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  1. Costa Maya does have them right by the port but it was more expensive. We did the dolphins in Cozumel.
  2. As long as you don't get distracted and head straight over to the line for the bus you should be fine. Others tend to stop at other places. It is not a straight walk but kind of a curve. Ask someone and head right over there.
  3. We got the same color cards but they said Extra Key on them.
  4. You get off the tour bus then ask where the tour to the launch is and it is a short walk then you get in line there. It has a line for guided tours and a line for on your own.
  5. You will really enjoy it. We did the self guided with the bus out to the launch first and it was great. Our kids are 20, 13, & 8. Everything said above is right on the mark so I won't add anything to it other than have fun.
  6. Yes each cabana has the sale attendant all day. Since you have more than one cabana you may have different attendants at each cabana.
  7. At the beach club they have towels for you to use. They are not the same as the rest of the island.
  8. There are towel stations but don't remember where. There will be a booth set up on the pier to sign out towels.
  9. Regular loungers must get their towels with their sea pass card from a towel station.
  10. You can change a name up to 48 hours before the cruise as long as at least one person stays the same in each cabin.
  11. We booked directly with Royal and it was on sale for around $63 per person. We got in the water and got to touch with the dolphins. It included lunch and a little pool time. There were also shows there you could go see. The name was: All Inclusive Dolphin Encounter At Chankanaab National Park, you’ll find everything from snorkeling and scuba to swimming with dolphins.
  12. We like to rent a car from Budget as they have a shuttle. We've also got a resort for the day room and enjoyed that till our late flight.
  13. Yes and there are lots of beach clubs you can book for the day. Do a search here for Cozumel and you will find what you are looking for. Not sure if you would be interested but Cozumel is one of the least expensive places to interact with dolphins.
  14. Our whole family just did this on the Grandeur. Two of us had recently done it on the Empress as I stated in above posts. It was different but still good. One thing about Grandeur is that we did not get lanyards just a paper bracelet for the tour. We also were not allowed to carry anything but our phones with us where on Empress I had a small purse.
  15. Not sure why it isn't showing seems weird that it would be sold out so early. I hope someone can give you an answer but you may try calling Royal to book and they would give you an answer.
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