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  1. Highly recommend this! And if you can bring friends and family with you even better. Nothing Better than starting the new year on a ship!
  2. I love seeing all these pictures and memories. I swear had I known my cruise the first week of 2020 would be possibly it for all of 2020 - I would have taken a lot more photos!
  3. Yep! I had the same thing happen to clients. They were able to put the back into connecting rooms just in time for us to find a better option for them with the KSF offer. So 8 calls to get things all moved around to then move to one Ultra Spacious room for them! They will get you are straightened out. I think the redeployment team sometimes forget to look at notes or what clients had.
  4. I have a short cruise Dec 14th...... fingers crossed
  5. There were lots of issues made with the moves from deployment. Call them if you booked direct or contact your TA. They will adjust to price protect and to be honest the current promotion might be better than your price protection. So make sure to ask. ALSO - make sure if you were booked refundable rates that you still are. I had a couple yesterday that were switched by deployment when they made the changes.
  6. Make sure you call and ask about a room change. I have seen these rooms changing a lot today inbetween the 5 calls to redeplyment - so worth a try in a couple of days.
  7. Yes, this has been going on for awhile as Royal loves to defer to Non-Refundable - BUT so annoying! If you do not catch it within 24 hours or so they tend to refuse to fix it.
  8. Heads up to anyone that is being moved by redeployment........ Just got my first set thru and it is all messed up! Connecting rooms on Brilliance are now on different floors - yep two kids in one room and 2 adults in the other - so not even their policy is being followed. BUT WORST PART - they were refundable on Brilliance and now on Independence they are nonrefundab!e!!! Check your confirmations over carefully! This is one that is not easily fixed.
  9. I have been working with Royal on a couple today in hopes they would move them because of the room configurations that was needed - NOPE. Redeployment says any changes can cause issues with their process - so its wait and see.
  10. Seeing so many memory posts from many groups that cruised in September over the past years and thinking back to my last cruise..... My favorite memory from my last cruise was spending New Years Eve with the Royal Caribbean blog group- who knew 2020 would be like this! What do you think back on to that last cruise you were on?
  11. I agree - a family brand where I got some of the benefits for your C and A points would be great, but it would have to be a small ship. Azamara or SilverSeas might would work, but still might be too large for a river cruise.
  12. Lots of people are ready to get out and relax. Seeing many people booking all inclusive and land vacations with a backup as a cruise vacation just in case they start back. We are all ready to vacation!
  13. I thought the same as everyone above..... yay! a show around a cruise ship,,,,,, hmmm, love the shots from the pool deck... not sure I am following all of this show.... BUT MAN I WANT TO CRUISE! I did find a way to watch The Love Boat old shows..... kinda of the same reaction to those as well.
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