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  1. Wow - Just watched the Independence at 8:40. Thanks for the link!!!!
  2. On our farther-out bookings (April-May 2021) we have also noted that cruise planner offerings have been minimized, and in some cases almost eliminated.
  3. Think a large part of the answer depends on prior health conditions and age. Also, ship capacity and plans for social distancing!
  4. Hope those thoughts about 2021 for New Zealand (and Australia) not opening are proven to be a bad estimate. We missed three B2B2B cruises from Sydney which included stops in New Zealand, starting early in April, 2020, and ending in Vancouver in May. Being hopeful, we have booked roughly the same three in 2021. Questions to ask: the Australian Visa (which we could not use) will expire. Will the government extend? Should we buy airfare (or use frequent flyer miles) at the 331 day mark? Any opinions?
  5. We have done crossings in all directions, both the Atlantic and Pacific. Our experience, with rare exceptions, is that you can count on some rough sea days. That being said, Matt's comments about enjoying the ship are "spot on". Also, usually the entertainment is top notch, oftentimes with headliners returning for another performance, often a matinee.
  6. We live outside Jacksonville, and it is spooky seeing cruise ships sitting or cruising in circles just outside the jetties. There are apparently four Norwegian ships in "idle dock" at JAXPORT, and Carnival has had one (sometimes two) ships anchored or moving within sight of land. All are occupied crew only. Seeing the Carnival Ecstasy nearby, off shore, sure increases cruising desires, especially because today we should be on the Radiance, docked and touring (steam train ride) in Picton, New Zealand.
  7. Oh, my goodness. Terribly interesting, and perhaps a little scary?
  8. Lost three B2Bs starting in Sydney on April 7 and ending in Vancouver 39 days later (would be at sea en route to New Zealand today, after visiting five ports in New Caledonia and Vanuatu). Re-booked same route next year, roughly same time frame. Just hope it goes! Two ship prices higher, one lower than this year. Flying to Australia on frequent flyer miles, hopefully!
  9. Holiday cruises are special. One suggestion: have the ship's photographers take family photos on different nights and different settings. The memories are GREAT.
  10. Added thought: for most folks, one would need to fly to Puerto Rico, with the close quarters and contact issues with airplanes.
  11. Along same vein, also would consider your age and tolerance for children.
  12. Feel differently than most: we, in the past, cruised the Caribbean during hurricane season. Over several cruises, we experienced ports skipped, hours shortened in ports, arrival delays upon returning, plus a ship that followed bad advice and turned into a hurricane. Decks closed, all glassware in gift shops broken, people thrown from beds during the night. Obviously the last was an exception, but we no longer cruise the Caribbean during hurricane season - there are too many other choices, including rivers, the Great Lakes, Europe.
  13. Important question! We cancelled earlier this week, but would have been much better off with this current offer. How will Royal treat us?
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