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  1. I think this article is a little clearer. My thoughts above have not changed. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5666 Curt from Canada
  2. Confusing article, there should be better accounts somewhere. It seems to be Good News / Bad News: GOOD NEWS: Protocols seem to be working. Ships are not becoming human Petri Dishes ... the ship was to disembark on Friday. The cruise line is being very conservative. The last cruise positives (after debark) seem to have very little, or anything, to do with the French Chartered Cruise being cut short. Again, the article is poorly written. BAD NEWS: The biggest issue seems to be the country of origin for the passengers (France). France is suffering an ext
  3. Below is the latest G7 plus Singapore data below (numbers normalized for population) ... only Japan and Singapore stand out as being in control. Here is the good news.: The safety protocols that the cruise ships are using (Med and Asia) and proposing in North America are well beyond almost any other country's. I would feel more safe on a cruise ship than in my local grocery store.
  4. I have been afraid to bring this up ... scared of the answer I might get. Looking for information from those who may have knowledge what the early sailings are doing: I will wear a mask ... I will stay 2m away from everyone (except my soulmate) ... I will board late and at the exact time I am told to (never happened to date) ... I will walk up every stair everyday ... I will take multiple virus tests and subject myself to multiple health screenings (regardless how much a pain they are) ... I will not set foot in the Diamond Lounge on night one (the closest thing to a "zoo" at sea), BUT:
  5. Frequent posters can skip what I have written ... it is taken from earlier thoughts I have already expressed. For the original poster: "One of the reasons my soulmate & I cruise so often on Royal Caribbean, is the wide variety of experiences on board their ships. I am certain that there are other cruise lines that offer the same variety. Still, one tends to stick with the known versus the unknown. Below are different ways to approach cruising: 1). The Ship is the Destination: How can anyone disagree that the ships are so special that passengers want to maximize their time
  6. I will have to start a new thread for the Kirk ... Picard debate (that one could last for months). I am fairly certain they picked up in Genoa and Naples. They could very well be back on their way to drop off in Naples. Since I really do not want to book an MSC cruise (much longer story), I have been too lazy to do any "mock bookings".
  7. First ... I prefer "Status Mr. Spock". Bones was an emotional wreck. Second ... I failed to mention that Pickard was the best Captain ever. Way beyond Kirk, Crunch and Kangaroo. Third ... MSC Grandiosa is on its final leg. We will only know in the next couple of weeks how she really did. Still, it was a breath of fresh air for sails robbed for far too many months. Curt from Canada
  8. In my experience you: "Don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off that ol' Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with Jim". These are the basic tenets of life. Oh yes ... do not flaunt a Captain's Regulation (I wish that line flowed properly into that fantastic Jim Croce song). Curt from Canada
  9. The next "Canary in the Cave" ... watching with great interest: "Second star to the right......and straight on till morning" Capt Kirk channeling his inner Peter Pan. Curt from Canada
  10. My Soulmate and I just met cruising friends (for the first time since the end of February) IN PERSON. We were distanced and had lunch on our porch. It was glorious. It got us thinking about how many friends we have made through cruising, and how we miss them more than the ships and cruising experience. I am afraid 2020 is a loss, and we have hedged our bets for 2021 with only cruises out of European ports. Still, we hope that we see our cruising friends again, and make even more in the future. To all the people we have met, for all the funny and fascinating conversations ... tha
  11. Booking flights to Europe now (all refundable ... I am enthusiastic not crazy). Cruises out of low case level countries will definitely be "Cruises to Watch". Celebrity Silhouette sailings booked for APR & MAY 2021 are looking and smelling like a big bowl of poutine from Joe Patate. Curt from Canada
  12. Oooops ... just noticed these postings. I thought it important enough that I started its own thread (before I saw these). I had heard about some Asian sailings being planned, but this is more important. Looking into European flights now. Curt from Canada
  13. Below is a link to the "canary in the cave". I did not know about this being planned ... this could be big (good or bad). Mein Schiff 2 set sail Friday night for a weekend cruise 1,200 on board a ship designed for 2,900. Be still my beating heart ... Mein Schiff 2 at Sea Curt from Canada
  14. A few random thoughts. 1). We (maybe only Asia .... followed soon by Europe) have already figured out how to "live with the virus". They wear a mask, physically distance, and trace and track with tenacious efforts. There is hope as we eventually follow their example. (This one seems to be fairly clear as a path foward). 2) "Herd Immunity" is probably a long shot. COVID 19 seems to mimic other viruses, where we develop antibodies with a limited "shelf life". It might be more like the flu. This is good news as we know how to defend ourselves against the flu. The flu yearly shot
  15. Sorry ... I stopped doing this something in March (I can't remember why). There are only 38 data points ... still it does tell a story: Curt from Canada
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