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  1. I have also seen the waterpark cheaper than $94.99 a day but in the last 2 months or so the price has increased by $30 per person for my cruise. I was gonna book the waterpark whenever their is a sale on admission to the waterpark but I don’t think that I will because the price would probably just increase between now and when my sailing begins.
  2. Any advice on what I should do in Perfect Day @ CocoCay? I am sailing on Harmony OTS in late April 2020 which is in 8.5 months, but a few days ago I was gonna pay for admission to thrill waterpark but when I looked at the price it was listed at $94.99 per person and that is not in my price range for excursions and for any excursion I would have to pay for both people on the reservation to go on the excursion. Wanna do some excursions @ perfect Day @ CocoCay but don’t wanna pay a lot of money for the excursions since I would have to pay for me & one other person to go on the excursion with me. Plz give me advice!!! If there is places that do not cost a lot or are free, I would also consider going to any of the free places on the island? is there any place on Perfect Day @ CocoCay that is free or does not cost a whole lot of money?
  3. Yes hooks for over the door organizers are not allowed to go over the cruise ship doors. You will get on the ship. if you carry your luggage on the ship with you there will probably be no hassle, but if you hand your luggage to the porter and they put your luggage on the ship, the cruise ship employees will X-ray your luggage and if they see something that is not allowed on the ship they will put your luggage in the security office (a.k.a the naughty room) and leave a letter in your room stating that you must take the letter with you to the security office and then you will have to open your luggage and the office will remove what is not allowed on the ship and then you could take your luggage with you to your cabin. their is a chance that you might get the item or items back at the end of the cruise or you might not get the confiscated items back at all if they were taken when you were onboard the ship. if your item/items was confiscated be security in the cruise terminal on embarkation day(the first day of the cruise) then their is very good change that you will get those items back when you return back to the cruise port on disembarkation day (the final day/morning of the cruise) when going through customs to get back into the country that the ship has embarked from and considers that port to be its home port.
  4. Then Book your sailing for summer 2020 now because if you wait to boom once onboard prices could increase between now and when you do on your November 2019 cruise. In 2017 I had booked 3 cruises for the oasis class, 1 in December 2018, 1 in April 2019, & another in April 2020 for RC and 1 in November 2020 on Carnival Mardi Gras I had originally booked one cruise but then months later I had decided to book 2 more cruises before I went my December 2018 cruise, and I am so glad that I booked 2 more cruises because between when I booked the other cruises the prices for all 3 of the other RC cruises had significantly increased in price and the Carnival Cruise has increased by a few hundred dollars and all 3 other RC cruise has not been cheaper then when I booked the cruises which was over a year ago.
  5. On RC If they booked a room with only minors in the room that is a connecting room/ across the hall to one with the adults in the room that is acceptable to cruise lines and since the kids room is right next to/or is a connecting room leading into the adults room/across the hall and then their does not have to be an adult in the kids room. THE KIDS ROOM AND THE ADULTS ROOM HAVE TO BE COnnecting rooms.
  6. Your dad should sign up for crown and Anchor online or over the phone before the cruise and get his loyalty number so that he can then add his crib and Anchor number to the cruise and start earning points from the first day of each cruise all the way to the last day of each cruise.
  7. Metal hooks are not allowed on cruise ships doors so if the hooks that your ordered for the over the dirt shoe organizer are metal, then YOU SHOULD RETURN THE METAL HOOKS, and instead BUY THE COMMAND HOOKS because they are removable and would not damage the cruise ship cabin door at all and SINCE THEY ARE NOT METAL HOOKS THEY ARE ALLOWED TO GO ON CABIN DOORS. In the cabin bathroom there are metal hooks that are stuck on the bathroom doors (which is the way that the cruise line had designed) and you can attempt to put the over the door organizer on the hooks inside/outside of the bathroom door. Or you can bring command hooks with you on the cruise and attach them to the wall/door and put the over door organizer on the command hooks. You could also bring some magnetic hooks to put on the stateroom wall because most cruise ships have magnetic walls so you can bring magnetic hooks along or command hooks which are are allowed and hand the over door organizer on the metal hooks. NOTHING THAT WILL RUIN THE SHAPE OR LOOK OF THE DOOR LIKE TAPE OR THE HOOKS FOR THE OVER THE DOOR ORGANIZER IS ALLOWED TO BE USED ON THR STATEROOM DOORS OR WALLS. OVER THE DOOR ORGANIZER HOOKS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE DOORS THAT FACE THE HALLWAY BECAUSE THE DOOR ORGANIZER HOOKS COULD MISSHAPE THE DOOR THAT FACES THE HALLWAY, BUT THE OVER THE DOOR ORGANIZER HOOKS ARE ALLOWED ON THE BATHROOM DOOR INSIDE OF THE STATEROOM.
  8. Yes, you and your girlfriend can get a connecting room next to your brothers room, but the primary person on the reservation and in the connecting room next to you has to be at least 21 years old.
  9. The setsail pass is on the new app which is Royal Caribbean International or the old app which is Royal IQ app. The person checking you and your group in scans and confirms that it’s you and hands each person their own sea pass card (if they are at the terminal) or your sea pass card could be outside the stateroom door in a envelope with the names of the people on the reservation. And that is how it works with the Royal Caribbean International app, and I am not sure if it works the same way with the ROYAL IQ app, but what I do know is that with the Royal IQ app you will have to buy an internet package for the app to work onboard the ships that still use the Royal IQ app, and to use the chat feature in the Royal IQ app you will have to pay $7.95 per device for the chat feature. With the Royal Caribbean International app you do not need to buy an internet package for the app to work onboard the ship and the chat feature in the app is free to chat with people on the exact same ship and sail date as you once onboard and you have added their name to the chat feature in the Royal Caribbean International app.
  10. The towels that RC sells online is totally different from the ones that is available for use while on the pool deck. The towels that they have for free at the towel stations on the pool deck have to be returned to the towel station when you are done using the towel that you borrowed from the towel station. Also the free royal Caribbean towels can be obtained on the island at the port of calls, but must be returned to the royal Caribbean towel station on the islands before boarding the ship at the end of the day at the island that the ship has docked at for the day or days. if you buy the towel that Royal Caribbean sells online then you do not have to return the towel because it is yours to keep and take home with you, but if a free towel that you have borrowed from the towel station while on the pool deck or at any of the port of calls is not returned then each towel that you did not return will cost $25 and that amount will be added to your sea pass account and you will have to pay for those free towels that are offered at the towel station that were not returned by the end of the day that you borrowed the free towels then you will have to pay for them. Hope that makes sense to you.
  11. Port Canaveral charges $17 a day. For a weeklong cruise they charge for 8 days, not 7 days. You would have to pay for 8 days of parking @ the cruise terminal and that would cost you a total of $136.. if you search on the internet for off-site cruise parking near port Canaveral you will see a lot of places that charge about $7.95-11.95 a day for parking which is less than what port Canaveral charges per day. Consider off-site parking if you want to save money, but if you don’t care about the cost of parking and want to be close to the cruise terminal entrance on the day of embarkation and the day of disembarkation day then park at port Canaveral
  12. If your married or anyone else in your household that has signed up for RC’s C&A society and has been in enough cruises to obtain platinum status and has signed you and your wife/husband up for the C&A society and has the same last name as you, then you & your husband/wife is now whatever status that they have because that person has the higher C&A status of your household. If anyone in your household has been on several RCI cruises and has earned enough C&A points to be platinum, then you will now have the same C&A status as your Husband/wife/other family member but will not have the same amount of points because you are starting from 0 points but will have the same C&A status as you wife/husband/other family member.
  13. I would guess that the key purchasers would dine in the MDR or if there is a Jamie’s Italian or a Giovanni’s Table on Ovation then the people who purchased the key can dine there for lunch on embarkation day, but if I were you and had purchased the key i would ask an employee “where do the key members dine for lunch?” when I board the ship on embarkation day. If your staying in a grand suite and above then you can dine @ CK for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  14. Are the Johnny Rockets Milkshakes included in the free meal voucher that is offered as a perk with boardwalk balconies and does the voucher included with boardwalk balcony that is valid for lunch at Johnny Rockets and is the milkshakes included in the meal voucher or do I have to pay extra for the milkshakes?
  15. I agree with @AshleyDillo. If the limit is $13 dollars & you order drinks that is more than the limit you would have to pay the pay the difference plus the 18%gratuity charge on the difference between the drink package limit and the price of the drink that you ordered.
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