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  1. We just did this. Link your reservations online and when you check in it asks about the credit card for each person. Put in which card you want each individual person to be charged to so they don't go on anyone else's bill. Then when onboard go to guest service for extra room keys which say "Extra Key" on them and give the kids their new room keys. They will use their regular sail & sign card for charges and the extra key to enter your room. Very easy. Did I explain that well enough?
  2. Hoski

    Last minute drink offer

    Hubby is a big drinker so deluxe beverage package always works for him. For me, not so much. Things I consider is 1) how many port verses sea days 2) who I'm traveling with 3) sale on beverage package & 4) if the ship has the freestyle soda machines so I can actually get a soda I like. In December I was traveling with hubby, my brother, adult daughter, her friend, and my two younger kids. I did the package as much for the stress factor of keeping all these people organized and the fact that we only had one day in port, Nassau, that we didn't get drinks because Labadee was included in package. In May doing B2B with just hubby on first cruise so I got the drink package. Second cruise the kids are joining us for a port heavy trip so no drink package for me. In October just me and the littles are going so no drink package for me. I intake a lot of fluids per day so I may do the refreshment package but more likely I will take on a 12 pack of Pepsi and drink the free beverages. The pay as I go that I'm guessing I will spend is a morning latte, 1 mixed drink when with kids only ( 2 or 3 when with hubby and kids). That doesn't add up to drink package for me. I can always grab some water or Pepsi in port and walk on with a bottle or two.
  3. On our cruise last month hubby got an email for a free cruise and checked and there was very few cabins left. He decided to wait the two days till we got home to call and they were sold out. Not sure why they send these offers to so many with few cabins available.
  4. Hoski

    Bar Crawl & Scavenger Hunt

    This sounds like so much fun.
  5. Hoski

    Tipping for Large families

    Sadly I know someone going on her first cruise and has already received advice from someone on how to remove the tips and she will. The person who told her has claimed to be on 20+ cruises and never tips. They just give a few people a couple of bucks at the end. I have a larger family also and all the tips sting but if I cannot afford them, I can't afford the cruise.
  6. I prefer Baltimore but would willingly do either.
  7. Hoski


    I believe the mattresses vary because we were in a Junior Suite on Navigator and hubby and I both thought the bed was great. I have sleep issues but loved it so much on the Navigator. I do realize that the movement of the ship also helps me sleep but the bed was great also.
  8. Hoski

    Aft Balconies

    No engine noise or vibrations. It was a really good size balcony. We loved watching the ship leaving ports.
  9. Most policies allow you to cancel if your travel partner needs to cancel. In that case you all would have to cancel to get your insurance to pay. I would keep calling the insurance company though to find out if a government mandate isn't covered. I see this as more a government mandate than an employer issue. A lot of the policies these days do cover work issues.
  10. Hoski

    Credit card vs debit card

    Another vote for credit card because they put daily holds on the card which can stay for a few days. Don't tie up your checking account. We set up our bills to pay while we are gone so I wouldn't want hold on my checking account. Also, false charges and fraud are easier to fix on a credit card.
  11. Hoski

    Aft Balconies

    We love aft balconies. We recently did cabin 7392 on Navigator and loved it. The views were great.
  12. Hoski

    Cozumel Vanilla?

    We travel to Mexico once a year and always bring lots of vanilla back. Just check the labels and enjoy. They have all price ranges.
  13. Hoski


    Does anyone have a picture of the bungalow. We booked a cabana but I"m curious.
  14. Hoski

    Keeping Track of the Kids

    Thank you this was extremely helpful. We need a group to be able to communicate on the Navigator next week.
  15. Hoski

    Black Friday was Interesting

    There were no great deals for us on drink packages on Black Friday. We did buy our drink packages and ultimate dining as they were down slightly and we know we can cancel and rebook. We did find our tours cheaper though.