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  1. Grats added when we order bottled water - note water has been in cans, not bottles. If you do not drink much alcohol and are Diamond and up, you can use your unused drinks to order bottled water, and usually are given water in bottles, not cans. Just keep track of drinks used.
  2. We enjoyed a 10 and an 11 day B2B throughout the Southern Caribbean this past December on the Vision. Highly recommend!! Great service, food, patrons. Good ports overall.
  3. Note that in some tender ports, the ship will issue numbered tickets, tied to orderly boarding of the tenders. Ticket numbers will be called in order. Often times early shore excursions go first - and tender ports are time-consuming. You may have less shore time than expected.
  4. Had similar issues with MEI: unresponsive, incorrect information. Migrated to another agency and am thrilled.
  5. If you purchased this robe, you might have trouble fitting it in your luggage for the sad trip home.
  6. Nail clippers work and TSA has no problem to date
  7. IMO: Totally agree! Noon to 5 p.m. should get you everything!
  8. Added thought: Apple "Air Tags" are really great for tracking luggage - in almost every situation. Four tags for $99 on Amazon (I believe).
  9. Also: it is normal for luggage tags to sometimes show up later on the web site
  10. Other sensible, easy way: ask your travel agent for help!
  11. You can also negotiate with taxi drivers for a private tour.
  12. There is a prior-mentioned form to use, listing options to send: e-mail, fax, snail mail. Three cruises ago and two ago I used scanned documents and form via e-mail. Had an answer within days. Upcoming did same, and had answer in less than a week.
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