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  1. My husband and I both played too (we were supposed to use it end of September/beginning of October) and we were both able to redeem our own rewards. We emailed them each from our personal emails and they applied a total of $150 OBC. We never had issues before (we did this for our honeymoon at the beginning of this year). Good luck!
  2. My husband and I did 4 days on Mariner in January and it was the perfect amount of time! There was also plenty to do and take advantage of when at port! We were supposed to be on Oasis for 7 days a couple weeks ago but #rona. We're hoping to do the same one next fall! Happy Planning!!
  3. We would have boarded Oasis yesterday out of NYC for our 7 days cruise in the Bahamas for our anniversary. We would have been enjoying a nice sea day today
  4. There are so many memories from our honeymoon this past January on Mariner! This was both our second cruise (he was 13 when his family did a Carnival cruise and I was a senior in college on Majesty)! We loved watching a movie on the pool deck while enjoying some drinks, we loved our jet ski excursion at Coca Cay and our sunset cruise at Nassau! We loved hanging out at the English Pub with our favorite bartender, Anthony as well as Schooners with Charlene! The best part (as cliché as it sounds) loved being together and being cut off from the real world! We were supposed to be making more memori
  5. Majesty will always hold a special place in my heart! It was the very first cruise ship I went on- 4 days out of Miami, to Coca Cay (before the remodel-2009), Nassau and Key West!
  6. I caved and watched it! I told my husband about it and he's like, "you're only watching it for the ship aren't you". He's not lying . It was cheesy but cute. Today would have been 32 days until we sailed on Oasis out of Jersey! My in-laws planned a family vacation and we were really looking forward to this (as I'm sure most of you were/are). Hoping to cruise on her next year!
  7. I was supposed to be on this same cruise with my husband and in-laws ! Personally, if I am going on a cruise, I would prefer to leave from somewhere warm. I'm from Western NY, and the weather is very unpredictable. You could leave in the middle of a snow storm with temps in the teens or you could luck out and leave with temps in the upper 30s low 40 (depending on when you would be leaving in March). I don't think you could go wrong with staying in the Oasis class. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you can sail then!
  8. 1. Going back to Coco Cay after 11 years seeing the remodel and sharing this fun time with my husband! 2. Emuster drills!!!
  9. Thank you everyone!! This is much appreciated!! You're all AMAZING!!
  10. Please forgive me for this topic. I was reading past posts about the FCC and I just feel overwhelmed (and still slightly confused). My husband and I are very fortunate to have his parents pay for a family cruise vacation (for 7 of us). We are (fingers crossed) expected to leave September 27 from NJ on Oasis. With everything going on, my mother-in-law really wants to cancel the cruise and reschedule for a later date. They only paid for the deposit right now (which I think was around $1,800 for 7 of us (4 staterooms, 2 interior and 2 balcony). The final payment is due at the end of June. I do un
  11. I would recommend using the salon on board. While I've only used them for massages, I would trust them more than using a salon at port. Congratulations by the way. My husband and I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary on October 4!
  12. Matt just posted something. This isn't true: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/04/01/no-royal-caribbean-did-not-extend-its-cruise-cancellations-until-september
  13. I am a sucker for wings but since we were first time cruisers, we honestly did not want to spend extra money when most things were included!! I heard the wings are really good!! Happy cruising!!
  14. My husband and I went on Mariner this past January for our honeymoon. We did not try any specialty restaurants (and kind of regret not trying at least one). We heard Chops Grill was really good!! I really wanted to try Izumi but my husbands hates Chinese food/hibachi and sushi. We really enjoyed the Dog House and I ordered some fries at Playmakers which were actually pretty damn good (Playmakers you do have to pay for the food. Fries were about $3). Also, by the pool is a self-serve soft serve ice cream!! At Coco Cay, they have a make your own taco bar which was AMAZING!! They had fresh ingred
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