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  1. I may be wrong here but formal nights seem to coincide with sea days. That said, there are still come itinerary changes that need to flow through in the Cruise Planner since the addition of Perfect Day to replace Roatan. Presently they are still offering Mason Jar Brunch on day 2 when we are at Coco Cay. Generally this is only on sea days as well.
  2. Itinerary change is reflected in the calendar on Cruise Planner but they do not seem to have reloaded the excursions, etc. to match.
  3. I have found that it depends upon the currency in which your cruise was booked. Since we now book through a travel agent (shout out to MEI Travel) in US dollars, all our cruise planner purchases are in USD. In the past when we booked ourselves in Canadian dollars the cruise planner purchases were in CAD.
  4. Canon has a tutorial app called Canon Coach that had a few guides on using a camera with more settings than the typical Point and Shoot. https://canon.ca/en/product?name=Canon_Coach&category=/en/products/Software-Solutions/Camera---Camcorder-Apps
  5. Quick update about return to Canada after April 1 and no test required. I registered with ArriveCAN for DW and I however I did not pay super close attention to the spelling of my last name. On MOST of my identification my last name has a space in it, and this is true of my passport. My NEXUS card however has my last name without a space. My ArriveCAN did not have the space and so while I was allowed to enter without any issue at the airport, I have now been getting daily check ins reminding me to be quarantining for 14 days. I am not truly required to do so as I am fully vaccinated but there is apparently no way for them to stop the system from contacting me. I will continue to answer their questions and take it as a lesson learned. All my life I have had to ask people looking me up in their computer systems to check with and without the space in my last name so I should have known better.
  6. Thanks everyone. I feel better that we have scheduled our tests at Shoppers here in Canada and that seems to be a common and proven from the replies. I'd just hate to get all the way to Fort Lauderdale and have trouble.
  7. Has anyone had experience where their test is not accepted when attempting to board? We have plans to test but with the variety of test ms available in just worrying that maybe I get all the way there and the decide they don’t like ours. It feels kind of irrational but still it is stuck in my brain.
  8. Thanks! The FAQ page on the RCL site says submit in the question but never anywhere in the answers.
  9. First time cruising in 2 years and I cannot seem to get clear in my mind if we need to upload test results or just being them with me. We sail April 3 and have completed check in with the exception of "Health & safety" which says we need to answer April 2. Is that where we would do an upload? Thanks in advance.
  10. Has anyone tried the Switch Health tests from Air Canada for entry to US as well as boarding ship? Curious to know your experiences.
  11. Thanks everyone for the great information here! Can you please tell me how long it took to receive your test kits once ordered and what shipping method was used?
  12. We haven’t used at port, but a screenshot from our phones of the ONT vaccination with barcode and 3 doses was approved on app check in in 3 days. fyi, I used booster date not second dose.
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