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  1. Why would you not want to bring your kids on the cruise with you?
  2. REMOVE MY cruise on 11/28/202 on Odyssey & REPLACE WITH 12/12/21 cruise on Odyssey
  3. I called royal Caribbean and had them apply my FCC to my Odyssey Cruise on 12/12/21 and I was told that since I would have a remaining balance on my FCC and that I would be issued a new FCC with the remaining balance after my November 2021 cruise is completed that the new FCC WOULD BE VALID FOR 1 YEAR AFFER THE NEW FCC WITH THE REMAINING BALANCE IS ISSUED. Hope that helps and is the answer that you were hopping for!
  4. I got my first passport when i was 16 years old and my mother had filled out the papers for her passport on the same day that I Had filled out the papers for my very first passport and I only had my mother’s permission but I did not have my father’s permission, so my mother and when we applied for our passports in person my mom & I each had to bring our birth certificates when to show that we are related.
  5. I have cruises to Phillipsburg, St.Maarten on an Oasis class ship and there was no need to tender because she fit in the dock, so Quantum class ships are smaller than the Oasis class ships and will fit in the dock @ phillipsburg, St.Maarten
  6. Royal will email you an FCC for you, your son, & your wife. The amount of the FCC will be 125% of the total of £3800 which you had paid for the 3 of you to go on the cruise, so the amount of the FCC for each person will be £1583 each.
  7. Jr suites are considered sea class. And if you did not receive a I’m # then you were probably upgraded from an Oceanview Balcony to a Junior Suite. if you were not Upgraded to a Junior suite & your set sail pass still says that your in the sea class category of rooms then on embarkation day you could use the suites only line to walk through the security area faster then the security line for non-suite guest & you can also use the suites only line to checkin @ the cruise terminal on embarkation day, & suites are one of the first 3 boarding groups that is called to board the ship before everyone else.
  8. Please remove my cruise on Independence and Mariner. Add odyssey of the seas November 28th, 2021.
  9. They could have quoted you a cruise total price that also includes a refundable deposit and you could have quoted yourself a total cruise price that may not have included a refundable deposit and vacation protection. Both vacation protection and Refundable deposits have an additional cost which increases the total cost of the cruise & is the cause of the price increase of your total cruise price.
  10. Also covers the gratuities if you did not pre-pay for the gratuities before you went on the cruise.
  11. Plus if you add her & she is a no show at that pier you will get to cruise by yourself in a cabin that sleeps 2. You will also get 2x points per night for cruising solo in an interior, Oceanview, or Balcony, & 3x points for sailing solo in a suite.
  12. To remove/add add guest to/from an already booked reservation you would call your TA if that is how you booked or you could call Royal if you made a direct booking over the phone or on royal’s website.
  13. If you booked with a refundable deposit Or purchased travel insurance that allows you to cancel for any reason then I would either cancel the cruise or change the sailing date of the cruise until after your wife has completely recovered from the reversal surgery.
  14. Could take 30+ days to get taxes and port fees refunded to your form of payment.
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