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  1. Could it be helpful to have a glossary of all the abbreviations used? I took a few minutes to figure out ATS... I knew it was a Suite since @Lovetocruise2002 was the person using it but I needed a minute to figure out what type.
  2. One other item that can affect your deposit is on-board bookings (oh what I wouldn't give to be on-board.....) They generally offer discounted deposits at NextCruise.
  3. Remove: March 26, 2020 Explorer Jan 22, 2021 Majesty Add: Oct 24, 2021 - Allure Jan 29, 2022 - Odyssey April 1, 2022 - Radiance
  4. @Matt is the best! One note from our personal experience is that the FCC was not reissued as such, but put back under the original reservation number. Here is our situation: fully paid ALASKA for June 2020 in March Alaska 2020 cancelled by RCL in March, Gratuity, Taxes and fees refunded (rec'd June) and FCC issued (rec'd May) used ALASKA FCC to pay for Oct 2020 Quebec to FL in May. Oct 2020 cruise cancelled by RCL in June. Oct 2020 DEPOSIT (Taxes, Fees, etc) refunded and rec'd in June At this point there was no news on FCC. Last week or TA reached o
  5. @twangster, yes all well appointed igloos have curtains. @Lovetocruise2002 try getting your genie on the next cruise to get you ketchup chips. The ultimate test!
  6. High deck or low deck? Forward, Aft or Mid ship for cabin location?
  7. I can confirm not all member have access to edit that value. I do not see it either.
  8. If it has been over 45 days and you booked through a travel agent, have them follow up. We heard reports that some refunds have 'Fallen through the cracks' and so we had our agent follow up today and this was confirmed. We don't have the refund yet but were told 7-10 days.
  9. Echoing the thumbs up for John. I emailed him a couple questions last night and he replied within minutes! Thanks to the @AnnetteJackson and the MEI team for all their work on our behalf!
  10. Not much mystery in mine. Total lack of creativity and the mvannie of twitter and periscope is a legacy from when usernames could only be 7 charaters (thank you NOVELL)
  11. At first I saw the old background too until I pressed CTRL-F5 to refresh and now I get the updated ones.
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