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  1. For ease we just use the rental car. It is usually 6.95 and then tolls. Which this last time were 1.05. The most I think we have been charged is 12.95 total. I don't think that is very expensive like others have mentioned. It does take about a month or 6 weeks to get the charges on your credit card.
  2. We sailed on Mariner in Dec. Someone at the Port was directing us upon entry asking if we had expedited arrival. I wasn't sure and we opened our app and sure enough it said we did. We went in that line. If someone hadn't been asking we would have totally missed it. We then walked pass the ipad that scanned our face, spoke with a RCC lady that asked for us by name, went through security and upstairs. Once upstairs we again luckily found the signs that said expedited and after the gal checked our app walked through the large section of empty chairs and right onboard.
  3. Waiting for transport to port. Mariner here we come!!! Will try to do a blog after we return!
  4. Thinking about walking ourselves to the John Watkin's Distillery. Any idea if it is a mild, easy walk? Best directions to get there? I won't have phone for directions on me. Does anyone know if the run is cheaper there or same price as the liquor store closer to the port. Just don't want to lug glass rum bottles for a long distance if we can get the same thing at one of the shops right by the ship. Also, any cool places to drink/eat. Anywhere else to visit other than straw market? Plan is to get off ship early and be back on ship for lunch. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I thought someone had posted an email to request a table with out other guests, but I cannot find it. We are sailing on Monday! YIPEE. I am a bit self conscious about eating so wanted to get a table for just us. Also, Monday is my birthday! YEAH! Anything special they do (dessert or anything else outside of dining on the ship when it is your birthday).
  6. Love packing cubes! Especially with kids! Every member of the family gets their own color. I have one empty for the dirty stuff. (who wants to try and remember which pair of blue unders is clean or dirty!) I love having undergarments in one, swim stuff in another, shoes in one, dress clothes in another, etc. I also love the ones that have the mesh (breathable) outside, that way if we put in some slightly damp swim suits or cover ups, they don't get musty or gross! Each of the kids got a drawer on the last cruise and it was great to just plunk the cube in the drawer! Lots less time look
  7. Have you every seen KISS bags. That is what I use to keep my things in. It stands for Keep your stuff safe. I have a beach bag size and it has a chain in it so you can close with a padlock and then chain it to the chair, umbrella, etc. I love having a home base and not having to put stuff in a locker or worry about leaving it unattended. I figure if someone is walking around with a bag attached to the lounger it would be pretty suspicious! I have used it for DCL, at Aquatica, Discovery Cove, beaches with chairs, even my local pool.
  8. I was very excited to see Matt's blog and description and photo's of lunch in the MDR as an alternative to WJ. The pasta station and Tutti Salad Bar look great. My question is, I thought Matt had said it was on Sea days only, but for my Dec. cruise when I look at the app it has it listed on our Coco Cay?? That doesn't seem right, I don't think there will be many people on board at lunch that day. Thoughts??
  9. We stayed at the Quality Inn in Cocoa Beach. Nothing fancy for sure, but it was only the evening before cruise. It was a 1-2 block walk to the beach. This made it very easy to walk over and we were lucky enough to be there for the SpaceX launch in May. Across the street was McDonalds, a Walgreens or CVS, Surf Shop right next door. Outdoor heated pool and hot tub. Also free breakfast (waffles, eggs, pastries, muffins, etc.). We spent most of the time walking the beach looking for shells, an hour or so in the pool/hot tub and then off to bed. We live in South Dakota so we spend as much
  10. We are sailing on the Mariner in Dec. It is a me and mom cruise. She has never cruised so we are doing MDR for most of it, but thought about a specialty night. What would you choose Izumi, Chops, or Jamie's??? Also, how does it work, I can't seem to figure out exactly what you get for the cost. One app, one entrée and desert? What if you want more of something like in the MDR? Thanks!
  11. This looks amazing. is there a specific floor for dining for this. Thanks for posting, I hadn't heard of the sea day lunch dining in MDR.
  12. Can you make the stir-fry/mongolian and take back to your room for later. This would be an excellent late night snack, even if it is cold from the fridge!!
  13. Yes! We even had issues when one parent was taking children to Canada and had to have a letter signed by the other parent to acknowledge that they were aware and approved. Also a good idea to have some sort of form for medical treatment and her insurance card. I send this with my children when they just spend the summer in a different state with Grandparents! All of this should be notarized. I will tell you that when we cruised with DCL that I also had to sign a waiver for my minor child to leave the ship with anyone other than the parent/guardian (even if with cruise staff).
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