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  1. Right now we are set for Oasis departing on 11/22 (to replace a cancelled July trip) but are considering changing to Harmony that departs on 11/22. Any one have any thoughts/preference on Oasis versus Harmony for a thanksgiving cruise?
  2. The UDP went from $118 to $132 and the water park went from $79 to $94 on the July 20th Indy cruise and I told my husband that I think it is a sign that it may still be a go. I know I’m delusional but those little price increases made me excited. 🤷🏾‍♀️
  3. 124 days since our Kid free anniversary/holiday cruise on the Mariner 82 days until our 5 day family cruise on the Independence to Labadee and CoCoCay. Hoping that things will be sorted out by then!
  4. Seven brides for seven brothers or Calamity Jane
  5. Yay @ddmcruiser! We are so glad to have you!
  6. This thread is specifically for the comfort of the lurker! Feel free to share/comment as much as you like (or don’t) 😂😂😂
  7. @nhilding10 I love you! this may be the best gif I’ve seen to date! #gifgamestrong
  8. We are over 1,280 views! Ok fellow Lurkers, let’s keep this conversation going. For those that are comfortable with sharing (I know, I know... it’s hard to share when you are devoted to lurking), drop the name of the next ship you will be on and the countdown to your departure. I will start: For 2019, doing the Holiday Cruise on Mariner - 40 days! For 2020, doing a Summer Cruise on the Independence - 250 days
  9. I want to be just like you! 😎
  10. Yes @trashman! We need to keep our conversation flowing! When, where, and on what ship is your next cruise?
  11. As of 9am EST this morning, we have over 420 views so there are a lot more lurkers out there than anticipated! ❤️
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