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  1. True I did that on the Navigator. Plus we plan to have lobster in Cuba.
  2. I needed to share my joy with someone so here seems like the place. We leave Sunday on the Allure just hubby and I to celebrate 25 years of marriage then on the 27th we board the Empress with our three children for a family cruise. I'm so freaking excited even though we just cruised in December. I cannot wait to be without the kids for a vacation and I'm also excited for Cuba.
  3. Thanks but I don't want to take the family of 5 to Chops. Plus hubby and I are on a cruise the week before and will have lobster but kids are joining us for the Empress and one wants some lobster.
  4. Thank you this is the best tip. When I'm at work using Chrome I cannot see the ones I already booked to check the price but I can at home on Firefox. Now you have solved my issue as well as the OP's.
  5. Daughter just asked if we will have lobster on our 5 night Empress cruise and I don't know the answer. Does anyone know?
  6. I travel with anxiety a lot and I can share how I handle it. I like to find my safe or quiet place. Somewhere I can go that I can regroup and get my anxiety under control. It may be your cabin but it also may be a nice couch somewhere looking out at the sea. The couch looking out really calms me. I also find being out in the ocean and not being able to see land wonderful and calming. I am on daily meds and have Xanax for emergencies. I carry my Xanax but don't use it while drinking. I also take a very low dose when I do take it. I like to take a break in the middle of my trip and have no alcohol that day. If I feel an anxiety attack coming on I don't fight it. I stop, breathe and tell myself to go ahead and have the attack so I can get on with my vacation. Usually that stops the attack because I'm no longer afraid of it. It helps if you can get to your calming place when you tell yourself this. Good luck and don't let anxiety rob you of one more joy in your life. I'm tired of letting it rule me and refuse to not do things because of it. I also find it helps to go ahead and let people know I'm having an attack. Being ashamed of it tends to make the attack worse. The less power you give it the quicker it is gone.
  7. This month I will be decorating our door for our 25th anniversary. I bought a cool sign on Etsy and I put magnets on a few little things to hang on the door. Last cruise I put dry erase boards on all our cabins.
  8. I have never cruised one of these giant ships so I'm sure I will be overwhelmed and want to see it all. Port days would be good to explore. That being said I plan to get off at each stop on my cruises this year. Nassau and Cozumel are two where I would most likely stay on. Nassau because I don't care for it and Cozumel because I've been there so many times. However, this month I will be in Cozumel twice and am getting off both times. We've found new things to do. One trip is as a couple and we are doing a cooking class and the other week is our family trip and we are taking the kids to see the dolphins. I don't see a problem staying on the ship for all or part of the port day but if you have never been to that port you likely are missing an experience. Oh I forgot, I'd stay on in Belize if I was going again and may just do that in November.
  9. With cruise comps we USUALLY get assigned the cabin right away. They usually aren't anything special or horrible. We have tried to upgrade and the price lately has been crazy expensive to upgrade. We've never tried to change to the same category. The only cruise we weren't assigned a cabin right away is one my husband earned a junior suite but only oceanview was available. He got a guarantee for that one and we don't know the cabin yet 3 weeks out.
  10. I keep a set of plastic silverware in my travel stuff for food in my room. Too many nights in hotels where I wanted to eat something and no utensils.
  11. Contact Resorts for a Day and have your visit changed to the correct day. Most of these operators are used to cruise changes and it shouldn't be an issue.
  12. They offer bucket/cooler of beer specials that would be the best cost wise to purchase for your cabin. It's like 5 or 6 beers. Just ask them not to open them all then take them and put them in your cabin.
  13. We did the bottomless brunch on Navigator in December and it was horrible, long story. Hubby and daughter did it on Allure and it was great. Double check your cruise planner under activities to see if the ship tour is available. If not it may be sold out for your cruise to pre-book but you may be able to purchase onboard the first day. Since the UDP isn't something you want with limited restaurants I would book one specialty dining at least then the ship tour.
  14. Our attendant was there waiting to get us beverages. As the day wore on he eased up some but not too bad.
  15. I would love a lazy river on a ship. I would love a lazy river on a private island. I would love a lazy river anywhere.
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