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  1. Thanks for the follow! And thanks for the tips on gifts. Cash is a definite, but also wanted to do something tangible specifically for Yen. I got her some things I think she'll use that aren't big, and had them personalized. My daughter went to college in Alabama, and she told me that everyone down there monograms EVERYTHING, so she said I was channeling my inner-southern woman. LOL!
  2. I'm sure he will love it and will help with the trauma of losing Scooby while you were gone. That's very thoughtful of you!
  3. 24 Days to go!! In the midst of my credit card working overtime during my shopping phase, we received some bad news that Kenzie and Jeremy won't be able to join us on this cruise. We will certainly miss them on this trip, but I'm sure they will join us on a future SC cruise (because we all know this is the first of many)! We updated Yen so she didn't plan a bunch of things for them. Taking away some of their activities means more R&R for us. We're pretty low key (which is to say we're getting old), so a lot less for Yen to do! During my shopping adventures, I found some fabulous monogrammed items for her, and knowing she is from Malaysia, I had a saying translated into Malay and engraved on some items (in case she's reading this, I don't want to give away what they are). I'll share pics after we give them to her. This weekend means luggage is being staged with several items that won't be used between now and then...and making room for all of my incoming packages!
  4. He'd believe it with everything we've read lately! If only I could convince my boss!
  5. Thank you for following! I'm planning to review everything we experience, so hoping to make it a good read for all!
  6. Tonight we officially added Kenzie and Jeremy to our reservation. I was initially waiting because we weren't sure if Jeremy was going to be able to travel in time due to travel restrictions in Malaysia (he's in the air as I type), and then Kenzie came down with a breakthrough case of Covid last month and we were waiting for her to test negative (she did that last weekend - yay). A month ago, I had called and received a quote on how much it would cost to add them (and then made a note of that amount). When calling tonight, I was hopeful that the representative would have been able to pull up that number without any assistance. However, the amount she came back with was almost double what it should have been. After a little nudge from me to ensure we received the same price, and a lengthy hold, she came back and honored the original price we had been quoted. Yay! Once I was off the phone, I got them checked in. I'm so happy they gave us the same check-in time at the terminal! I was a little worried their time would come back different. Next up...SHOPPING!! Never fear - I have a paper bag on standby for Tim (to assist with the hyperventilating). LOL!
  7. Nice! That's our next SC cruise. We'll be in 9730. It was originally going to be a 2BAT on Symphony in 2022 and then Allure came out with crazy good deals and we jumped ship from Symphony to Allure to save almost half! I'll be watching for your posts next February!
  8. Here you go. It's pretty specific to us, but you can customize it for you and may give some ideas of different types of info. Like I said, I'm a bit obsessive. Cruise Packing List.xlsx
  9. Thank you for following! I am planning to get some good pics/videos of the cabin. The center GLSs don't have any really good videos (I've looked). You're room would be a flip flop of ours, so hoping it will help you plan.
  10. Thank you. That does help a little. Our future son-in-law is from Malaysia. He begins his journey of flights to the US tomorrow. Our daughter is beside herself. I googled Yen and I see that she's from Kuala Lumpur, which is where Jeremy is from. He might be able to find something that is specific to that area for her. I was originally thinking of a personalized tote bag, or special executive pen, or something along that line. I just really want to get something meaningful rather than just another thing, you know?
  11. Thank you! You were actually my inspiration for requesting her. I read your B2B blog from a couple of years ago and decided that if she was available, we would request her. Not that any of the Genies wouldn't be great, but of all the stories I read, Yen stuck out in my mind. Any ideas for a nice, personalized gift for her?
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