anything.
  15. Cruise still shows in the cruise planner, not to mention we recently received an itinerary adjustment 2 days ago via email from RC. Interesting thing is this is the second time we’ve received anything related to a booked cruise from RC other than the standard sales promos. I’m still wondering who they sent that invoice too, I wish they would have paid it back in march since I made final payment via TA in September this year.
  16. Okay..have you ever had a cruise canceled on you without RC notifying your TA or you? i just received a call from a rep at the travel agency where I booked all of my cruises from (past & future) to ensure I have the latest information for boarding. She briefly informed me of all requirements that are current on our second ship of a B2B. I Inquire about the 1st cruise of this b2b (same ship) vacation, she pulls up my info and low and behold not in the system, she (TA) calls RC to inquire about it only to be told, hold on…we’re trying to locate that information. RC states that it was canceled due to non payment, TA states it was payed in full, now RC rep says hold on and waits for a supervisor…..after 20 minutes of hold time, RC now states that a price check was requested back in March by me personally and prices had went up, now requiring more money and a invoice being sent requesting $600 via email. TA stated that didn’t happen as she has no notes and now has to attend a meeting and she would call me afterwards while RC still holds to the statement of price increases and non payment resulted in cancellation. Now I wait for the meeting to finish and the TA to call me back as she might have to escalate it to a supervisor in customer relations in there department. You can’t make this stuff up
  17. Oh boy..CNN is on it and now the numbers have increased If this take presidency in the news, watch for what isn’t and that will tell you what they don’t want to see what’s actually going on. https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/05/us/cruise-ship-norwegian-breakaway-covid-cases/index.html
  18. Hmmm all vaccinated and it starts all over again. Now to see what happens, will the CDC use this to gain control again? Only time will tell. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article256353032.html
  19. Why an I not surprised, it was just more smoke and mirrors from Royal Caribbean
  20. They have your info as planned, watch for more sales vie e-mail...thats what I think
  21. It’s going to be like publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes, no one know who won and your on the mailing list for eternity…or just another way to reach you about Your cars extended warranty!
  22. I couldn’t do it in anything less that a Jr Suits or higher, wife would need that bigger closet
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