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  1. I had the question when I was on board recently which I think is what you are describing. You are on your cruise and you earn points. You then cash those points in free play lets say on day 2 of a 5 day cruise. Your points for your cruise goes back to zero on the cruise. BUT, they do not go to zero on earning for the 'yearly' total of all points or even if they have a promotion just for that particular cruise. So you play more and earn points for the next few days and before you leave the ship you cash in your free play again. You are back to zero. But your overall points does not go down and are accumulated. You go on another cruise or look online you will see you have x amount of points to get to the next level. That's how I believe it works and how it seems to work from my experience. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Even on the Anthem leaving from Cape Liberty.
  3. @twangster thanks again for all the examples. The airline one is a good one. But I do have another 2 examples below. Does this example satisfy the PVSA. I take a cruise on Ovation from Hawaii (5/2) to Vancouver (5/11). I disembark Ovation and I get on Radiance on 5/11 in Vancouver and this is a roundtrip back to Vancouver. I believe I'm good. I also could switch the ships and do this. Leave Hawaii on Radiance on April 30th and get in Vancouver (5/11). Disembark and then get on Ovation (5/11) which ends in Seattle like my original question(but 2 ships). The full trip is Hawaii to Seattle which is one American city to another, but do I get past the rules since I'm going on another ship? If it's no good, does going on another cruise line on one leg get past it? Thanks for the input.
  4. Twangster. Thanks for the reply even though I don't like the answer!! lol. I was hoping since you have to completely get off the ship on a B2B, that it might be ok. So the issue is leaving from one US port and ending in another US port? I was hoping that since there is a stop in a foreign port in the middle it would be ok. Now you are going to make me look at Sydney!! Thanks once again for the answer and all the answers you provide for people.
  5. I've read articles about doing this kind of cruise where its says you can be in violation including the Twangster one. I saw a comment from the Twangster article where there was a comment from someone where they said Royal canceled one part of their cruise when they were doing a B2B of Alaska/Hawaii. I would not want that to happen. I'm a bit OCD as I'm an analyst by trade so I just wanted to check before doing something like this cruise.
  6. The wife and I are thinking of doing a B2B to Hawaii and Alaska. The 5/2/23 leaving from Oahu (Maui, Hawaii, Vancouver) and finishing in Vancouver on Ovation. Then doing an Alaska cruise on Ovation leaving from Vancouver(Vancouver, Sitka, Juneau, Skagway, Endicott Arm and Dawes glacier, Ketchikan, Seattle) and end up in Seattle. We live on the East coast and that would kill 2 birds with one stone going to the West Coast. Would the PVSA law forbid me from doing that kind of B2B? I would not want to book something and then have one part of it canceled. I know #twangster wrote on the blog back in October of 2019 on Hawaii, but I still not sure if I'm allowed to do this B2B. Thanks for any help.
  7. There is a way to have them refund when a mistake is made. I also play for maybe 15 minutes a day. Every now and then over the years I might buy a bunch of chips for a dollar or two. I've used the app to get 3 cruises so far. I tried to have my wife use her account to get the OBC, but RCL flags that and we got our points back for that.
  8. Navigator 1100 passengers 1200 crew. January 17th 7 day
  9. Thanks. Enjoy your cruise. I've brought wine on board before but this is my first time on a B2B. Wasn't sure how it works on the 2nd leg. Thanks once again.
  10. On a B2B, can you get wine from a port in the first cruise and then they give it to you the night before which you can then bring on board for the 2nd leg?
  11. We are using the MyVegas complementary cruise for a B2B on Navigator Jan 17th and then the 24th. One of the cruises I already upgraded to a Balcony. The other I'm still in an inside cabin. My question is, how can I calculate what I'm offered originally and for me to try and get an upgrade and what the price should be. On my last cruise on Adventure, I was able to upgrade a few times and depending who I got, I received difference responses. I know that is common, if you don't get what you want call again. My example for my 7 day cruise is the cruise fare is 965. Right now it's at around 550. Let's say Ocean view is 1100. Do I go off of (or tell them) 1100-965 or is it 1100-550?? I only got off of Adventure 2 months ago and I don't quite remember how I was able to eventually upgrade to a jr suite. I'd like to do the math on my end before I get on the phone with them. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  12. I went December 1st sailing from Galveston. It was the easiest time we have ever had getting on and off. We parked close to the ship and was on the road in about 20 minutes or so. This was pre-omicron so we had no problem with any activity and no issues with dining. We did the MyTime dining. Hopefully someone gives you a more updated cruise experience.
  13. We did the Mayan Ruins part and we loved it. Unfortunately our sail time leaving Galveston was changed to a later time and they had to cancel this excursion so we just did the Mayan ruins part. Highly recommend it.
  14. My wife and I like to golf, so I'm contacting the courses and we might just do things on our own as well. Enjoy your trip. If you don't mind replying back to let me know how it went. We are looking to see how easy it is to get off the ship and thru customs. On adventure a couple of weeks ago, it took maybe 10 minutes to get off the ship and thru customs to my car which was only feet away. For this LA trip, we have a noon flight from Long Beach which I know i'm cutting it close. thanks, Bob
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