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  1. Didn't quite understand that from your original question. I haven't used my cash to pay down at guest services, however I do believe that is still an option.
  2. From our experience it can depend upon how you answered some questions in checking in. We are from Canada and there is a question at the bottom of the online check in asking if you want RCL to charge your credit card in USD or use their exchange rate to convert to your credit card currency (in our case CAD). I have gone to Guest Services on-board to confirm my preference (mostly because our credit card gives extra cash back for USD spending).
  3. Any chance you are behind a firewall blocking IMGUR? I believe @twangster hosts his photos there.
  4. This would likely support that the letter is a grouping for the cabanas and not an assignment. Our Oasis Lagoon is G as well
  5. I have a feeling the letter does correspond to a particular cabana. We will need to wait and see what the numbering scheme is once they are installed and people have visited.
  6. Our Coco Cay Oasis Lagoon Cabana Reservation has a letter G in the Cruise Planner confirmation email. I was guessing that was the 'number' of the cabana.
  7. I was sure that Coco Cay had both beach beds and bungalows similar to those in Labadee, however for an upcoming sailing in October I see neither on the cruise planner. I know this could mean they are all booked but when I have look at maps for Perfect Day and don't see them either. Can anyone confirm if they see these on their cruise planner or know if they are being removed?
  8. I agree that the Oasis Lagoon Cabanas are located in the area @spiralqueen indicates. We have booked one for October 2019 and from all the videos I have viewed and people I have spoke to so far, these cabanas are not yet there.
  9. Given that $1100 per person is almost the cost of another whole cruise I cannot imagine what would be in a suite that makes it worth it. I would always choose a second cruise over a nicer room with a few perks. Just my .02
  10. The inconsistency with this indicates to me that it is not an intentional attempt to block people from seeing sale prices. Personally, I see all the excursions I have booked and their new prices on my cruises. I think this is one of RCL IT's infamous issues and nothing malicious.
  11. Most ships we have been on have a printer in the internet cafe for passenger use. We regularly print boarding passes here.
  12. If I recall you get amenities but not extra C&A points when you use RoyalUp.
  13. Interesting, We have a B2B on Mariner in October. First leg shows discounts with current sale second shows nothing changed! On the good side, I just saved money on a cabana for leg one, but no savings for our excursion second leg. Also noticed before sale that the DX package on the 4nt was cheaper per day that on the 3nt.
  14. Does anyone know if the Cafe Select card is usable on a B2B? We have a 4nt, 3nt back to back on Mariner and I'm not sure I can drink the 15 coffees of a full card on a 4 night or 3 night on their own. Thanks
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