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  1. My only cruise so far was when I was about 10 years old (22 years ago). It was a 7 night cruise on Majesty. During the trip I somehow became "popular" on the ship. I was a big kid who always looked older for my age who would be on the basketball court and occasionally the hot tub having a great time. I had the soda package and would just use the fountain dispensers... One of the nights I wasn't feeling to well and I stayed in the room during dinner. My mother went to one of the bars and asked the bartender to use the phone. Keep in mind that I'm 10 years old. The BARTENDER asked if she was calling the room to check on (my name). She was all kinds of confused and was wondering if I had been a regular ordering drinks at the bar. It is something that we laugh about to this day.
  2. Two... I want the jobs that some of you guys have!! Six plus sailings booked...one day....one day.
  3. I have a hard time calling Fireball a whiskey. I've served it with Coke plenty of times but never cream soda...now that I'm thinking about it, that should be a nice flavor combo. The Chata/Fireball combo is a little better over ice. Back on topic: I'm thinking Royal would have a little issue with taking those creamer cups on board because of the alcohol content.
  4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch shots. Tasty but a sticky mess at the end
  5. Try it with some Dr. Pepper, its my go to when I'm at home.
  6. @SpeedNoodles I'll do it for the low cost of a four night drinking package. Your move twangster
  7. That...that just sounds exhausting. Anyways, if you both have the drink package there shouldn't be much of an issue if you are ever asked about sharing drinks.
  8. Certified Personal Trainer here. Losing weight on a cruise sounds like a myth but I'll give it a shot. Keep in mind that much of the food will be high in sodium so with the water retention it can temporarily tip the scales until you're back home. WATER is your best friend always! Avoid juices, to high of sugar content. Be active! Swim, walk/jog/run around the track. Stairs instead of the elevator. WATER is still your best friend. Try out the gym and if you're feeling adventurous, take a class with some of your new friends. Meal time will be the challenging part since you aren't preparing it yourself and you paid to enjoy your trip. While I'm not a nutritionist, here's what I can tell you. Avoid your appetizers that are breaded and fried. Salads with little to no dressing will help. The bread basket will look and smell amazing, try not to go in to deep there. Since you're trying to enjoy your trip I would maybe focus more on portion size versus what you're taking in. Hard to judge specific calorie count ect. since you won't be preparing it yourself. Dessert...maybe a nice coffee without a ton of cream or sugar. Water...and its friend, water. Add some lemon or orange slices to help flavor it. One thing that most of us don't do is also get plenty of sleep/recovery. Helps with the weight loss process and overall well being.
  9. The 18% that I keep seeing...does that just show up on the bill at the end of the trip?
  10. While this would be a lot of fun for cruisers, it would have to be a logistical nightmare for any company to try this for so many reasons!
  11. Was able to book through Chrome in early February. When I tried to book my second one a little later I was able to get all the way until the point of putting down the deposit and it wouldn't go through. Tried a different card in case it was that...nope. Tried it in Incognito as well as jumping on different computers, nothing worked. Was happy to be able to call in and still get the deal that I was looking for. And it is never good news when an IT department is suggesting Internet Explorer as your browser.
  12. Welcome to the best forum around! @twangster and @SpeedNoodles have been helpful and fun while answering my questions here. Hope you and your son enjoy your trip!! Be sure to let us know!
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