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  1. Yes, there was one rotating hot dish at the breakfast (I tried hash browns for the first time!). Otherwise the same every morning (only went to 2 lunches and stayed out of the windjammer, though).
  2. They switched suppliers. The old company (Rabbi Webberman's) now supervises the fresh kosher food but it's only available on a few sailings.
  3. There were two bus lines in port when we arrived, a blue bus and a red bus. We took the red one but I'm sure they're very similar. They went to the Acropolis where you could switch to a line around Athens or a line that goes to beaches (all included in the price, just to make sure you don't miss a stop and need to go all the way back to port). They give you earphones you can plug in to listen to explanations of what you're seeing and have free wifi (sometimes other gifts, like a free beer or appetizer coupon for a local establishment).
  4. It is, but this requires 2 kitchens (I assume the Italian will be dairy, but maybe not?). Are these restaurants good? Will they be able to launch new menus well (the current menus don't work).
  5. Royal Carribean changed their policy, instead of Park Cafe and My Time Dining serving complimentary fresh kosher food now Park Cafe, Chops and Giovanni's Table will serve fresh kosher food for 20$ a day extra. This adds quite a lot to the cruise fare. Thoughts? Is this worth the extra money?
  6. No problem. You'll get her fees and taxes refunded.
  7. That really sucks. On my cruise I spent most of my awake ship time in the Solarium so that's a really big deal.
  8. Please be careful with ice bags, medication freezing is as much a risk as overheating.
  9. I really recommend the hop on hop off busses, much cheaper and you can choose where you want your free time. Edit: Not RC, there are busses in the port you can buy tickets to.
  10. No. A kosher kitchen sailing from Israel cooked for My Time Dining in the MDR and Park Cafe in the Solarium.
  11. Check the "hungry now" tab in dining when you board to see what's open.
  12. Interesting, our kosher kitchen was complimentary (420 pp is a lot!).
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