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  1. I have cancelled the following which still show on Master Cruise List: Jan 22, 2022 Majesty April 1, 2022 Radiance I have the following booked, not on the list: Dec 18, 2022 Harmony GC Feb 3, 2023 Freedom Feb 6, 2023 Freedom
  2. Just booked this sailing as a replacement for our recently cancelled Jan 29 sailing on Odyssey. 03 APR Day 1 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA 04 APR Day 2 PERFECT DAY COCOCAY, BAHAMAS 05 APR Day 3 CRUISING 06 APR Day 4 PUERTO COSTA MAYA, MEXICO 07 APR Day 5 COZUMEL, MEXICO 08 APR Day 6 CRUISING 09 APR Day 7 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA
  3. Thanks. She had her left knee done 4 1/2 years ago and now it is time to do the right.
  4. We have had to cancel our booking as my wife is having a total knee replacement next week and will not be sufficiently recovered in time for this sailing.
  5. Removed Jan 29 Odyssey Added April 3 Odyssey
  6. Have fun all! First cruise that we have ever had to cancel
  7. We are getting closer. My wife can now cruise based on the changed wording surrounding time between doses (we think), but because the CDC only recognizes vaccines that are used in the US, I am still out in the cold. I have Astra Zeneca which is used in many other countries so I am hopeful that given time it will be recognized as well.
  8. Iā€™m just hopeful for a bit more time so that maybe vaccination rule change to allow us to sail as vaccinated given the Canadian protocols.
  9. Has anyone here gotten notice from RCL about moving final payment to 30 days out?
  10. Add me to this list! I have the AZ and Moderna, a combination which is not considered vaccinated by the CDC and therefore RCL. We cancelled a cruise in Oct on Allure and our next is on Odyssey in Jan. Hoping that final payment is extended so we can get a better idea what rules and protocols will be and not end up in the Refund / FCC carousel again.
  11. We have cancelled our Oct sailing on Allure due to the fact Royal requires vaccination. We are fully vaccinated but our protocol does not follow what is allowed at this time by CDC / RCL. Hoping everything changes by Jan but not holding our breath.
  12. We have booked this cruise and hope to be able to see you all again!
  13. Given the latest changes where those considered unvaccinated and the fact that CDC and therefore RCL do not recognize Canadian vaccine protocols it is beginning to look less likely that we will be able to cruise in late October. This means flights and hotels to cancel in addition to the cruise itself which will thankfully fall under cruise with confidence. Now to figure out what else we might do with 10 days of vacation...
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