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  1. Our invoice says the category but cruise planner says the same as yours until we got assigned. We would love to get assigned an aft balcony. Our favorite cabins. Got hooked on them years ago and now we always try to book them.
  2. I really wish they would take PayPal. That would make life easier for us.
  3. I sure hope they do. We sail there in January and I'd love to do the nighttime there.
  4. We went with the unguided tour. If our kids really like one area we will stay there longer or move along if the little one is getting bored. Her emotional level is about 6 years old although her intellectual level is at her actual age. My memory of taking her sisters at 6 to 8 is that as much freedom as possible would be best. If they were all older I would personally enjoy the guided tour more because they tend to give more information.
  5. I noticed this change in our cruise planner also. Before there was only one option now there are two.
  6. We took our kids here also. They had a super cheap deal through RC one day that beat booking direct. We enjoyed it and the area seemed nice.
  7. We have canceled and rebooked twice for price reductions. We have several people on the reservation so it is easy to secure the lower priced one before canceling the original one. Final price we paid for our January 4th Thrill Island Cabana was $299. We only have 5 people but think it is a good deal for water park and cabana.
  8. In May we used the bag of laundry and stuffed it full including items not listed such as sun dresses. Last night of cruise while packing we had to track it down because it was never delivered. They separated the clothes from the original bag and didn't have a name on it. Laundry was locked up and they had to find someone to unlock it and look for our clothes. A little scary but we got them all back.
  9. I have Firefox and I cannot fill out the waivers online for our October Anthem cruise. I get a blank screen after entering my reservation.
  10. Onboard prices on the Anthem just went up by $5 per day in the last month according to the compasses. We typically tip $1 minimum per drink with or without the package. A lot of people do not tip so the only tips from those people are from the 18% if they bought the package.
  11. Dining Issue I was looking at past Cruise Compasses and the way the shows are set up are not good for the time we picked for meals. I'm considering canceling all our MTD reservations and just going in the standby line. What is everyone's thoughts on this?
  12. You can link your reservations online through the cruise planner. Our family of 5 always has 2 or more staterooms and we link them then make the reservations online.
  13. Hubby and I did this last year for our anniversary cruise. We loved it. It was so much fun. We did not have a ton of time after to hang out at the beach or pool though. We got it on sale and thought it was a good deal for the money.
  14. Hubby likes to run the ship out of Kraken with the DBP.
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