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  1. I hope everyone on the Mariner test sailing today has a great trip. Have fun at the Sail Away party!!!
  2. Congratulations to the folks that were selected in the latest sweepstakes!! I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences and signing up for the next sweepstakes. I am guessing the next sweepstakes will be in October for Explorer and Navigator. Explorer of the Seas: November 7, 2021 departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico Navigator of the Seas: November 19, 2021 departing from Los Angeles, California Brilliance of the Seas: December 16, 2021 departing from Tampa, Florida Enchantment of the Seas: December 23, 2021 departing from Baltimore, Maryland Vision of the Seas: January 24, 2022 departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  3. Never mind, I think I figured it out..... You only get the C&A additional entries one time. Not every time you enter the sweepstakes.
  4. OK maybe I am missing something...... Emerald C&A member gets 5 additional entries for each submission of the sweepstakes form (i.e., 1 submission + 5 additional = 6 entries). So @PG Cruisershould only have to enter 2 times to get to 12 since each entry gets 5 additional entries (2 submissions + 10 additional entries). I want to make sure I submitted the form the correct number of times. I probably will not get picked but I still can dream of a nice 6 day Oasis cruise from NJ.
  5. Maybe my attitude is wrong but....... This new sweepstakes just feels wrong to me. It makes me feel like I have been moved to the back of the line again after patiently waiting my turn in the original random drawing for test cruises. I should have known this was just a way to get my marketing information like the "free vacation" at the time share resort.
  6. Thanks @Matt. That list is getting short. Hopefully some new test cruises will be announced soon. I still have my fingers crossed for a Baltimore test cruise invite. I am hopeful that by the time they get to Enchantment of the Seas, lower level Crown & Anchor members will be top of the list. ?
  7. Sounds like you had a great test cruise trip. @Matteven got to enjoy a floating cabana. Anyone else getting a test cruise invite? Any news on additional planned test cruises?
  8. Congratulations @twangster Since I live in Maryland, I am hoping for the Baltimore test cruise invite. I have put it out into the universe now so hopefully it will happen. ?
  9. Has anyone received an invite from Royal Caribbean to participate in a test cruise yet?
  10. Now we can only hope they continue to listen to the people and bring back the tuxedo rental perk too!!!
  11. I was joking with my wife that I would go up to the windjammer every morning and air drop pastries to her. ?
  12. Me too. I have that JS on Radiance on 05/01/22 for an Alaska cruise. I will be interested in what you learn if your sailing is before mine.
  13. I am glad you still have a chance for your NE/Canada cruise. I am sorry for the misinformation. I did not realize it was just Freedom that had been canceled and that other ships were still in a "wait and see" status. Good luck. I rescheduled for September 2022 on Enchantment out of Baltimore.
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