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  1. I'm supposed to sail Nov. 7 on the Oasis. I also don't think it''s gonna happen. I have a better chance of winning the lottery vs this cruise happening. I don't follow any Carnival news, but does anyone know if there cruises are indeed cancelled for December? That is what I heard? If so, I imagine, RCG will be announcing soon aka the end of the month that they will also not be cruising in 2020. Can 2020 be over and done with yet!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Add me to the list of confused/not getting it! Here's my situation. I have a Nov 8 cruise on the Oasis. While I am hopeful, I doubt it will happen. It's a 7 night cruise. I paid it in full a long time ago. Now, if RCG cancels this, I would assume I can left and shift, right? Problem is, when I looked into 7 night cruises to the Caribbean next November, all I saw were two 6 night and two 8 night cruises neither of which are going where I am this November. Of the 2 options, I prefer the 8 night on the Odyssey. So, how would I figure out how much extra this would cost me? I have a great deal w
  3. Hello all, Hoping that my cruise aboard the Oasis for this November happens. With that in mind, I have already made many cruise planner purchases. I still have some credit left and was wondering what your thoughts are about Chops Grille? First questions is? I see that it is $50.00. Is that per person or couple? For $50.00 per person, that better be one heck of a meal! If you purchase this through the CP, what all is included? I've never done any of the dining packages, therefore, I have no idea what to expect, what places I should avoid (overpriced) and what places I should really try!
  4. I was just about to book my flight and now this?? I sail on November 8, but starting to think that there will be no cruising in 2020.
  5. Keeping my fingers crossed that my November 8 sailing aboard the Oasis is on. I REALLY don't want to wait until next year to cruise. Fingers crossed!
  6. Well, that's not good! I've had been feeling super confident that we will sail for my November 2020 cruise. Now, with the whole CDC thing and now NCL cancelling Oct cruises, I could actually see no sailings for 2020. I certainly hope that doesn't happen, but I gotta admit, each day that passes, I am less confident. I guess the real test will be if Carnival does indeed sail first.
  7. I have a cruise this November aboard the Oasis and was seriously considering booking another cruise for next year, but after reading this, I may just hold off for cruising next year and do something different. To many changes and reactions by RCI. I will have to wait and see how this sailing goes (if it goes) this November. I really hope RCI thinks about what they may do to themselves long term vs short term.
  8. This is perfect!!! Thank you so much!!
  9. I arrive and depart from Ft Lauderdale. Given that the airport is close by, I'd like to go with a 12:00 pm departure, but like many have said, that "X" factor is, who long will debarkation take??? Even with me doing my own luggage carry off. Since it's a Sunday return, sure would like to arrive home around 2:00 vs 6:00 or so!
  10. Have a question for you all! I am trying to figure my return flight home after the cruise. I have a couple of options? Flight departing a little after 12:05 p.m. or a 2:30 departure. I'd like to book a 12:00 departure, but is that to early? I can be off the ship the second they allow as I always take my own luggage off the ship. What would you all recommend?
  11. I like that idea! I'd like to know the hotels closest to Port Everglades. That seems to be my choice of ports when we cruise. I always fly in the day of, but this year, I plan on arriving a day early and would like to plan on that from now on.
  12. Unfortunately, no. Also, That's one heck of a drive! I've done D.C. to Daytona before and that's about 16 hours???. FLL is probably another 5 hours! No thanks!!!
  13. Hello all, We hopefully will be cruising November 8 aboard the Oasis. I'm looking at prices from Wash, D.C. to Ft. Lauderdale and can't believe the prices I am seeing! Southwest for 2 is close to $950 for 2!!! Jet Blue is a little better at $860??? I usually on fly Delta, but their prices are way high and their flights really don't work for us. Any recommendations out there? I've been pricing round trip, one way with different airlines coming and going, whatever I can think of. Just crazy how pricey flights are!
  14. I'm assuming this doesn't apply to the Delta Platinum AMEX card I have????
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