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  1. Total recommendation: Briggs and Stratton luggage. Expensive, but total guarantee. I traveled for business for many years, and have sent luggage back four times for free (except outbound shipping) repair. Ownership of first set goes back twenty+ years, with multiple weekly airline flights. Wheels, expandable, durable. No regrets! Once in a great while a sale price is offered.
  2. Sailed Rhapsody in December - very good experience EXCEPT a poor dining room server. We could not be moved, so we suffered, but had a lot of attention and help from the head waiter for the area. Port parking can be an issue, so suggest one of the nearby off-site lots that shuttle in both directions. Suggest Parkway Parking - pay in advance.
  3. Other thoughts about booking the SE Asia cruise: (1 )Unrest in Hong Kong (2) Serious riots one year ago in Sri Lanka. Went a year ago, and would be seriously reluctant to book ahead at this point in time, even without the Corona Virus
  4. On December cruise: three free spins (won a decent t-shirt with choice of sizes) and $5 free slot play. Other bennies all present also
  5. Three Questions: (1) Better ports from Canaveral or Lauderdale? (2) Would you rather be on a ship for seven or five days (3) Have you considered "hidden" time and costs of flying: two hours early to airport on the front end, luggage costs, transfer costs to/from ship (car parking needed either at home airport or at terminal), two hours early to airport on back end, possibility of lost luggage, AND possible weather-related issues tied to flights.
  6. Food for thought: the common thread is to go on more cruises!
  7. Considerations: Puerto is pretty devastated now - will one year make a difference? Also: if you do not speak Spanish, note that often much of the entertainment is in Spanish on a cruise that originates in PR.
  8. Also remember that if your travel agent "purchased" on board credit for you that it can be used toward tips.
  9. One other thing: Royal issues a set of instructions in writing (what to do, when, where), and often holds a meeting with a B2Bers.
  10. Added thought: depending on number of ships in port, Uber, taxis, and shuttles get overwhelmed in FLL. Agree totally with parking at port!
  11. Do check cruise planner as suggested! Family member had same thing happen and excursion was completely different!!
  12. Best route is to develop a relationship with a travel agent you trust. Good TAs will often share part of their commission and purchase on-board-credit. Such OBC can be converted to cash or credit to card if not used. Also: OBC is often part of the ship lines' promotional effort, so watch for same.
  13. Wonderful trip in Costa Maya: trip to Mayan ruins coupled with Blue Lagoon: lunch with open bar and some watersports included. RCL excursion.
  14. Going ashore on a late-December cruise, water was sold for to departure for $2.36 (including tip).
  15. The first of MANY cruises!
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