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  1. Would this be only for Summer cruises or do you think they will restrict through 2021? I sail on the Symphony on Oct 16.
  2. I'm in the same boat! Ha ha I have a cruise on the Symphony for Oct. 16 and don't know what to do. I hope we get word soon so that I can plan accordingly. If it doesn't work out, I would rather through my money towards my May 2022 Alaska cruise. I hate not knowing if this Fall is a go or no go.
  3. Of the 2 resorts, which is better? Which one offers more than the other???
  4. Hello all! Like many/all of you, I'm REALLY hoping cruising resumes this Summer and beyond. We are scheduled to go on Symphony in October 2021. One of the stops will be Cozumel. I've recently started looking for things to do and since my wife loves beaches, relaxing and drinks, looks like 2 good options are Nachi Cocom or Mr Sanchos. My question for those of you that have gone, do I need to make reservations ahead of time? I do realize that Nachi is a much smaller resort and tends to cap the attendance. I just had concerns about their websites might not be the most secure. Anyone her
  5. Hello all, I was hoping to see what you all thought about what a lot of us may be going through? I have a 7 night WC Cruise aboard the Symphony this coming October. Normally, I am one of those types that plans EVERYTHING early! My dilemma is when it comes to air travel. I just don't know what to do? Do I book now, do I wait? If so, when do I book a flight? I hate having to wait, especially with gas prices, airfare, rental cars pricing going crazy! (btw, I don't need a rental car, just noting the insane rental prices) I am trying to stay optimistic about cruising (especially since m
  6. Another question then?? Will we have any 7 night or longer cruise in 2021 or will we have to wait until 2022 for those? If that happens, I guess my 7 night this Oct will go bye bye!!! DO you think that it will be 3 days cruising only?? I also should have asked, if cruising does resume lets say by September, will ports be closed or will it be RC excusrions only?? I know I know, so nay questions!!!!
  7. While I am trying to remain hopeful the May cancellations while "maybe" expected, still are very depressing. I am doing everything possible to stay optimistic. My next cruise is on the Symphony on Oct 16. I figure, just for fun obviously, what is your guess for the first RC sailing?? List your best guess with Month and date! Will it be sometime in 2021? 2022?? My guess? 1st week in September 2021. Who's next!!!!
  8. Just checked and mine expire 07/21/21. I won't be able to use it by ten as my cruise is in Oct.
  9. I had purchased tickets to FLL on Jet Blue and was able to get all my money back (Lucky!) My return trip from FLL to Washington DC was on Southwest. Not so lucky there. They gave me a credit (voucher) that I have one year to use. I don't think I will be able to use it by then, therefore that money is lost. I usually on fly Delta as I am a Platinum member but for some reason, the flights from DC to Fla are always WAY more expensive from them vs other carriers.
  10. I wonder if the same policy will apply if you are able to do a Lift & Shift. I was supposed to go last month and when it was cancelled, I did a L&S for next October. When I did that, I was informed that I was not eligible for the 125% onboard credit. Was bummed about that, but it is what it is. I hope that by next Oct, we are back to somewhat normal cruising. My wife is slowly starting to turn against ever cruising again.
  11. $12.99!!! I don't think I have ever seen it below $21.99. I would have to think that RCG would have to offer something else if they were to take away early boarding and lunch at Chops, otherwise, you are correct. The COVID issue could change things. I cruise in Oct. 2021, hoping for some type of normal by then.
  12. I hope this is a good deal, I got the Coco Cay Beach Club for $75 per person. From the moment I did my L&S to Oct 2021, the price had been $150 pp (crazy!!!) I'm not sure if I'll see it less than $75, so I jumped on it. I figure if it does go lower, I can always re-purchase.
  13. I planned on getting the VOOM service for internet and for $9 more I went ahead and got "The Key" We'll see if it's worth it, but for such a small price, I figure I'd try it. Also, since I don't drink alcohol, the refreshment package is not at $18 vs $30 from the time I booked my Oct 2021 cruise. I've been monitoring prices pretty frequent. The Dining package never seems to change. Still $99 for the 3 night package. Coco Cay Beach Club is now at $78 vs the lowest that I had seen it ($125)
  14. Do you think that all of 2021 sailings will not allow you to get off the ship unless their own excursion? I sail in Oct. 2021 and that answer will determine if I make any BF CP purchases or not?
  15. Fingers crossed that by the time my Oct 2021 cruise rolls up, things will be more normal. I really don't want to wear a mask on my Caribbean cruise next Oct.
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