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  1. If you mean 9514 (there does not seem to be a 9415) by the deck plans...been in one of those. If you think the layout is weird...wait until you see the ceiling...angled. About 25% of the floor space is unusable due to the angle of the ceiling...unless you are only 36 inches tall. Having been in one (won't do it again), my recommendation would be to punt it if you can.
  2. Part of what I used was ship tonnage divided by max number of guests. That will give an idea of how many passengers per square foot-ish of space (not a specific metric, but a general guide). Any time I compared RCL to Carnival, RCL always had a higher (by a good amount sometimes) tonnage to max guests ratio (inferring more space per passenger). This kind of topic has been around for a long time. The best overall value, RCL seems to always come out on top.
  3. Media reports are out that the Canadian government will announce today that it will lift the 14-day quarantine requirement AND the three day quarantining in an authorized hotel requirement for fully vaccinated Canadian travelers. Expecting the changes will go into effect in early July.
  4. I think you are going to see a debate on what defines public transportation versus private transportation.
  5. Looks like the CDC is contradicting themselves again... People vaccinated against Covid-19 can go without masks indoors and outdoors, CDC says: https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/13/health/cdc-mask-guidance-vaccinated/index.html
  6. BING BONG! (for those who remember where that comes from) ALL ABOARD! This ship is westbound to the beach, making all regular stops, including Key West (no promises), Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Stand clear of the doors please! First stop, the Windjammer, followed by the Diamond Lounge and then the Coral Theatre.
  7. When you follow the gimmick and figure out you've been baited...
  8. That's just your 'book your next cruise' reminder alarm mechanism...
  9. This dynamic may lead to the creation/establishment of what has been mentioned in the press as a 'vaccine passport' or some government/universal certification mechanism.
  10. And here I thought it was something else...
  11. I am now finding some TAs are quoting with the Classic Package included and other TAs are quoting the Premium Package included.
  12. Interesting to see Ms. Freed's comments that a relationship with a government body (the CDC) is a 'partnership'. She's delusional. The definition of a partnership includes the goal of mutual benefit. She has confused the concept with what is called 'regulatory risk' in the business world. The CDC has now proven themselves to be massive regulatory risk...businesses will find a way to reduce or eliminate regulatory risk (especially if it is overbearing), it just takes a little time.
  13. Under the category of 'I knew there had to be a catch!' I found out Celebrity's Always Included program is 'somewhat included'. Their new policy of Always Included includes 'a' drink package for all adults. BUT...said package is actually what they define as the 'Classic Package'. Seems there is a separate drink package called the Premium Package that is not included. OK...so does anyone know the upgrade cost to get the Premium Package?
  14. Many of us take no responsibility for many of the head scratching decisions being made. Banning cruise ships essentially 13 months out...well, I would like to understand the rationale for that. An extension now...for six months I could understand based on available data.
  15. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/covid-19-ban-on-cruise-ships-in-canadian-waters-extended-to-2022-1.5296063
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