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  1. I you booked with a nonrefundable deposit you would have to pay $100 a person each time you make a ship or sail date change but if you the box for refundable deposit you would not have to pay for any ship or sail date changes. You will also loose any onboard credit that you got when durning the sale when you booked the cruise.
  2. I just returned yesterday from a 7Night cruise on Harmony and on embarkation day which was May 1st, 2022 I had dropped my bags off before my checkin time which was 11:30/12:00 but I had to wait in a very long line for about an hour before I even entered the cruise terminal. Once I was in the terminal it was about 20 minutes going through security screening to boarding the ship before I boarded the ship. I was on Mariner April 19th, 2022 & I entered the cruise terminal after my checkin time @11:00/11:30 and it took 15 minutes for me to board the ship. I even dropped my bags off toward the end of my checkin time. I embarked on independence on March 21st,2022 & I had dropped off my bags a few minutes before my checkin time @ 11:00/11:30 which I had to arrive between my checkin window for my cruise on independence that embarked on March 21st,2022. Also I had to wear a mask checking in for independence in March & April when I checked in @ the cruise terminal for Mariner, & I had to wear a mask in the cruise terminal to go through customs just to re-enter the United States in March & April but for my cruise on Harmony I did not have to wear a mask when checking in or when going through customs to re-enter the United States. All 3 cruises that I went on since March 2022 had embarked & disembarked in port Canaveral.
  3. When i visited Nassau last month as a port stop there was construction in the port area.
  4. On my last cruise I didn’t purchase an internet package & i didn’t put my phone in airplane mode; I just connected mi iPhone to the ship’s free guest wifi and I was able to use the free royal caribbean app, camera calculator, settings, fitness, watch, & calendar apps & I could use 20 of the apps on my Apple Watch that don’t need to connect to the internet
  5. I used a Walgreens rapid naat test and it was accepted for my recent sailing on March 21st, 2022 because I tested negative for covid: i think that a rapid antigen test from cvs will be accepted for sailings that is very soon after testing negative for covid
  6. I scheduled that exact same test @ Walgreens for my Mom & I but they tested her & I at the same time at the person who had the last appointment in the vehicle. My mom’s appointment was 15 minutes before mine but the tested both of us @ my appointment time because we were in the same vehicle. hope that helps.
  7. You can get a passport if you want but since you are leaving & returning to Port canaveral that is a closed loop cruise from US seaports so all you need is your driver's license & birth certificate.
  8. Add April 14th 2023 Mariner of the seas.
  9. It’s not normal to get an email when online checkin opens. Online checkin opened for my March 21st sailing on February 4th but I did not get an email when online checkin opened.
  10. My cruise sails March 21 & checkin opened February 4.
  11. Replace March 25, 2022 Independence of the seas with April 19, 2022 Mariner of the seas
  12. You can use giftcards and phone app to pay for Starbucks but you can’t redeem points.
  13. Does anyone know how I pay for b2b parking @ Port Canaveral?
  14. @Ampurp85how do I pay for b2b parking @ the terminal?
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