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  1. I agree with the inside cabin for naps. Or a balcony so you can sit out there while little one naps in the cabin but I enjoyed the inside so I could nap too. Our daughter started cruising at 9 months and it was great. All the staff loved the baby and helped so much. That being said we were on Carnival and they had night time babysitting for her so we had some parent time. We also took our in-laws once so they helped with giving us free time. A lot of walking around and just having mellow time with hubby and baby.
  2. The other thing is to put your last name big and in a bright color on the back of the tags.
  3. Yes we have to go to the Shore Excursion desk onboard to buy our two observer admissions. Not sure why they don't sell these online but I've been checking since we booked the cruise months ago and they just don't offer the observer online.
  4. I just booked a Budget rental car for there and it is a pick up at cruise port so I assume to drop it off you would go to the Budget office and they shuttle you to the port. Here is the information from my reservation. 89 SE 2nd Street, Miami 305-377-4410
  5. I've done some research on this and Cozumel seems to be the least expensive place to do this. We booked directly with RCI for 3 of us and the other 2 are doing the observer package which includes food and beverages. There are two options in Cozumel and we picked Dolphinramus (spelling).
  6. We love the aft and feel it has the best view and usually the balcony is a little larger.
  7. So I just took two 18 year olds on a family cruise in December and here are some of the things they did. Casino slot tournaments. Only $25 and fun way to meet people. Some ships have free casino tournaments also. Lying out poolside and movies pool side. Mocktails at venues with music. Coffee shop and people watching. Booked some paid activities like the sushi class, cupcake class, brunch with galley tour. Things I found in an old cruise compass: Free gaming lessons in the casino, you will find a lot of 18 to 20 year olds in the casino because some land casinos are 21. Game shows, karaoke, dance party, comedy shows, there is a whole list of music and dancing where you can hang out and have a mocktail Some ships have a free talk about the ship called "Get to know the ..........." fitness classes, bingo, scavenger hunt There are tons of activities in the daily compass for you to pick from. Go to the Cruise Compass link at the top of the page and look for old compasses from the ship you are sailing on and take a look at what they offer.
  8. We did not have any bug issues in the Bahamas.
  9. I agree with this. Anything that isn't the back pack I use as a purse while traveling is going to have a cruise tag on it in case it gets separated from me. Since I will have children with me on at least half my sailings it is easy to lose track of things.
  10. So I know if you cruise solo you earn double points but what if it is a free cruise from the casino and you sail solo? Hubby is close to the next level so this issue came up.
  11. We booked a cruise on the phone and when the documents came one of the names was spelled wrong. We simply called and they changed it with no fee.
  12. Allure 5/19/2019 Hubby & me anniversary cruise Empress 5/27/2019 our family cruise Grandeur 10/26/2019 me and girls cruise
  13. Yes we are and so glad to find someone else going on this cruise. We are a family of 5 heading there and so excited.
  14. Not sure about the curtain you saw. My brother's inside on the Navigator had no curtain to separate any area. Where did you see this picture?
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