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  1. My wife and I will be on this cruise with you. We are looking forward to seeing New England and Canada.
  2. Yes, I believe so. Every Royal Caribbean cruise I have been on has had a Texas Hold’em tournament.
  3. Same for me. The last time I saw the Royal Poker Tournament was pre-pandemic. Now there are multiple Texas Hold’em tournaments where top two player split a cash prize pool made up of the entrance fees. The nice thing is there is usually one tournament every sea day. The blinds go up very quickly however so you have to be aggressive with your play. The blinds are structured so the tournament is over within two hours.
  4. $100 is the standard entry fee for the Texas Hold’em tournaments. Prize money is from the entry fees and is usually given to the top two players. At night, you need 4 or 5 players to get a cash game going.
  5. Was on Oasis in January and the ship looked great. Was on Enchantment in May and the exterior was sad looking. Rust all over the ship. Rust also interior in the dining room along the up stairs windows. Exterior handrails also desperately needed varnish. Still had a great trip but the poor ship was in need of TLC.
  6. My Time dining you are seated where a table is available when you show up. I would recommend early dinner service. Then you will get the same table and wait staff.
  7. For the BOA credit card, yes I believe you are correct. It is 1 point for every $100 (i.e., 1% of purchases). Except for Royal Caribbean purchases which is 2% of purchases.
  8. My family and I will be with you on the January 2nd sailing. My fingers are crossed that the crew gets healthy over the next 5 days.
  9. I just made my final payment on Tuesday for my January 2nd sailing on Oasis. (Final payment was due 10/01/21.) It does look like the check-in was also pushed back. Check-in was going to be open starting 10/04/21. Now the app says check-in opens 11/18/21.
  10. I hope everyone on the Mariner test sailing today has a great trip. Have fun at the Sail Away party!!!
  11. Congratulations to the folks that were selected in the latest sweepstakes!! I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences and signing up for the next sweepstakes. I am guessing the next sweepstakes will be in October for Explorer and Navigator. Explorer of the Seas: November 7, 2021 departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico Navigator of the Seas: November 19, 2021 departing from Los Angeles, California Brilliance of the Seas: December 16, 2021 departing from Tampa, Florida Enchantment of the Seas: December 23, 2021 departing from Baltimore, Maryland Vision of the Seas: January 24, 2022 departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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