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  1. Thanks for taking me back 20 years! Was really cool to see some familiar sights!
  2. PhantomWolf

    Are we only ones who don't book suites?

    My best friend just booked a suite on the same sailing as me in September. It'll be awhile until I'm in a place financially to be able to do that, but you better believe I will be taking full advantage of his! Otherwise it'll be the dark interior for this guy for couple years.
  3. PhantomWolf

    Deluxe Beverage package

    I've also heard the 4 days left rule, so I don't think you'll be able to do your final 2 days like that. Since my sailing is only 4 nights, I didn't dig in to much. I went ahead and did the drink package/internet deal. Seemed cleaner and easier to do, plus the added benefit of spreading out the cost of the trip.
  4. SpeedNoodles gets it! Can't wait to try one of these out, heard so much about them!
  5. PhantomWolf

    Documents for in Port?

    Solo traveler here, so when I found out Royal was doing the 60% off on the "second person", I had to jump at it. My vacations have been few and far between, so I'm really itching to go! I like the idea of possibly finding deals and cheaper rates 🙂 My idea was to just book it and save up for the trip without much worry. Bought the drink package and an excursion already, love that I'm able to spread out the cost of the trip this way instead of getting the sticker shock at the very end.
  6. PhantomWolf

    Documents for in Port?

    Thanks Twang! I'm new here and still need to get caught up on the abbreviations for everything. What's TWIC?
  7. PhantomWolf

    Documents for in Port?

    Thanks! The chances of me missing the ship will be slim to none, I'm the guy that's annoyingly early to everything. I'm excited for sure, kinda wish I hadn't booked it so far in advance because I am ready to go now! YouTube and this blog will helped get me prepped but its still to far out. I do hope that this is the start of a new tradition for me.
  8. PhantomWolf

    Documents for in Port?

    Thanks Jane! I'd rather not carry my passport around off of the ship if I can help it. Don't want to have to worry about it getting wet, lost, or stolen.
  9. Hey everyone, first time poster! The last time I cruised I was a child, so I really had no idea what was going on as far as traveling, just showed up and had a good time. Sadly that was 20 years ago. I understand what I need for documentation for first getting onto the ship. My question is what all do I need to take on my person when I leave the ship at the ports of call? (Navigator in September: Perfect Day and Nassau) Just looking to not weigh myself down with unnecessary items. Thanks!