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  1. Or when you keep checking the blog to see if anything new has happened. We all know @Matt is the first to share any breaking news
  2. I ended up bringing my big Vera Bradley bag to Coco Cay. It stored well in the lockers and held a bunch of mine and my husbands belongings. I think a small backpack would have been fine too for us. If our cruise happens for November, I will just carry my small backpack for convenience
  3. My husband was actually able to snag one a few months ago. We will be on Adventure in November going to Mexico. I'm hoping this cruise will happen as our Oasis cruise was cancelled last September. We upgraded our room to a balcony so the total cost for us was around $500 (if we stuck with an inside cabin, it would have been around $100 for us) He wants me to save my points/coins to try and win another one!
  4. We were there in Jan of 2020 and two ships were there, Mariner and Grandeur. Granted one ship was smaller but it did not feel crowded at all! My husband and I spent a majority of the time at Oasis Lagoon and we had our own little spot in the pool! There is so much to do on the island that it does not feel like you are on top of one another. Happy sailing!
  5. @teddyGlad to hear you were not ready to get off! My husband and I have a 5 day cruise to Mexico planned for November! We did Mariner in Jan 2020 for our honeymoon and loved it!
  6. I was just going to mention NCL cancelling June cruises. The only other thing I can think of is maybe some test cruises I'm a pretty optimistic person but I don't see cruises happening anytime soon sadly
  7. After what Biden said last night (hopeful all Americans will have access to the vaccine by May 1), I'm guessing August 1. Fingers crossed!
  8. Just keep an eye out for price drops, You can always reprice
  9. I agree with @Matt and @WannaCruise. I would recommend getting two rooms especially if you're having teenagers at the time! It will be nice because you won't risk waking them or having to share space! If you can afford it, I would get two connecting rooms IMO! Good Luck and here's to hoping we are sailing by then!
  10. This would be wonderful as my husband and I have one scheduled in November. Hopefully by then we'll be cruising or have some test sailings
  11. @DublinFCWe aren't getting out hopes up either, but it would be nice @Momof4crazytocruiseif they require masks on the pool deck, I'm right there with you, I'll make sure I always have a drink in my hand
  12. My husband and I have talked about this A LOT lately. We (fingers crossed) have a cruise planned for November. We are already planning on getting the vaccine and have been really good about wearing masks in public (we had COVID this past November-he worse than me). If RC were to require masks, we would still go! I understand wearing a mask when you're inside (ie elevators, walking to your table at the MDR, etc).But, if you're outside and RC is only operating at 50% capacity, I don't think you should wear a mask IMO. I am in no way an anti-masker, but if you're outside and able to social distan
  13. Good morning! Has anyone stayed in a balcony on Adventure of the Seas (or similar) on the bump out? I did Google search of the room we are staying in but I am having a hard time picturing what it may look like from the balcony. We are also near the elevators. Can this get noisy? When we were on Mariner, we stayed all the way back in the aft on a corner room and loved it! Thanks for the help/tips/advice
  14. OMG thanks so much @Matt! I'll look all this over! Fingers crossed we can sail in November!
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