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  1. Staying in any suite on any RC ship will get you double points for 2 or more people staying in the suite. And triple points for solo cruisers staying in suites.
  2. Love @ sea is filmed on Harmony which is a RC ship.
  3. For the Quantum class & Oasis class: All of the shows that require reservations will be listed under the Onboard Activities tab starting @ about 60-75 days before the cruise. Keep checking your cruise and planner to see if any shows are available to reserve pre-cruise. Also reservations for the shows can be done once you have boarded the ship on embarkation day. If you forget to reserve shoes you can still see the show but you have to arrive 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the show because once the doors to the show close you will not be able to enter. if you have a smartphone or tablet you should download the Royal Caribbean International app now and then you can view the cruise compass for your cruise before your cruise. The app is free to download, and can be used on any royal Caribbean ship without purchasing a WiFi package. You can make all of your reservations through the app just as if you were making reservations on the cruise planner using a laptop or computer Mytime Dining times can be done before you reserve the days and times of the shows that you wanna attend.
  4. There is 2 Of the 110v outlets either next to the bed or below the bed. You will also see that there is 1 of the 220v outlets and 2 of the 110v outlets under the vanity mirror but above the desk. Since cell phones and tablets are charged via the usb cable you can bring a usb charging hub to use for those devices or you can charge them just by plugging the charging cables for the cell phones and tablets into the USB ports on your laptop (assuming your laptop has USB ports). When your on the ship you can also ask your room attendant to bring you a few power strips. It’s not just surge protectors that don’t work on ships, some power strips also don’t work on ships either. in November 2018 I purchased a travel adapter on amazon that was supposed to work on cruise ships, which did work for the entire length of my 7-night cruise which was on Oasis in December 2018, but when I took the exact same travel adapter for my next 7-night cruise which was on Harmony in April 2019, went to plug the adapter in the American & European outlets I had noticed he when I plugged my laptop charger into the adapter and then connected the charger to my laptop that it did not work using either the American or European outlets.
  5. I totally agree. If they would take Venmo/PayPal then paying cruises and making cruise planner purchases would be a little bit faster & easier
  6. Not true, The Oasis class ships do not have electrical outlets next to the bed.
  7. Solo cruises have to pay a single supplement fee of either 150% or 200% and they will get 2 points per night for staying in balcony or below, and if a solo cruiser is staying in a suite then they will get 3 points per night.
  8. I think that it was offered on day 3 or day 4.
  9. I was on Harmony in April & they did sell the drink card that allows you to drink 10 alcoholic drinks. I will be on Harmony again next April and I hope that they sell the alcoholic drink card again.
  10. How to I redeem MyVEGAS rewards points toward a Royal Caribbean cruise that I had already booked several years ago???
  11. I thought that once it is the date final payment for the cruise that no other payment can be made toward the booking has been paid, not even just for pre-paying gratuities after the final payment date, but that’s how it is with the cruise lines that RC owns & with all 10 cruise lines that Carnival Corporation owns, but maybe other cruise lines allow you to pre-pay gratuities after final payment date
  12. I did the exact same thing as you did when I booked my first 3 cruise I selected not to pre-pay gratuities & then several months later I’ve decide to pre-pay gratuities so I tried to add the gratuities to the reservation myself but I did not see the option to add pre-paid gravities online so I had to call RC and give them my reservation # & told them that I would like to pre-pay gratuities. The only way to pre-pay gratuities after you have put a deposit down is to call RC & provide them with your reservation # & tell them that you would like to pre-pay the gratuities.
  13. Both my mother & I are enrolled in C&A, & we both have our own member #, but only I have a have an online account & when we first started cruising in 2014 I had created an online account with my name as the account holder and with my C&A member # & once the account was created I was able to add my mother onto my C&A account using her name and member #, so that only 1 person has a cruise planner account. YOU CANT GAVE THE SAME C&A NUMBER BECAUSE RC DOES NOT ALLOW MULTIPLE PEOPLE TO HAVE THE EXACT SAME C&A #. You each have to have a C&A member # if you both want to enjoy the same benefits like a free day of internet (when purchased onboard durning the cruise), bogo drinks when you are high enough in the C&A program and at any level of the C&A program you will discounts on RC merchandise that is purchased in the RC shop onboard any ship that has the ship name or company logo anywhere on the item, expect for items that are purchased in the Royal promenade when the ship has an end of cruise sale
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