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  1. On March 16 cancelled my cruise that was gonna sail in late April/early May and was told that I would receive a full refund in the form on a FCC for the cruise fare and I would get a refund back to my credit card for the taxes & fees, and I was told that it would be 30 DAYS from when the refund was processed that I would receive the FCC and the taxes & fees refunded back to my credit card.
  2. I cancelled several cruise planner purchases on of my cruises & it took about 3-5 Business Days to be refunded back to my MasterCard. I also cancelled a cruise either in January 2020 or February 2020 and I still have not received my refundable deposit back to the credit card that I used for the deposit.
  3. You can select either the 125% FCC or the 100% refund back to your original form of payment! the FCC must be used by December 31, 2021
  4. I go the same email with our travel documents a few days after I had cancelled the cruise for April 26th on Harmony out of Port Canaveral, so I just ignored the email since I knew that I had cancelled the cruise mainly because one person on the reservation is in their 60’s which is considered high risk of getting the coronavirus.
  5. I had the same issue when I reserved for 2 people so after I completed the reservation process I had called Royal & I told them I want to add the name of the second person to the reservation & they did that for me.
  6. Since you are cruising between March 15th & April 10th your cruises will be cancelled & you will be issued. Refund in the form of FCC if you don’t call and let them automatically cancel your cruise, but if you call Royal Caribbean & cancel the cruise & ask for the refund to go back to your credit/debit card. According to their website under the COVID-19 travel advisories says that “Royal Caribbean will automatically cancel all cruises between March 15th & April 10 & issue FCC.
  7. You could be within 90 of your cruise. You are only getting and 75% refund because you must have cancelled 3 weeks after you paid off your cruise.
  8. I called and cancelled my Harmony cruise which is in April and I was told that I receive the future cruise credit in my email in 1 week I could not use the FCC immediately to book the cruise and that is why I could not use the FCC to book another cruise right away & I had to use my Visa card to pay for the deposit. But when I recieve the FCC I can then use it to pay the balance on my new already booked cruise.
  9. Yesterday I called royal to cancel my Harmony cruise in April and I was issued a future cruise credit of $1756 and was told that I could not use it toward the deposit toward my future cruise which I booked for next May on Allure immediately after I had cancelled my Harmony cruise for this April. I had booked my next cruise while I was still on the phone with a Royal Caribbean representative who told that it will be about 1 week before I receive the future cruise credit in my email In 1 week & since I was booking another cruise immediately I had to use a visa/MasterCard to pay deposit and then when I receive the future cruise credit I would have to call them to make the payment. The cost of the cheapest interior room for 2 people & refundable deposit for the room is $1693.56 which is less than the $1756 future cruise credit which I will receive about next week so that means after I use the cruise credit to pay off the cruise I will be issued a refund for the remaining amount of $62.44. If I decided to book a higher category room I would have to pay more and that is something that I don’t want to do for this cruise since I have a budget on how much I am going to spend pre-cruise for this cruise.
  10. I am considering cancelling my April 26th sailing on Harmony because I am booked on the cruise with my mother who is in her 60’s which is considered to be a high risk age and because there is some health problems on both sides of my family & I also have cats. If my mom and I go on the cruise we do not want to be Quarantined for 2 weeks on the ship when we return to Port Canaveral because then we don’t know who will care for our cats for a total of 3 weeks that’s including the 1 week of cruising & a possibility of guest & crew on the ship being Quarantined for an additional 2 weeks when we return to Florida after the cruise & also both of my mother’s job will be at stake if we take the cruise and possible be Quarantined for 2 weeks on the ship after return to port Canaveral.
  11. May 3rd, 2021 on Allure. i would like for you to please remove my March 20th sailing on Odyssey.
  12. Since you are within 90 days of your cruise would be to just ask to be upgraded to a higher category room.
  13. What ship are you gonna sail on
  14. Yesterday I checked the price of my cruise in April on Harmony for a Boardwalk balcony room for 2 people & the price was $2005.40, meal @ Johnny Rockets, Rock climbing lesson & soda package & $325 OBC which I got when I selected to keep the perks that originally came with the boardwalk balcony room when I booked the room 2 years ago. NOW THE PRICE OF THE SAME BALCONY ROOM IS $392 CHEAPER, SO THE PRICE OF THE EXACT SAME CRUISE & ROOM IS NOW $1,613.80. BUT if I call & ask for a price change I will loose my obc, meal @ Johnny Rockets, Rick climbing lesson, & soda package & $325 obc which means I will be loosing a value of $450 because the soda package is $62.93x2=$125.86 +$325=$450.86
  15. I have been able to electronically sign the waivers using the television in my stateroom.
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