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  1. I only get the Key IF I'm in a balcony room or lower. It really has no point of getting the Key when you have most of the perks given, plus extra in Sky Class rooms.
  2. So did our family. We made the cut-off via our travel agent to make it cheaper. Somehow, it was around 8000 instead of the casual 12000 - 15000 grand on a balcony for a family of 4, 3 days. 6000 for us in a family balcony (Oasis OTS) and 7 nights.
  3. It Found it! Although it doesn't have that King bed instead.
  4. Having kids with me, and we want a bigger shower w/ balcony we usually go for a JS. we don't want to spend too much for a GS, but we believe it's better to do a GS just for extra perks.
  5. Most likely what what it would be. It looks like a Freedom/Voyager Class room
  6. Worked for us perfectly. Family of 4 with the early embarkation at Cape Liberty in August was great. Internet packages were fast and never was slow. Key lunch was good as well.
  7. I'd probably take the chance IF RoyalUp is still available. Guess it would be cheaper as they're now just trying to fill the ship.
  8. Find this more comfortable rather than the Queen Size bed with the twins on the side
  9. This is an example photo I found on google, just to get an idea what the overhead bunks look like though.
  10. What ship? I may find something, but I do have a Navigator Interior room to get an idea for you.
  11. Me and my family did the same cruise! Instead, we went in August on Oasis. I beg you, please get parking at the port, it's really worth the 150 dollars. If you can, try to get the Key as well. Helped us in our vacation with early check-in, and some of the first people to leave the ship (key has priority dep, and leave at any time from 6 to 9 am).
  12. Asking a question here, what excursions do you recommend in Aruba or Curacao? My wife works with AMResorts, so she could get a day pass for my family in Curacao, as they have a resort there. I just want to find other places there maybe as well. I also want to know some good places in Aruba also.
  13. For us, it was about 1,500. We were on Oasis, so the prices could definitely be different. we got the cabanas in may, when the cruise was in august. so it was pretty late.
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