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  1. Most Football Games will be shown in On Air or on the AquaTheater screens. You can also watch the game on the tv in your stateroom if the tv has sports channels & you can watch the Football game online if you purchased the Voom Surf & Stream internet package.
  2. In April 2019 I & mom had sailed on Harmony and when I checked us in I checked in one person one website & checked in the other person using the app. I had added our CC info, Passport info, Crown and Anchor Society Member Numbers & uploaded our security photos and had the same thing happen when we checked at the port. When we sailed on Harmony from port everglades my mom and I walked right up to a person with a Tablet to check people in and we had to have our security photos taken again and that’s all we had to have redone when we were at the port. Then we were able to board the ship. I had sailed with Royal Caribbean 3 times before, once on Oasis, and twice on Enchantment before I had sailed on Harmony and I had checked both of us in online and when we arrived at Port Canaveral we did not have to checkin and add our CC, Crown & Anchor Society Member Numbers & passport again
  3. I’m asking for any excursion for the ports listed for the interest I had provided. They can be either third party excursions or sponsored thru Royal Caribbean? Also would appreciate opinions on any other excursions that you went had been on.
  4. I am sailing on Harmony with my mom in April to Costa Maya, Cozumel, Roatán, & Perfect day @ CocoCay and I am looking for excursions recommendations for something that has to do with seeing the ruins, food such as making a local meal or chocolate or shopping or at resort for a day or an excursion that has all of those either in Cozumel, or Costa Maya. And when visiting Roatán I want to either go on a beach/waterpark with lunch excursion or spend the day at a resort. I do not want to go on an excursion @ CocoCay I would like for your opinions & recommendations for the excursions that you think we would like for Cozumel, México, Costa Maya, México & Roatán, Honduras. Also please tell me the names of the excursions and where I can book the excursions if that is even possible for you to remember the names of the excursions that you recommended for each of the ports (other than CocoCay) and where the excursions can be reserved. I’m asking for any excursions for the ports listed for the interest I had provided. They can be either third party excursions or sponsored thru Royal Caribbean? Also would appreciate opinions on any other excursions that you went had been on
  5. If I were you I would call Royal Caribbean and tell them that you went on a 7 day cruise and an 8 day cruise and stayed in a suite for both of the cruises and should have earned 30 points for both of the cruises, instead of 14 points for the same two cruises.And ask if they can adjust your points to 30 which should have been the correct amount of points that you have earned. Assuming that one of your cruises was 6Nights and the other cruise was 7Nights and you stayed in a suite for both cruises you would have earned a total of 26 points. And if your first cruise was 7Nights and your second cruise was 8Nights and stayed in a suite you would have earned 30 points.
  6. Did you select for Royal Caribbean to choose your room for you after you choose your category of stateroom that you want to stay in. If you selected for them to select your room and there was no rooms left in the stateroom category that you selected then they upgraded you to a JS which is a SEA class suite? Did anyone that is listed on your reservation call Royal Caribbean and ask to be upgraded to a JS or submit a RoyalUp bid for a JS and your reservation was selected to be upgraded to a JS SEA CLASS suite?
  7. You can all download the Royal Caribbean international app and chat for free using the app or you can purchase a multi-device Voom Internet package and then all 4 of you can send text messages or IMessage (assuming that you all have IPhones) to each other or other family members who is not on the cruise. You can also make calls using WiFi calling from your phone. Each person on your reservation who wants to use the app or iMessage and regular on text or make WiFi calls while onboard will have to connect to the ships WiFi.
  8. Yes, Harmony does support the wow bands and you can purchase them once onboard. Then you, your wife, & kids can split up and charge things to their Seapass account.
  9. The fastest way to get your daughter to Orlando from Ft. Lauderdale is to take a Train. Their is an Amtrak train station in Ft.Lauderdale take goes to Orlando and to Kissimmee which is about 20-30 minutes SW of Orlando. their is some places near the Orlando Airport which are relatively inexpensive and there is also some places near port Canaveral. for a list of hotels/motels that offer sleep, Park, & cruise go to https://www.goport.com/snooze-park-cruise or https://www.goport.com/fly-snooze-cruise/orlando-airport All of those places offer transportation to the cruise ships from the hotel/Motel on Embarkation Day & back to the Hotel/Motel on Disembarkation Day.
  10. I had purchased 3 excursions, dining package and an internet package using mostly OBC and less than $100 from my debit card and several months later I had cancelled the internet and dining packages and 2 out of the 3 excursions and I had gotten the OBC back instantly but the money that was going back to my debit card took several days. I even repriced 1 excursion because the price was cheaper then when I had originally purchased the excursion which I had purchased using OBC. I had received the difference of what I had paid back as OBC back instantly.
  11. The dress code on RC ships is somewhat enforced because on formal nights because sleeveless tops (expect for sleeveless dresses) are not allowed to be worn in the MDR (main dining room). Shorts are also not suppose to be worn in the MDR but how can that be when my mom and I have worn shorts most nights (expect for the formal nights) in the MDR. Skirts are allowed to be in the MDR. Check out this link: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/01/02/5-questions-about-what-wear-royal-caribbean-cruise Windjammer marketplace (Buffet), Solarium Bistro, MDR, Sorrento's. Check out this link: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2018/05/31/whats-included-your-royal-caribbean-cruise-fare Most drinks can be ordered at bars (free drinks that are included in the cruise fare, and drinks that you have to pay for no matter if you purchases a beverage package or is going to pay for the by the drink rather then buy a beverage package. check out this link: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/royal-caribbean-drink-package
  12. If you are considering to sail on a 7 night cruise and you select a refundable deposit the full amount of your deposit will be Fully refunded, But if keep m the non-refundable deposit Royal Caribbean will keep $200 and will issue you $300 as a future cruise credit toward your next cruise.
  13. Maybe the app just did not load all the way for you and the technology is NOT GOING BACKWARDS because I just checked and The app definitely does support Symphony.
  14. I live in Palm Bay which is about 4 hours north of Miami and in February the weather is cold but not as cold as the countries that are close to the northern lights. I would pack jeans and sweaters for your stay in Miami, but also pack a few T-shirt’s and shorts because most cruises from Any port in Florida (including Miami, Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, Port of Jacksonville, & Port of Miami) goes to any port in the Caribbean (Including any countries in the Eastern, Western, & Southern Caribbean) and Hawaii and any country that is South of the equator. The Caribbean ports and Hawaii are warmer than any place in the continental United States, Alaska & Canada in December-MidMarch and also the counties who have Winter when North America is in springtime.
  15. The bahamas is warm weather all year so shorts and capris would be fine. It does get a little chilly at night heading to the Caribbean durning the winter so if you get cold while outside @ nights then bring a jacket/hoodie/sweatshirt.
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