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  1. Totally agree. With the number of cases being reported in FL, I would be surprised if any cruise ship is allowed to embark anytime soon out of FL. Maybe not at all in 2020. Could this spur a change by cruise lines to outright move embarkation points to places other than FL with no US mainland stops? Just my opinion, if cruise lines are not operational in some way, shape or form by end of the year, there might not be much of a cruise industry left for 2021.
  2. This is exactly why we booked our flights for Feb/Mar two weeks ago. They were cheap and I don't expect them to stay that way.
  3. One of our considerations is the weight of the luggage empty. The 50lbs limit/extra charge for over/depending on your airline policy of the day...is a factor. Our hard luggage is super light and durable. The largest one in our set is almost five pounds lighter than the largest in our previous soft set. It can make a difference. You typically get what you pay for.
  4. This is the kind of thing that may end up causing us a problem... https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/16/politics/uss-theodore-roosevelt-sailors-coronavirus/index.html
  5. From the news items out there, it seems that there might not ever be a vaccine (search 'can you get COVID-19 a second time'). I read two articles last weekend that outlined some medical community fears that this might end up having the same treatable characteristics as the common cold...and/or we're just zig-zagging our way to eventual herd immunity. Either way...cruise on.
  6. Rumour has it 88% of all blondes in the world have disappeared.....
  7. I have noticed that I haven't seen an RCL promotional email land in about two weeks +/-.
  8. Yup...got off the Adventure February 23rd. By the seat of our pants as it would seem...
  9. It doesn't work like that...anywhere. Been cruising for almost 20 years...
  10. "... we went for a walk around the rocks came back to the terminal..." Ahhhh....no. You don't get to wander around...unless someone has never been on a cruise and thinks you can. Fake post.
  11. FAKE POST From the RCL policy: COVID-19 presents the most serious health risks to older individuals, the immunocompromised, and those with serious, underlying medical conditions. Therefore, effective Monday, March 16: a. Boarding will be denied to any person age 70 or older, unless the guest provides written verification from a qualified treating physician that certifies the person has no severe, chronic medical condition and is fit to travel. b. Boarding will be denied to any person with a severe, chronic medical condition, including those specified by the CDC. Guests of all ages will be screened prior to boarding, regarding underlying health issues that may prevent them from sailing, i.e. chronic heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or cancer.
  12. Go to southwest.com, you can't price Southwest flights online except on their website (or travel agent).
  13. Yup! That's the way to do it! WJ and AC flight prices are a joke sometimes.
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