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  1. Many times the discounts will show closer to sailing. So it could be you find in 5 months that the price adjusts. OR right before you make final payment you can check as well. MANY times I have adjusted prices and then paid final for clients. Its all about supply and demand and revenue Management:)
  2. Royal will contact you and your agent if you used one. They will let you know your options and the process. I am sure you will learn from these boards before you get the email 🙂 They have improved the process and it should not be as bad as you have seen. (Maybe a little too much time doing them to perfect the process 😞 ) Keeping my fingers crossed for you tho....
  3. Don't forget to check those Residence rates... those have been insane lately. Many people assume that your C & A number links your state to check for that, but it doesn't always. I was able to reprice a trip for a client and they saved over $300 per room just because they lived in TX.
  4. When groups like this come on board, there is a lot of equipment, special events, swag, and probably the band is sailing for free (cause those going are paying for it in those higher prices). Most groups centered on something like this would have a higher price.Total;y opposite of how Matt does a group.
  5. Thank you! I am still around - just not with MEI-Travel. Always happy to help if I can.
  6. Guys, Hang in there.... they are working tirelessly to make sure that each of you get a contact from the new agent. Please support Matt. I know that there are some agents on the boards and other groups that are hoping to take advantage of this situation - but remember that MEI-Travel supports Matt with every booking that is made with them. That is part of why he has a sponsor. So if you request you booking go to another agency, you are taking a little of the support away from Matt. He works hard at all this and right now like others in the travel industry, he needs all the support he can get to help provide you all with great information on all the changes and challenges he sees.
  7. You should be able to ask on the call to have your reservation given back to you from the agent. They will have to go to resolutions and then contact the agency owner to have them release it, but it can be done. Have you called the agency owner instead of the agent. That might help as well.
  8. While no longer at MEi - you know i have your number!
  9. Hey While I know this is not the best way to reach everyone, it was one of many ways that MEI is working on this to let everyone know. Stephanie has been working with Beth to update her on all her clients and that does take some time - along with the move. In normal times, there would not be these delays, but the amount of time that agents are calling in to ALL suppliers to try to work on refunds, moves, updates, changes, I have to say its amazing that anyone is getting a response. things that took us 45 minutes to do could take up to 2 days and multiple calls these days. Again sorry, but they should be updating you soon.
  10. haha.... Lessons learned by working with Matt and his groups - NEVER do a group lunch on a day at sea or you will be watching all the kids! haha enjoyed every minute of it actually.
  11. You are not lost in the shuffle... TAs are not updated on every move Royal makes. I am still working on several items for Matt. Stephanie is working with Beth to make sure she is up to date on where the refunds are at as well as the bookings. Emails with contact information are going out from MEI on this but it does take a little time to get all the items moved around.
  12. Hey there, While you own the FCC and can elect how to book your trip (IE which Travel planner direct) it is in that currency of the country and and you would have to stay in the same currency. They will not adjust it to another.
  13. This pandemic has made for a lot of changes in the cruising world from cancellations, lift and shifts, FCCs and everyone’s least favorite topic … REFUNDS! It definitely has made a lot of people take a new look at life and that is exactly what a few agents at MEI-Travel have done. Danette LeBlanc after 7 years with Mei-Travel is stepping away to spend time with her family. Her father has terminal cancel and she wants to spend all the time she can with him and the family at this time. Prayers to her and her family as they navigate this incredibly hard time. Also, Stephanie Hudson after 15 years has decided to take some time to step away and enjoy her new home on the coast of NC. While this is not her retirement home, I am sure after all this time a little break to put her toes in the sand is what she needs at this time. Wishing her all the best (and a little jealous). MEI-Travel is working over the next week to contact their clients with a new agent that is stepping into very big sets of shoes to fill, but the new agents can do it. It does take a little time to ensure that the new agent has everything and both Danette and Stephanie will be working thru June 30th to help with the transition of their clients. To say that this was a very hard decision for both of them is an understatement. Also, I want to thank all of you for allowing me to work with you all. Being able to chat with your guys almost daily for the past 5 years or more has helped me grow in knowledge of Royal and cruising. There is no way I can think of this group without thinking about all the group cruises – the laughter, the tears, the burning bus, the exploding toilet, the first stop at Perfect Day, St Patrick’s Day and the most expensive Guinness beer or two I have ever paid for… and the memories go on and on….. SHOTS! How could I not mention the SHOTS! But more importantly, Matt. The countless hours of planning for group events, looking up changes and many possible group cruises that never happened, there is just not enough time for me to write up how special my relationship with Matt and his family is. All of this made it very hard for me to make this change, but I am stepping away from MEI-Travel to pursue a new opportunity. This new opportunity will come with new challenges and a chance to spread my wings a little. I hope our paths cross on a cruise some day or maybe in the Orlando area some time (This time without my suitcase with me!). MEI-Travel has a team of agents that work with Matt and they work together to provide great service to you all. I know with cancellations coming in the very near future you might be concerned with all this change, but the team is there to help you all. See you on a cruise! Annette Jackson
  14. Can be done but it could take a couple of calls in to get the right person to make this change. This is a policy with Royal so the call center should honor this, but sometimes with the work at home call center, they don't always get all the memos. But Im sure she will take care of this for you.
  15. They had an issue last week with all the FCCs that were done. They are working to correct them to Dec 31, 2021.
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