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  1. There are people who are "born to the sea" and others that are "born to the suites". Book Serenade and get the kids to promise they ill be on their best behaviour. I am certain they would keep their word. Curt from Canada
  2. Is it because "everyone" is on Jewel to Greenland at pretty much the same time? Curt from Canada
  3. That is approximately 68 degF to 74 DegF (from one of the last "bilingual" Canadians [Imperial & Metric]) ... actually was taught both in school (when Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth). Curt from Canada
  4. I dress for no one. Not at work (OK, maybe for customers), not at home, and not on a cruise. With one massive exception. I dress for my soulmate. Since I really can’t see what I am wearing, and I really could care less about what anyone else thinks, I dress for only one person ... the woman I fell in love with 43 years ago and the woman I want to make happy every single day of my life. I also do not care what other people wear … I am looking at my soulmate, everyone else is the equivalent of “visual background noise” … Sorry if some of you are upset. These genuine requests for what is normal and tolerated in the MDR and on Formal nights are sincere questions (and good ones). My advice is ... Ask your soulmate(s). Ask the person(s) who you are devoted to. Ask the only person(s) on the earth that matters. You and they will be much happier as a result. On a cruise (and many times at home), I wear what my soulmate wants. She also asks me what I prefer that she wears, and I am honest and very appreciative when she responds. When we do this, almost always she says I “look sexy”, and I feel great (I also laugh a little ... OK, maybe a lot). I think she is the most beautiful woman on the ship, and I would wear anything to make her happy. I hope everyone can have this feeling when they go cruising. Curt from Canada.
  5. 1). Live Music. Dancing is "OK" with a DJ, but dancing to live music is a real treat. Boleros and Music Hall ... here we come. 2). "A la carte" cruising. Being able to choose what the experience is (rather than "Always Included style") allows us to pick only the things we really want. The amount we drink, eat, stay connected, and "play" with the "expensive" toys (Coco Cay, on board extras, excursions, etc) varies from cruise to cruise ... choice is something we must have. 3). Entertainment ... To see Broadway/West End at sea is a real treat. Some of the other larger ship entertainment is "off the charts" (The Gift ... definitely not you). 4). Higher Level Loyalty Perks ... we have not done our homework, but the Royal program seems to have some significant advantages. Our sense is they will "pull back" over time, but compared to others they seem to have a significant advantage. 5). Did I mention Live Music? Curt from Canada
  6. Thank you ... this is not a surprise and it is nice to have confirmation. Separately, your summaries are a treat. Really well done, and Norway is stunning (so the pictures help me feel like I am there). Radiance class ships are one of our favourites. Lots of connection with the sea. We have done 20 foot swells ... looking forward to the 30 foot versions to set a "new record". Can't wait for your next post. Thanks again, Curt from Canada
  7. Question: Is the Concierge Lounge now suites only? The D+ note seemed to imply that the Diamond Lounge is now (at least for this sailing) for D, D+ and Pinnacles. Following very closely. We are on Jewel for this itinerary a year from now. Thanks for all your time and effort Curt from Canada
  8. Following this one (top of the list). This looks identical to our 2023 sailing. Enjoy the "Top of the World". Curt from Canada
  9. In 2017, we were on Freedom. We were lined up in the first night MDR "cattle call" (waiting to get into the MDR). I hate being in this line ... I have no idea what we were doing. Sardines have more room in their can. A tall gentleman two or three couples in front of us turned around to look at the length of the line and the "crush" of it. In a loud and booming voice he said: "These poor people ... they have not eaten in 20 minutes". That was funny enough for my soulmate and I (I certainly laughed out loud). Funnier still, 80% of the people did not get the joke. We have not stood in that line since. Curt from Canada
  10. 26 years of cruising and 26 cruises ... still I have rookie questions about On Board Credit (I have never had any in 26 years ... until now). No taunting from the "veterans", these are real rookie questions. 1). For "regular" purchases, I do not remember any option for charging to OBC. Speciality dining, shop purchases, drinks, etc had no option to use OBC specifically. You just used your Seapass Card. Does the OBC credit just get automatically applied to your stateroom balance? 2). For the "Casino OBC Cashback Gambit", it appears that to charge a slot machine from your Stateroom Account you do need to select a "Charge to my OBC" option at the slot machine. Can you charge to your Stateroom Account (and not use OBC)? 3). Does the "Casino OBC Cashback Gambit" require you to select the "Charge to my OBC" option at the slot machine? Three somewhat basic questions, deserves a little bit of taunting. If you can answer all three, feel free to send your best ... "How can you have cruised for 26 years and NOT KNOW THIS" taunt. I will book an extra appointment with my psychiatrist this week. ... so I will be fine. Curt from Canada
  11. Thank you ... this is helpful. One critical question for non-refundable OBC, does the "Slot Machine Gambit" (I just made that up) where you: Withdraw say $500 from your room account into the slot machine. Immediately cash out and take the $500 from the cashier. The OBC (non-refundable) is used to cover the withdrawal from the stateroom account. I have never done it before, so this is very new to me. Thanks again and any input would be greatly appreciated, Curt from Canada
  12. I found this "Helpful Hint" on the APP (and now I can not find it again). This is new, and very surprising. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience? Curt from Canada
  13. Shari ... thank you for being the " Canary in the Cave". They seem to have simplified everything for the BTA (by making the cruise lines do most of the work). I am curious. After the initial gauntlet you had to run to get on the ship how did it go? Any highs any lows? Most importantly, my dancing shoes are already packed, are any of the bands "dance worthy". We think we might be hanging out in the Rendezvous Lounge a lot, but this is our first time on X so we are not sure. Any information would be greatly appreciated, Curt from Canada
  14. Of course, nothing in life (that is important) is easy. It appears as though this change in itinerary has made testing easier, but there is now a "debate" on who confirms the test. There appear to be two "competing" interpretations of the latest "direction": 1). Celebrity will take our BTA and match to our MAY 31 Rapid Antigen Test at the pier to complete the BTA process. (Everyone will have needed to submit their $40 and make the application with their upload of an appropriate Vaccination Record). Or ... 2). Send in the MAY 31 Rapid Antigen Test on the 31st to the BTA so they can approve our BTA before we get to the pier on JUN 02. I would bet money it is point 1). The BTA could then: collect the money have X do all the hard work (get criticized if there were issues) need fewer staff (since X was doing extra work for the BTA) have more money of their weekly BBQ from 12noon to sundown on every Friday I am very interested on what happens to those cruising on MAY 23st. Curt from Canada
  15. Celebrity just changed the JUN 02, 2022 itinerary to make getting the BTA easier: Curt from Canada
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