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  1. If you "need" a booster, you would need it whether or not you are cruising. This almost has to be a "go with the flow" and "follow advice" decision.
  2. Good stuff to know. We will hit the "340 level" (meal with an officer) midway through three B2Bs, and will look forward to this special meal.
  3. Hope you get to visit Key West - great port with lots to do for the day!
  4. Added thought: CDC today said moderately safe for fully-vaccinated folks to travel. That would seem to increase likelihood of cruise actually taking place.
  5. We are going on three B2Bs on Ovation in 2022, ending in Vancouver. Appreciate all the tips! Most menu rotations on crossings, for us, have been repeat of earlier days, but as mentioned, menu choice makes this palatable.
  6. Have used AT&T International Day pass on many lengthy cruises - good "piece of mind" in foreign ports, plus no cost if not used. Great if you don't need to check your e-mail every day and are willing to use phone only on specific days of your choice.
  7. Thought on airfare: if you have airline miles, use miles to book. In most cases, easy to obtain full refund of miles, occasionally with a fee involved.
  8. With Canada closed, the Alaska cruise seems improbable in 2021
  9. If the airlines don't fly many passengers, then many cruise passengers cannot reach their ports - no matter what the cruise lines are able to accomplish.
  10. If Royal can start cruises from Barbados, why not Cozumel? Details might be tough, but could be worked out.
  11. The good news is now at least you have a CHANCE to enjoy cruising again!
  12. Call your travel agent and have him/her check for you!
  13. If you have the Royal Caribbean credit card and have not checked, might want to do so TONIGHT (1/31/21). Any points showing 2020 expiration expire after midnight tonight. Go online and redeem rather than lose the points!
  14. One comment to add: if you are on your own, watch out for the "famous" pick-pockets. Even on a ship's tour, be cautious.
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