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  1. We certainly do hope so. We fear they are just finalizing their rules for FCC vs Refund in the situation.
  2. This latest news about Vaccine Mixing has us now questionable for this. Just made final payment last week but may need to pull it if we don't have good answers.
  3. I hear you on the challenge of the pet sitter. Our pug is very high needs as she ages and so we have yet to sort that out. My biggest question now will be testing before returning to Canada. Need a negative PCR at the moment to fly home.
  4. Looking forward to this one, 9 night Southern Caribbean out of Miami. Schedule as follows: At Sea Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas Castries, St Lucia Bridgetown, Barbados St. Johns, Antigua At Sea At Sea
  5. @SpeedNoodles I'll take that blame. I'm hesitant in some ways to start these since cruising is still so up in the air for starting and we don't have our full vaccinations yet. We still have no clarity from the Canadian government on whether travel and return restrictions will be relaxed. That said, we are hoping to be on this sailing.
  6. We are booked on this sailing and hoping this is a go too.
  7. I can confirm that this is my experience too with an Allure sailing in 2021 vs. Odyssey in 2022.
  8. A bit more goofing around and I figured it out! I'm GEO BLOCKED! Select United States instead of Canada and I see the large banner ad for Adventure and lo and behold I can see Nassau under Caribbean departure ports. Hope this may help others.
  9. No joy here. Tried clearing content, incognito, etc. and do not see Nassau as departure port and no Adventure sailings prior to October (which is Galveston).
  10. Feel the same as @Lovetocruise2002 We have a sailing in October that we would love to be on but between the delays in vaccination and issues crossing the border and having to quarantine in government hotel or bypass that, pay fines and still isolate at home, it will be challenging. On top of it all there is a whole shaming culture developing over those who choose to travel even if they observe all the rules and do not endanger others.
  11. Could it be helpful to have a glossary of all the abbreviations used? I took a few minutes to figure out ATS... I knew it was a Suite since @Lovetocruise2002 was the person using it but I needed a minute to figure out what type.
  12. One other item that can affect your deposit is on-board bookings (oh what I wouldn't give to be on-board.....) They generally offer discounted deposits at NextCruise.
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