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  1. Another vote for read the fine print closely. AND not all RCCL Gift Cards are created equal so always check before you buy. Some of these gift cards can not be applied to a reservation that is booked with a Travel Planner, used with a group booking, not on holiday sailings or combined with Casino Rates for example of things I have seen with these over the years.
  2. You can always call in and ask for these to be in your room on a certain day or every night!
  3. Dont forget about Royals air program as well. You can book refundable air and pay for it at final payment time. It can be cancelled at anytime up until final payment. It could give you a better rate - or at least a rate you would consider booking at while you shop for air.
  4. Royal knows that this is a very popular request and has now started having restrictions on the connecting rooms. Many times you can find connecting for 3 with 4 guests, but sometimes the connecting triples can be tough to find. Many times for this we have to ask for exceptions and work with Royal to try to get what our clients need. It is really hard to get rooms like this when booing online. I suggest asking the help of a TA or calling in to ask for help with Royal.
  5. If you are concerned about the time between when you board and when you can get in your room, you can take pictures of each of the passes and send to that person so they have their boarding pass with them until they get in the room.
  6. Hey there, Your MEI Agent can quote you either rate. Some people in the group will be booked a nonrefundable rates and others will be a refundable - all depends on the client. We quote you both ways so you can see the difference in pricing and decide which rate works best for you. I can say that @Matt doesnt book group cruises a non refundable rates. He prefers (as do I) to have refundable and then as we get closer we can compare to see if close to final payment the nonrefundable rate works in his favor. That $100 Penalty per person will stop most people from the small savings with this rate.
  7. Not sure how you missed all of them.... I walked in on shooting a couple of times in Coastal Kitchen, on Labadee and then I got to "babysit" for Kelsey's little boy since they all went to sit for breakfast and the little guy was playing cars on the floor in Coastal Kitchen. I have also been on other cruises (DCL) with many of the Disney Channel Stars - like Raven and the Jonas Brothers... but the best was Richard Sherman on a group cruise I did where he was the special guest. To hear his stories of working with Walt Disney, writing and composing the music for soooo many Disney classic films, and then the personal stories he shared with me of his memories of Annette Funicello.
  8. Welcome! You picked a great ship to start your Royal Journey with!
  9. Shannon, I would love to talk with you on this and help you understand what we can and cant help you with at this time. Because I do not know exactly what you have asked, email me at annette@mei-travel.com or give me a call at 919 605 6282 and I can make sure you have everything you need to pre plan. @Shannon
  10. Hey.. I am from Cary and lived there until 5 years ago... know Knightdale well. I keep asking, they keep saying maybe one day - but who knows.
  11. Would be nice... but I assume Royal like for EVERYONE to have to work for the cruise bookings! Call center has to do the same thing.. sailing by sailing
  12. HAHA... maybe because they prefer to sell tires and large amounts of food over travel plans 🙂 Not sure to be honest, but a really odd plan in my opinion. Thanks for the shout out for MEI and Stephanie
  13. From the TA perspective on this... We do get copied on SOME of the emails for the RoyalUp program, but not always. I have been in meetings with Royal about this very topic as we do not always get them. At Mei-Travel if we get them we contact the clients to let them know, but again we dont always get them. It is supposed to be tied to your C and A account and emailed to you that way or if you have an email on file for the bookings you would get notified, but from my experience with @Matt bookings - there are times he does not get emails and times I do not get them and I am willing to bet there are some emails that neither of us get. Tried to fix this many times, but Royal IT is "looking into this". But I can say 100% that Costco is not allowing those booked with them to participate in the RoyalUp Program. This happened a couple of months back.
  14. You should stop by Dust off Brewing CO - look for the bald bar tender with a beard - that is my son. Tell Jonathan that his mom and MATT sent you 🙂
  15. On this one.... the ship that sails out of Charleston is one of Carnivals smaller ships. There are plans in the next two years to expand the port area in this location but not sure what size ship would be able to come to this port. BUT i am always asking this at sales meetings because I love a driveable port! Allows you to cruise more often. And Rock Hill..... My son lives there! I am there a few times a year. great place you are at !
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