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  1. A few random thoughts: Cruises returning are almost all dependent on the US crushing the virus. 75% of the cruising industry depends on North America. There may be limited cruising startups based on a "Vaccine Passport" process. Who makes this call will be something to watch (it will not be a popular decision), but once made it will "de-risk" the initial wave of startups (pun intended). As others have noted, other vaccines are on the way and they will be affective as well. The number of dosages available will not be the issue in the Western world. There will be a re
  2. I am truly in awe of those of you who juggle multiple FCCs. I am certain you all attended Hogwarts. You are all wizards. I only have one FCC and the only way I think I have resolved it is by calling the "Post Cruise Dept" (as was suggested). I have a great TA at MEI, but it needed me to make the call. It was resolved quickly (with no back up copy or documentation). Just an FCC number tied to my name. Fingers crossed ... I will use as quickly as I can. Curt from Canada
  3. Please do a Live Blog to help get the rest of us ready. Curt from Canada
  4. I agree with the opportunity of looking "beyond the cookie cutter mainstream". Bring them on ... the more the better. Could everyone please book up all of these cruises before the end of the week. Messages sent with dollars are better than messages sent with illegal body checks (sorry, I am overly excited about hockey starting up tonight). Curt from Canada
  5. As a teacher you are far too important to retire ... it is one of the professions that I respect the most. I, however, will return to my original suggestion ... I will quit my job and book Grandeur out of Bridgetown. I am nowhere near essential. Search for my soulmate and I on a Grandeur Cruise. We will be the ones monopolizing the Centrum "dancefloor" from 5:00PM to 8:00PM each evening. If dancing is not allowed by FEB 2022, we may need to re-think the timing. Can't wait ... Curt from Canada
  6. Thank you ... that is helpful. Yes, I have a great TA from MEI working on this. It was more a curiosity on my part. There is no doubt that L&S is difficult and AI adds a layer of complexity. I have a lot of time between here and JAN 2022 (decision month) to resolve. Thanks again, Curt from Canada
  7. I understand the new system (and I am not a fan ... given how little we drink and how much we want to disconnect on a cruise). My question is if anyone has experience how L&S works on Celebrity (given the change to Always Included). We had booked a May 2021 cruise at a phenomenal rate ($3,000 for 7 day and "perks": $300 OBC, Drinks Package, and Free Gratuities) on Celebrity Silhouette. We found the exact same cruise in May 2022 and decided to be conservative and L&S (the Always Included rate is a heart stopping $4,600). Hence, my question is how does L&S work when coming
  8. Has anyone done an L&S on a Celebrity Cruise where they had Perks Included? Do the perks "disappear" when you shift out to another cruise in the future. We were fortunate enough to find an identical cruise one year later that works out so much better for us. However, I think I did not factor in the perks. Any experiences would be greatly appreciated. Curt from Canada
  9. Just before final payment ... I always check this box off. I am in awe of the people who can juggle multiple cruises and multiple FCCs. I can not do it. I book, cancel, repeat. Curt from Canada
  10. "Just when I thought I was in, they drag me away". Curt from Canada
  11. They may have taken down all Grandeur "sailings", but they can not take my dreams away. This one will become my home page on my computer ... until they make good on an "implied promise" Every night before I go to bed, dreams of Grandeur will dance in my head. Curt from Canada
  12. @coneyraven 14 days is a problem. However, I am ready to quit my job to sail on Lady G again (especially with that itinerary). The Centrum is one our favourite places at sea to go dancing. (We have even danced in the Centrum elevators). How far can Bridgetown, Barbados be from Baltimore ... They all start with letter "B", so they must be really, really close. Curt from Canada
  13. What a silly question. There is absolutely nothing about cruising that I would not do again. everything about it is perfect ... Ooooops, @JLMoran and @Ogilthorpe reminded me. NO WAY I would ever see these shows again: 1. The Gift 2. The Gift 3. The Gift My brain still hurts, Curt from Canada
  14. Inspiring ... Thank you. We were on Anthem of the Seas (FEB 23) ... it was a very special cruise (39th Wedding Anniversary). More importantly, we starting dancing at 5 and, after breaking for dinner, danced as long as we could (every single night). Many thanks to the Royal Swedes (who can literally play any Rock tune). They had a request for a song they did not know (so they learnt it on their break). The lead said he was never so nervous playing a song live. Missioned accomplished ... a very talented group. We followed them wherever they were on the ship. Royal Caribbean has s
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