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  1. I live in Palm Bay which is about 4 hours north of Miami and in February the weather is cold but not as cold as the countries that are close to the northern lights. I would pack jeans and sweaters for your stay in Miami, but also pack a few T-shirt’s and shorts because most cruises from Any port in Florida (including Miami, Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, Port of Jacksonville, & Port of Miami) goes to any port in the Caribbean (Including any countries in the Eastern, Western, & Southern Caribbean) and Hawaii and any country that is South of the equator. The Caribbean ports and Hawaii are warmer than any place in the continental United States, Alaska & Canada in December-MidMarch and also the counties who have Winter when North America is in springtime.
  2. The bahamas is warm weather all year so shorts and capris would be fine. It does get a little chilly at night heading to the Caribbean durning the winter so if you get cold while outside @ nights then bring a jacket/hoodie/sweatshirt.
  3. I have been on Oasis in December 2018 & Harmony in April 2019. Oasis, Harmony, Allure and Symphony all all sister ships sister ships when I was on Oasis and Harmony i did not think that they were crowded at all. There is sooooo many things to do on the Oasis Class ships that I don’t think you will even see all of the guest that are onboard your sailing expect for on embarkation/disembarkation day & when dining in the main dining room (MDR). Also you might see a lot of guest of you when getting off the ship @ the different ports of call & not only will you see other guest that are on the same ship as you, but also you will see a long line of people that are on different ships that are also @ the same ports of call when your going thru security to get back on the ship @ the ports of call.
  4. Odyssey is a Quantum ultra class ship.....not a Oasis-class ship.
  5. 10:00 am is the earliest that you can arrive at the cruise terminal for checkin.
  6. That should be ok. I would suggest that you invest in a passport because for adults they are valid for 10 years & for children they are valid for 5 years. They are a good investment if you are going to do a lot of international travel. You will be able to get back into your home country easier with a passport then with a BC & government issued ID if you have to Fly back home before the cruise is over. If you had to fly home before the cruise is over and all you had was your government issued ID & BC you would have to go to the Consulate/Embassy office of the country that you are a resident of so that you could get a passport issued that day just so you could leave the cruise early to fly home.
  7. Before your first sailing you are in the pre-gold C&A status. After you complete your first cruise the C&A status will move to gold within a couple weeks after the sailing ends.
  8. Even thru all of you have purchased the key that does not mean that RC make Show reservations @ each show & time that you want. In the description of the key it is specifically said that you have to make reservations for the shows.
  9. On the Oasis class their is designer brand stores like Coach, Kate Spade, Tiffany&co, Micheal Kors, Hublot, and many more stores. Each store listed may not be on every ship. i had purchased 2 jewelry items from Tiffany&Co, & 1 purse & 1 wallet from Kate Spade because I knew that the price for those items was the exact same price as if I were to buy them on land and that my closest Tiffany&Co, & Kate spade stores is close to 2.5 hours from where I live and I also knew that I would have to spend more money just to fill my car up with gas and drive to the outlet stores which had the same Designer Name Brand items that I had purchased on the ship for the exact same price.
  10. I agree with @Atlantix2000 said about Verizon having travel pass, but I don’t agree with what was stated about how the travel pass works & that you are sent a text with your location and the price for that location. The price for the travel pass is $5 per day per device when you call or text people each day durning your travels on the days that you use your devices connected to your Verizon account. if you have a smartphone you can download Verizon wireless app (if you decide to switch to Verizon) & create an online account & add travel pass ti your account & then you call Verizon & tell them what countries you are gonna be visiting. When I had Verizon I added travel pass to my account & then I called Verizon and told them the countries that I was going to visit, so when the cruise ship was within a few miles of each country we were sailing by I would get text when we are near every country. The first time that i used phone/text/data in a foreign country, they did not send a free text that has stated the cost while using my phone in every country that we were cruising by & I was not asked to approve the cost for using my phone in a foreign port. @Atlantix2000is incorrect when they made the statement that travel pass only provides service on the islands and not on the ship. Travel pass provides service on the islands and on ships. I cruised twice with travel pass on my account & one of those times I had purchased Voom on that cruise and I had made several phone calls from my smartphone & sent several text both on land and I the ship & travel pass worked on the ship & on the islands, & the other time I was not with Verizon but I did purchase Voom & i was still able to send text & make phone calls from my smartphone, & my smartphone was useable with just Voom & without the travel pass.
  11. The beds can separated into twin beds or pushed together to make a Royal kind bed.
  12. Your totally welcome. The app is very useful so that people can view the daily compass for each day before they get to their stateroom and you can also add activities that you would like to do on any of the days that they are being presented. Also you can made reservation for dinner and for shows (that require reservations) right in the app. Ships that suggest show reservations are the quantum class and oasis class.
  13. I had Verizon wireless for 4 years and within that time I went on 2 cruises when I had Verizon as my cellular provider and I did have $1.00 per minute calling & 25¢ per text sent and 5¢ per text received while on a cruise ship , which is the same as T-Mobile. I had been on a cruise once over 4 years ago when I had T-Mobile and I had turned airplane mode on and then connected to the ships WiFi for the week and I had even purchased Voom then when I got home I had gotten a bill form T-Mobile that was more than what my cellphone bill normally is and because of that I made the decision to switch to Verizon and I made the right decision because I went on other cruises after I switched providers and before both cruises I had purchased voom, when I got on the ship I put my phone on airplane mode and when I got to my stateroom I had connected to WiFi and types in the password that I was given so I could connect to the ships WiFi, and before I got to the cruise terminal I called Verizon and told them that I was going on a weeklong cruise and they asked me what my destinations were so I had told them what countries that the cruise ship was going to and when I got back from the cruises my cell bill did not increase in price. Voom only works on the ships and @cococay, not at any destination.
  14. I got the same message when I tried to login to the cruise planner but not when I was looking at cruises. I have gotten the exact same messages many times before on the cruise planner section of the website and the main webpage where cruise can be booked and when I logged on to the main webpage and the cruise planner section about 36-48 hours after I seen those messages that the webpage could not be accessed, I tried agin 36-48 hours later and I was able to view cruises and login to the cruise planner. The first thing that you should do is give your web browser permission to access the website then login to the cruise planner again. If you still cannot login to the cruise planner then here are some thing that you should do: first turn your cache cookies off and then attempt to login to your cruise planner again & if that doesn’t work then try switching to private mode or use another web browser. hope that helps and that you can view access your cruise planner and also view cruises.
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