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  1. Hello all, we are excited to go on our first ever Alaska cruise in 2 days! Thankfully, we only needed to use one test each that we purchased from the Royal site. We now have 3 left over. What do you all do with these? I hate to think that they will go unused and expire. Our next cruise is not until Oct 2023 and I doubt I can use them at that point Anyway, for those if you that had extras left over, what did you do with yours???
  2. Are you checking on the app? When I checked yesterday, I was able to move my time up to 10:30 on the app and printed out my updated sail pass.
  3. I got a 10:30 for our Alaska cruise next Friday
  4. I agree that the prices are getting beyond crazy. What gets me is the fact that people are still paying these prices!!! That is the unfortunate thing, as long as people keep paying these insane prices, there is no reason for Royal to lower them. Sadly, this is the case for homes, cars, cruise, etc... Guess there is ether A LOT of people with stupid money or people that don't mind being in debt for the rest of their lives. We have a Alaska cruise in 9 days and another cruise for Oct. 2023. If things do not normalize somewhat, we will have to seriously rethink a lot of things in life. I refuse to over pay for anything especially when we work as hard as we do.
  5. Are you asking about the Flow riders? I would assume that water is not heated. I think I have seen them in use for Alaska cruises. I guess I will know soon as we cruise Alaska in 18 days
  6. CP purchases finally available for our Oct. 2023 cruise. Sadly, all prices are crazy high!!!! Thankfully, I have time on my side and will monitor prices. Hopefully this coming black Friday will have better prices than they are right now. If not? this could be the first time ever we do not buy anything and will just have to be careful on our spending. I hope things get to normal soon, otherwise cruising will no longer be a viable option for us
  7. We cruise on May 20th. Vaccine validation "finally" confirmed a couple of days ago. I was never worried as they will be checking it when you board anyway!
  8. I am on this cruise the following week. I wonder if it will be cancelled for that sailing as well??
  9. Double points never hurts either!! That's a nice perk for sure
  10. It's baby steps for me!!! My wife also loves baths, so I know this will be a hit with her!!!
  11. So after many years or only ever booking a indoor cabin, last October we "finally booked" our first ever balcony room on the Symphony. Needless to say, we REALLY loved it. My wife said she can't ever go back to an inside cabin now!!! Well???? Now??? I decided to book our first ever Junior Suite for our next cruise on the Harmony of the Seas! I have a fear that now "I" will never be able to go back to a standard balcony Anyone ever make this mistake?? I better not ever book the next level up otherwise I'm sure to be in big trouble!!!
  12. A "newbie" to the site and wanting to be um? deceitful? Not a good first post.
  13. Curious to see what everyone's habits are when it comes to cruise planner purchases? Do you buy the 1st day it's available for your cruise regardless of the price or do you "hopefully" wait for the next holiday sale?? Of course I know that you can buy and cancel and re buy, but that at times seems annoying as you are potentially tying up funds on your credit card until that is all sorted out. Anyway, what are your habits when cruise planner items go live for your upcoming cruise???
  14. Just printed my luggage tags! Check prices as I am hearing they have been lowered "AGAIN" I just called my T/A and save $500!!!!
  15. Excited as we are on the Ovation in 30 days for our first ever Alaska cruise! Can't wait!!!!
  16. Guess Royal is trying to make up for lost revenue these past couple of years. I feel like cruising is quickly on the way of becoming unaffordable for a lot of people. I already fear for when cruise planner goes live for my October 2023 cruise on the Harmony. I will have to really pick and choose carefully!!
  17. Still waiting for our vax cards to be validated. Figured it would've been done by now. Not to worried though as I am sure they will be double checked in person anyway!
  18. You can still do the White Pass railroad, just not into Canada. Tours are still available from Skagway up to the Summit. It's about a 3 hour tour. That's what we are doing. Just booked it!
  19. I purposely take a small suitcase so that I do not overpack. My wife always takes the jumbo suitcase and takes way to much that she never uses. I told her, if you overpack, you aren't allowed to shop and can't bring anything back!
  20. 44 days and I'm already telling my wife to use this time and think about packing "wisely"
  21. Hello all, We are so excited for our first ever Alaska cruise in 44 days! We are arriving a day early and will be staying at the Marriott Waterfront hotel. My wife and I love seafood and was wondering what places are recommended for good seafood (especially King Crab) that may be close to where we are staying? This will be our first time there and would love to try some good food while there. Also, is there any "must see" while we are there? We arrive around 10:30 and I figure by the time we get to our hotel, not sure how much actual time we'll have, but would like to try and make the most of it! Thanks all!!!
  22. I'll be on that sailing as well! I wake up at 3:45 everyday. Maybe I won't sleep that night!
  23. I don't think it's the homeless situation. I think it's the crime and potential open drug use that I don't want to be around. Also, desperate people tend to do desperate things. Being a tourist also doesn't help as we are not familiar with how things "work" there vs being here close to the city where we live.
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