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  1. We ended up not doing the cruise. But in the future I would like to do it. Or we might just do two separate cruises in different years.
  2. I think you are running into what I ran into as I didn't know the fine print. I didn't get to 800 till the last night late. I logged on the the casino royale website and saw complimentary cruises. It said complementary but it wasn't. I called the next day or the 2nd day after the cruise. I was told I needed to do it on the ship. I complained to the rep and they talked to the supervisor and allowed me to get an interior room on a select sailing. If I ever get that 800 points again on a cruise, I won't make the same mistake. I wish the casino rep on board had said something to me. I went to them a number of times. A heads up would have been nice. Hope this helps.
  3. Congrats on the big win. We spend a bit of time in the casino as that is where they get my money... What game were you playing if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I edited my response here. The program must have been different as I found my original paperwork. I actually did this in 2013. The contract says specifically no expiration date. I'm betting that they changed the program as this was a new program it says in the paperwork. Now I just have to contact them which should be a lot of fun.
  5. I've had a next cruise that I put a deposit down in 2015. It shows up in my reservations still. The travel agency that I had is out of business so I wanted to change it to MEI. I call Royal up to see if I could do that or if I just have to do it when I want to do a cruise. They said my next cruise expired because I had to use it within one year. The 200 I put in is forfeited they said. I don't remember that being the case at all. I thought you can book it anytime in the future with no expiration date. Before I send a not so nice email to where they said to send an email to that handled agency changes, I would like to get the experts which is usually the people on this board. Thanks and if I'm wrong, then that is on me. I would never had done it in the first place.
  6. We just got back from a cruise from Miami port. We stayed at the Aloft by the airport and it was very nice. Was extremely reasonably priced. Close to some restaurants and a starbucks. We parked in their lot for $7 a day and we ubered to and from the port. Could not have been much easier. The uber was around 23-25 each way.
  7. Wife and I are thinking of doing a TA from Cape Liberty(we live in nj) to Rome. It's on the Enchantment, which I know is a smaller ship. The cruise is pretty cheap for the amount of days. I have some concerns that I figure others here could give their opinions. I look at it as a good way to get to Italy for pretty cheap. Almost the same as a flight from the NY area to Rome. 1) The ship is on the smaller side with not as much to do as compared to the bigger ships. Is that a possible problem? 2) is going across the Atlantic the first week of May a problem in the smaller ship and would it be warm enough to even go in the pools? 3) Do they do anything extra in regards to entertainment on such a long cruise. I'm aware, the production shows would be the same, but what about the other entertainment? 4) is the menu different on such a long cruise? 5) Do you go stir crazy on such a long trip? We have done an 11 day before but that was on Anthem or Explorer. 6) Once in Italy, would you recommend a travel agent as we would want to stay a few more days. thanks in advance for any help. It's a lot of time off of work and I already have 2 other week long vacations in 2023. So on the fence.
  8. It takes a couple of weeks usually for there the obc to show up on your reservation. I believe at that point you can use for any any pre cruise purchases.
  9. Just got onboard Freedom and found out due to the storm they canceled perfect day and Nassau. Bummed about perfect day. Going to Jamaica. I know they can't control the weather and they made the best of a bad situation. They refund port fees I believe, but do they do anything anything.
  10. No luck yet. Still says submitted. I board in the morning. I only did around the lowest bid.
  11. I'm on Freedom of the seas out of Miami. It's a 4 night cruise. Going to Myrtle the week before and figured since I'm half way there, let's go on a cruise.
  12. Per person. I'm hoping to 'win' my Royal Up for my Nov 7th cruise. The last year during covid times, I was successful every time. I was lucky.
  13. yes. It doesn't have to be just used on the machines. Any of the bars will fill it up.
  14. My memory is gone. I don't remember if it was there or not. I believe there was something i'll call past where the lounge chairs were and it was a paid option. IF that is the day beds, then I think it is there. I hope someone else can let you know. IF it's on the planner as an item to buy, then I would also assume it's there.
  15. Yes it has the free lounge chairs. A bar there. Volleyball net. towel station if I remember correctly. Food which was very good. It also had these rafts out in the water that you can use if I remember it was that beach. Fun getting in and out of the raft. Had a swim out bar too. I think you could walk it. If my memory is wrong about any of this. Please correct me anyone.
  16. I concur with SpeedNoodles. My wife and I went to each beach last week and found that South Beach had very few kids, if any. We liked that one the best as it was the least crowded as well.
  17. I was just looking for an answer to this question and you beat me to creating the post. if I can add, is there any with free parking or free shuttle to the port?
  18. I also played craps and poker. Poker gets you no points. I look at it as entertainment. But it certainly is not fun losing!!! So if you are looking to gain enough points to make a prime status in the casino royale, then i'd include some slots. I think prime status is 2500 points. If you are looking to enjoy yourself. Do what makes you happy. I went into this particular cruise to see if I could get enough points to get a 'free' cruise. So I played slots more than anything and I was lucky with some days even ahead. Toby above is right, if you bet 3-5 dollars a spin you accumulate points faster. I didn't bring that much money with me to do that consistently. I hope that helps and I would do whatever makes you happy as you on a RCL criuse! One tip is if you play a lot of card games and you think you are not getting enough points, see the casino host and they might be able to adjust it a bit. Others on this forum would have better knowledge on that.
  19. slots by far give you the most points. I disagree how they do the points on card games and craps but my opinion doesn't change things!
  20. Thanks to everyone that answered as that helped a lot. It was my mistake for not asking specifically what the rules are from the casino host. I was assuming, and you know the saying, that it worked like when we went last year and earned points. That you go to the casino royale site and there are $ amount off the cruises all thru the year. This cruise actually was a free cruise from the casino royale site even though she had only earned a 100$ off offers for this past year. Thanks once again. I had a very helpful person on the phone last night and they gave me a one time exception and we go on Freedom in November.
  21. Thanks for the info. I'd still like if anyone is on board to send a picture of the sheet for my own benefit of where I missed that. On the sheet they put in my stateroom door I see where it says that. I had talked to the casino host a few times and I wish one of them had mentioned that.
  22. I'm not quite sure how this is supposed to work. I gambled last week on Oasis and Oasis had a sheet by the casino host that had point values and what you can get for it. I should have taken a picture. If you are on Oasis right now if you could send me or put the picture of what that sheet says, I'd appreciate it. I had about 900+ points. I knew it gave me 250 off a new cruise but it also said you are awarded a free interior room. I'm on the phone with Casino Royale and I'm not confident I'm going to get the correct information. The sheet they put in my room was before I got to the level of the free interior room. Does anyone know the rules of this? Did I need to book it at the next cruise office on board? Do I need to book the cruise by 30 days from the end of my cruise? If so, I did not see that on the sheet at the casino host. Any information would be appreciated.
  23. I have both ready. I have an older phone and I'm not taking the chance of it having issues. The paper seem to go very quickly as the bar code is a lot easier for the staff to click then then phone it seemed.
  24. I just got off the Oasis on Sunday. They were over 100 percent occupancy. This was our first time on an Oasis class ship and it did not feel too crowded most of the time. I was pleasantly surprised about that. I was able to get lounge chairs near the pool and was pleasantly surprised. There are some lines for main dining room and wind jammer especially the first couple of days. Then I think people realized all the other places you might want to get lunch. We live in NJ and I have to say getting to the port was a breeze. Once you get near the ship, there was a wait to finally get to the ship but not too bad. We took our own luggage getting off the ship. We left our room around 715 and I walked basically right off the ship and to my car and was home in about an hour and my house is an hour away. Shows were busy and I suggest reserving all the shows you want that first day. I would suggest if you do Mytime dining that you do that before you go on the ship. If you do any specialty dining I would suggest doing as soon as you get on the ship as they were limited in the spots open. I did not try royal up this time, but I did talk to a guy who did 'win' the royal up he was going for. I have no idea what his bid was thou. Enjoy your cruise.
  25. We have been on 3 cruises this year and we had to upload our vaccination info. We have a cruise on 9/11. I received the sailing checklist email today and it mentions to make sure you upload the vaccination doc. I've looked multiple times the past 2 weeks on both the online and the smartphone app and I do not see where they ask for that or to upload. Is it not needed anymore since it's past the Sept 5th date where everything after that date and that the cruise is less than 10 days? I don't want to arrive at the terminal and find out I messed up.
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