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  1. I do that all the time. I learned this tip on this blog and it saves me from bringing a lot of cash on board.
  2. I've always gotten it faster than that. I've only done on board credit. But you can also call if you don't see it in a week or so. But it's still a bit of a gamble. Not sure this helps, but it's my thoughts.
  3. I'm following as we have played other islands off the cruise ship before.
  4. I was able to do both on my last cruise on Anthem in the fall. I happened to book my cruise myself, did my MyVegas OBC and also transferred to MEI and had no issues.
  5. Just remember to tell them when you want to use it. You don't want to 'waste' one on a bottle of water, coffee or a soda unless that's what you want too.
  6. I was on Anthem last week. They had some upgrades with the Starlink in the middle of the day instead of at night. So they were down at least a couple of times that I noticed. But I guess the upgrade was worth it!
  7. FYI. In the My Vegas apps. There are a couple of Cruises departing from Brisbane, Australia. One is a 7 night for 1.5 million and the other is 8 night for 2 million. I'm hoping there will be some US ones, but I believe this blog has people from all over the world. It's the Quantum of the Seas ship.
  8. Thanks. I am on the Oct 30th cruise and I was wondering what was going on. But, I forgot I should be getting port/taxes back. From here, I will go and see if they gave it back yet.
  9. Looking at the calendar and the menus, I'm not sure if it's not doing the cruise that ongoing presently. Has 7 dinner menus. I'll look again when I get closer to the sail date. Thanks for the advice. It's appreciated.
  10. What 'themes' would they have for a 6 night cruise. I know that is not a normal amount of nights. Would there be 2 formal nights? thanks, Bob
  11. I concur. We saw a pretty good deal leaving NJ and we scooped it up. Today, I'm going to the BOA site and redeeming it like you described. Then I check every day to see if it went on my cruise yet.
  12. My wife and I are thinking of doing a Transatlantic cruise from Rome to NY on Odyssey on Nov 3, 2024. My questions (at the moment) are the following: 1) Since it's November in the Atlantic, how are the seas normally for the crossing of the Atlantic and how warm would we expect it to be on deck? 2) I've not been on Odyssey, I'm thinking that would be a good ship for the cooler weather as I've been on Anthem. 3) We were thinking of going a week beforehand to visit Italy and possibly another country or 2 as this is a once in a lifetime probably kind of trip. Any suggestions for that time of the year? Appreciate any comments and helpful hints. Thanks, Bob
  13. I would absolutely use the site you are creating. I already google the excursion and look for videos, but this would probably be my first site to check. Thanks for doing it.
  14. We ended up not doing the cruise. But in the future I would like to do it. Or we might just do two separate cruises in different years.
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