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  1. Have you downloaded and started to fill out the required information on the ArriveCan (Canada) app? You can enter quite a bit of info now, but there are some parts that can't be completed until 72 hours before your ship embarks. I downloaded and filled in what I could a few weeks ago. We're set to sail on the Quantum on Monday, so I was able to complete the rest and get the required QR code this morning. Apparently, everyone who sails to Canada, whether they get off the ship there or not, has to get the ArriveCan QR code - Royal will be asking for it at the terminal. At least it's free - Bermuda charges $40/person, again, whether one gets off the ship there or not. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/05/18/how-use-the-arrivecan-app-your-alaska-cruise
  2. Also, laxative pills dental floss multi-vitamins (I like gummies!) Benadryl (good for seasickness if in the evening) GasX and prepackaged, nutritious snacks for diabetic hubby (cashews, peanuts, cracker sandwiches)
  3. Ha! I never thought about insect repellent, and it was recommended for Gumbalimba Park (in Roatan) by a fellow cruiser. We did not check the ship's store, but did look at the little stores at the pier area in Roatan. Only the small pharmacy stocked Off, at $12 for a small can! I ended up trying a bit from an "all-natural" insect repellent pump at a nearby kiosk. It must have worked, because no bugs "bugged" me at Gumbalimba. Hubby also tried a bit of the stuff on his arms, but had to quickly wash it off once the attendant pointed out that it contained aloe (he's sensitive to aloe.) Next cruise, I will try to pack our pump bottle of Deep Woods Off.
  4. We’re on the second of 4 cruises on the Adventure. So far, the Windjammer has been open for dinner. We like eating dinner in the MDR, so not sure about crowds in the WJ at that meal. Breakfast and Lunch have not been crowded in the WJ because the ship itself is not crowded ( less than 1200 for each cruise.)
  5. We’re on our second leg of 4 B2B’s on the Adventure. During the first cruise, our Cruise Director went into quarantine and Sani did assume her duties. The 2 production shows are not going on right now ( besides the ice skating show.) However, service everywhere has been great and the entertainment team remains upbeat. Tonight, several crew members were transferred to and from the Serenade, which was docked alongside us in Cozumel. The 800 point instant certificate promotion has been going, off and on, for a few months. Hubby and I have made use of it, and it’s a great deal, but once you get your certificate, don’t waste any time in booking a cruise, because the popular (summer) weeks are going fast. Oh, and the way it’s currently been working, you earn one certificate and receive it at the end of your cruise. Then, on the second day of your next cruise, you’ll receive another, similar certificate, unless you earn a “better” certificate by earning more points. However, a casino host on the Liberty warned us that this promotion could stop at any time, so take heed.
  6. Thanks for posting the video. We’re on the Adventure and she pulled into dock in Cozumel this morning (a scheduled port stop) alongside the Serenade. A few crew members shed a little light as to exactly why Serenade was here (crew being transferred both ways) but the video host also confirmed what 2 fellow cruisers told us they witnessed today: people in Hazmat suits about to escort or moving themselves to the Serenade. Our ship’s departure was delayed a few hours due to the transfers. BTW, we’ve been onboard for 2 cruises and yes, the production and ice shows have been canceled for both cruises. However, the Entertainment Team has still been great and upbeat.
  7. We just returned from B2B2B on the Independence 5 days ago. When you look at the Royal app or the Cruise Compass to check out the schedule or venues, or when making reservations for shows on the app, the status of the show or venue is clearly marked “V” for vaccinated folks only or “E” for everyone, which includes unvaccinated people. We played a lot of trivia, mostly in the Schooner Lounge, which is a vaccinated-only area. During one trivia, one family brought along a toddler. I’m not sure if they realized their mistake or a staff member said something, but I saw what I presume to be the Dad leave with the little one, only to return a few minutes later without little one. Maybe Grandma was conveniently on board, lol? Bolero’s and the Star Lounge also offered trivia and games , but I think they were mostly “E” shows. During one game in the Star Lounge, the host asked everyone to mask up because there were younger kids present. Everyone complied except for one guy. I’m not sure if he was asked to leave or he changed his mind, but I think he eventually put on his mask. We don’t drink booze, so I can’t say that we sat at the Schooner Lounge bar. However, lots of people were playing trivia or other games while sitting at the bar and drinking beer or whatever. Lots of people sat at the casino bar, as well, and because both venues are open only to vaccinated people, they had the option of wearing masks. Most chose to not wear the masks.
  8. During one of our last pre-pandemic cruises, hubby was trying to download funds from our credit card for the second time on a slot machine, and noticed that it would no longer do so. He had planned to use the money that he cashed out in other slot machines and at table games. A staff member in the casino told him that so many people try to use the slot machines as a free ATM that they allow people to use it only once and then they lock them out. After verifying that hubby was a Prime member and that he was truly trying to gamble on the slot machines, etc., they did something to unlock him and he was able to continue the process. Now we just charge the money we will use to our room - it’s tied to our credit card, there are no extra fees, and we earn double points with the credit card. If we do want actual cash, we both are currently Prime, and they will waive the transaction fee for Prime and higher-level members. However, we no longer see any point in carrying around large amounts of cash.
  9. We have 2 upcoming cruises on the Liberty - 1 in mid-October, 1 on Dec. 12. I believe that one of them originally was supposed to go to Grand Cayman and Falmouth, but now both cruises are slated for Roatan and 2 ports in Mexico.
  10. I hope so, keeping my fingers crossed!
  11. On the Independence out of Galveston? We are scheduled on the September 19th sailing on her. 2 out of our 3 bids already were "expired" (rejected) but the other said "pending" a little while ago. We are more anxious about our Covid-19 test tomorrow, but thinking about the possibility of upgrading is keeping me distracted, a little.
  12. Hubby and I are doing the same as the OP: boarding on the Oasis on November 3 through the 7th, then going on the Freedom on the 8th. Just an FYI regarding the Oasis cruise: this morning, we received an email from Royal, notifying us that, as expected, Labadee (the only port) has been dropped and will be replaced by Cozumel. Oh joy - we live in TX, and sail out of Galveston most often, with Cozumel almost always being a port of call. Back to the Freedom - we are slated for a B2B2B on her, beginning on November 8 and ending on the 19th. Both the Freedom and the Oasis will be "new" ships for us; so far, our Royal cruises have been on the Liberty, Enchantment and Majesty.
  13. We ordered the monitored home test kit set from eMed on Monday morning, and received it around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, a very hot time of day in south TX. Fortunately, the Fed Ex person rang the doorbell and hubby heard it (I thought it was a doorbell ringing on a tv commercial, lol.) Anyway, it's in our spare bedroom, and it's usually pretty cool in there.
  14. It's been 9 years, but on our cruise to Alaska, I had read a guidebook and we took a public bus to Totem Bight State Park. It was chilly and rainy at first (the sun came out later) so it was pretty much deserted on the bus and in the park - it was a cool place to visit and wander around in. I believe that we rode the bus back to town and did a little souvenir shopping, then walked back to the ship. We would love to return for a second cruise to Alaska, and since Sitka was not even an option, we'd love to go there. Our favorite port had to be Skagway - we booked an independent tour. They took us on the Yukon Railway, then a minibus that went into Canada and we stopped to eat lunch and play with the Alaskan sled puppies (and dogs) at one training "farm." It was absolutely one of our top shore excursions.
  15. We are on the same cruise. I'm wondering if the stop will be replaced by Perfect Day or Nassau (hopefully Perfect Day.)
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