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  1. I would give anything for a 20 minutes wait.... we are holding for an hour plus to get thru and that is just with Royal. There are other suppliers that have taken longer. We are just working as a team to call take care of what we have as a group and start again. I just wish they would improve the hold music!
  2. All of these listed above.... is my life daily for all travel suppliers - that can happen when many people are calling into one phone line. They tell you in the beginning of the call that if you are not traveling in the near future you can wait and call so many situations can wait for a couple of days or weeks depending on your sailing. The call center sometimes sees your phone number that you called in from and other times they do not see that. Royal has hired outside help to help them with the call volumes so will there be mistakes made - oh ya - but right now the travel industry as a whole is overwhelmed with lots of wait times, holds - so this is not just Royal . I mentioned today to one of our agents that everyone calling in to cancel or change is kinda like every one grabbing Toilet paper and cleaning supplies - EVERYONE is trying to cancel or get the upgrade. So no one is waiting to call in. Hang in there guys..... this will pass.
  3. Depending on when you cancelled they started a new policy on this yesterday where there is a delay in the cancel. As you can imagine there are a lot of moving pieces when you cancel and it cane take a couple of days for things to update in your cruise planner. I would give it a day or two and not call in... who has time to hold for that long to have them tell you it will show cancelled tomorrow. You see that your cruise planners have returned, I think yours is one that may clear in a day or so.
  4. You dont want to give the girls open charging on the ship?
  5. If you booked this trip within 60 days it can be transferred to an agent, after that Royal is pretty strict about exceptions to this rule and might not allow it
  6. Typically they send them about 7 to 10 days after, after Oasis last year it took almost a month because the Cuba change happened at the same time. On this one, I would say more towards a month as a guess. With the easy ones being done first and then any of the more complicated situations like Casino or FCC already had been applied on the reservation, taking longer.
  7. Hey, Wanted to put this out there for everyone. While Travel Planners get lots of emails about cruise planner sales, royal ups, changes in itineraries etc.... we do not get copies of your Future Cruise Credits. (FCC). The cruise lines send those directly to you the client because they are not tied to the agency you booked with. This way you can book with a deposit what you would like, with whom you would like and then apply that FCC to your booking. Lots of questions on this, so figured make it a topic - although I don't know how many people search a topic before asking. It's all good!
  8. Well said. One thing to consider is if you are cancelling your upcoming cruise under the "Virus rules" and getting a FCC for your rooms. Those FCC's are tied to you and not the agency. This means you could find new cruises and use that with another agency. Not saying you need to cancel - if you still want to cruise your TA on record is going to have to work on that for you, or you could request to have them turned back over to you. Normally that would take 3 to 5 business days but right now - no clue. Sorry you are going thru this, but I would recommend next time interview a few agents to make sure you are going to get the agent or agency that you feel would work best for you.
  9. I think that is what we are seeing people cancel because of more than the virus but the fear of being quarantined. Many people cannot miss work or work from home for 14 days. This is a personal decision for everyone and only you know your health, family and work situations. The great news is you dont have to rush to make the decision.
  10. Yes, you can. The FCC is the clients and is never attached to an agency until it is applied to a booking.
  11. You would have to file with insurance to see if they will provide refund on the rest
  12. WIthout having access to your reservations it hard to know - You would need to call in and ask or have your TA work with you on this. I would be scared to advise without seeing all the details.
  13. If you go with the first cancel policy they have always had you lose 25% but get the remainder back to your card. If you have trip insurance you could get the 25% as an FCC.
  14. Hey I am sure this is better answered by the agent with us because there are a lot of moving parts. Anytime you have a FCC on a cruise and then are looking to move things around it can make things a little harder and more complicated.... I am sure they will be looking at how many different ways they can get an upgrade for you but it may take a little time for them to get back to you just because the wait times to get thru are well over and hour for us right now.
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