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  1. Is anyone having trouble with the app today? I downloaded an update and now can't do anything.
  2. I am doing 3 solos in 2022. One to Greece. Never did solo before. A bit nervous.
  3. Do you think they will still add more excursions for Nassau? I am stopping there on my February cruise and there are a lot more to choose from.
  4. Thanks for the heads up!!! Just changed my time also.
  5. I booked a Thrill Water Cabana and the zipline for my group. I wanted to do the beach club, but I couldn't pass up the cabana with the water park included for the 5 of us. The zipline is a bucket list item. Hope I can climb all those stairs! Wish Nassau would get updated. I sure hope it isn't only those 3 offerings.
  6. I sure hope they are going to offer more than these and with some type of discount!!! This is making me a bit anxious. We are now 3 weeks away and no plans for port stops.
  7. That is exactly how I feel. If Freedom does not have a change in its itinerary then it is possible that the best of say something like the Thrill Water Park cabanas may have already been taken. Plus will there be any deals offered to us or have they already been offered and now have expired.
  8. Did anyone else get there vaccine status email? I still have not received mine. When I tried going on my account to view my boarding pass or edit check-in I get a pop-up that says they are currently unavailable.
  9. Got the email too. I do not see the excursions reflecting those changes up yet.
  10. Thank you for the positive thoughts.
  11. This is my daughter's 40th Birthday present. As part of the gift I tacked on 2 nights in Miami Beach. So we will be arriving on the 1st from Delaware. This complicated the whole 2 day restriction for required testing, so I purchased the kits from Royal which we will do when we get to Miami. I would much rather have done it from home in case someone of the 5 of us ends up positive.
  12. Thank you. I thought in the past I had it earlier than that.
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