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  1. I work from the cruise ships all the time. Email has never been slow to load or send when I am sailing. Voom is so much better than some of the other internet options on other cruise lines.
  2. You can always go to guest services once on board and switch things around so everyone has their correct room key. I recommend doing this as soon as you get on board because the line for guest services can get long on day one.
  3. I have been on cruises where people got their upgrades the day of the cruise and others that were accepted the day after putting them in. I think if you do the Royal Up offer the best way to think on it is it might happen and it might not, but be flexible and keep watching your email because you never know when Christmas might arrive!
  4. IF the storm continues on the path where you were landing, the airlines typically will waive cancellation fees due to the storm as well.
  5. You can use your cell phone or I have let them take it at the terminal - it really doesnt take that much longer at check in
  6. The best information you will get on this will be from the cruise ship. When you did your check in, you gave a cell phone and/or email which they will use to contact those sailing on the ship affected BEFORE they let your TA or the public know the plan.
  7. While not in the Jr suite on Deck 7 - I have done the corner Balcony rooms on this ship on the aft. Yes there is a little bit of metal in the way, but nothing beats the view of seeing the ship sail away from a location or that color blue of the sea you only get from the back of the ship when moving. I love this location and this is the deck I typically book when on the aft on this class ship.
  8. I typically start at the coffee bar for a little baileys 🙂 You can also get mimosas in the WIndjammer
  9. Welcome to the cruising world now that she is hooked! I love the fact that most Royal ships within a class have a familiar feel when you get onboard, but there are some slight changes that make each ship its own. There is nothing wrong with booking the newest ship in the fleet - but know that the price will be higher because of that. I would also look at ports of call along with which ships have been AMPlified while looking around for the next cruise. While the ships are not all Oasis Class, they have some great new features on them.
  10. This happens frequently. But Royal has been really good to refund back to clients after the cruise once they work thru all the accounting for that cruise.
  11. No issues at all. She is emailing you now 🙂 No disrespect at all.
  12. I have reached out to her about this. Later tonight you should see a reply. The system auto generates periodically to you until the invoice is signed. It could be that what you got today is a resend automatically of what she originally sent since it has not been signed. Because i only see your board name, I cannot look in the system for you. If you do not get a reply tonight, please reach out to me directly and we will get you all straightened out.
  13. Hey, I have reached out to Stephanie for you. Michelle is an IC at MEI-Travel just like Stephanie is so it could be awkward for Michelle to reach out to Stephanie for you. Stephanie will be in touch soon to you. Or if you would like to reach out to me directly, I can check in on things for you.
  14. But you know what... that is part of what you are getting when you book with a Travel Agent. Yes it may put us on the phone for long times, but that is our jobs. We know how to multi-task and get several things done at one time, and we love being able to know we saved you the client time so you can enjoy your cruise and not worry about the planning process
  15. I like to use wake up calls especially on sailings where the time may change. You never know if your phone will actually adjust to the right time at the right part of the cruise.
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