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  1. Had our three onpoint tests today. As already posted, cheating would have been possible with no problem. Also, test got verified after the control line showed up.... 1 minute The only other thing they always asked, was the order number from onpoint. The other questions differed completely and were absolutely not necessary
  2. We did the PCR for our 2y old son yesterday at noon in a Quest Dependance, no questions about insurance etc., - but I had appointed him with no social distancing possible... Results came per Email about 28h later. Perfect.
  3. Do I understand right, kids under 12, and not vaccinated, don't have to bring any test to board?
  4. Sorry, it was RiteAid via Quest: https://www.riteaid.com/pharmacy/services/covid-19-testing
  5. ...also, the DBP won't get lower than 65,99$ - maybe except on black friday
  6. Quest via Walgreens does testing for 2y old, as I read.
  7. Interestingly, Royal states nothing about this on their page, not even an additional eMail regarding this. They even dropped the testing rule yesterday for vaccinated.
  8. Hello, I am a little bit confused by the canadian authorities regarding antigen testing if sailing from abroad (US) to canada. https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/cruise states All travellers 5 years of age or older must have a COVID-19 test to board a cruise ship in Canada or to board a cruise ship that will dock in Canada at any point on the cruise need an antigen test. but also Shore excursions in Canada during the cruise there is no arrival testing for passengers entering Canada for shore excursions So, what applies for a vessel travelling to canada, mooring there for a period of time and returning to the US?
  9. I just stumbled upon "supervised telehealth tests are only acceptable for vaccinated" from royals FAQ. As our smallest was is not vaccinated, we thought about doing an onpoint telehealth PCR test. Looks like this is not possible
  10. Where did you look at? I still see the necessary CLIA thing on the FAQs.
  11. Did they ask for your insurance anyway? We are from Europe, so I don't wanna pay more than proposed...
  12. ...meaning any available rapid antigen test in the US is accepted from OnPoint and RapidTest for certification
  13. @OCSC MikeI was referring to OnPoint testing. RapidTest you wrote wanted FDA approved tests. OnPoint posts nothing about that. eg The BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Antigen Self Test has not been FDA cleared or approved. This looks like On Point would accept this one also
  14. Does Onpoint truly accept any test kits, even the Abbot Test yourself at home? And provide with a valid certificate?
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