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  1. I filled out the orange application on the home page and I heard back from Jenn Greene. Wondering if anyone is familiar with her?
  2. I'm travelling to Alaska in Sept. If anyone does or has done the "Best of Skagway" excursion could you please post your opinion on if it was worth it. Thank you in adavance.
  3. Assuming this has to be true, but hate to assume anything.
  4. Has anyone ever used Whatsapp? Thinking of giving this a try.
  5. We are cruising in 3 weeks and last week the 4yr old was + for covid. PCR test done, and we'll get a certificate of recovery from her MD. Does anyone know if this means she no longer needs to do 3 day prior and at port testing?
  6. All the more reason I hope they release some.
  7. I just sent in my reimbursement form. Get a reimbursement form from your insurance carrier online, print a copy of both the charged email and the Rx approval from emed (that's your prescription) and submit by mail. Waiting to see how much my insurance pays me still.
  8. I was excited to see sailings out of Boston. We live very close and would love to sail from this port. I see a few for fall 2022 but none in 2023. Is it just to early - not released schedule yet? Any thoughts.
  9. Any recommendations which side of the ship may be best for Alaska sailings from Seattle. I realize sailing to and from you will see both views from balcony. I was thinking more of seeing Glaciers and ports.
  10. Thank you for that suggestion. That's a great idea, will do that.
  11. We are driving to port, so no TSA. Am I allowed through the terminal checks with medications OTC and prescription out of original packaging? I would like to use daily med organizer instead. I thought I heard this was ok, but I just want to confirm. Thanks for your help.
  12. Last September I saw a few vloggers that went to Alaska. Check out youtube to get a feel for it. We're going in September too but on the 9th.
  13. Thank you for this information. I'm very fair skinned also, so will need a good brand.
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