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  1. Well that's all kind of unfortunate. I'm now 0-2 this year with my Royal bookings...
  2. Basically taking my name off while adding her's onto the sailing all while paying for it.
  3. No. I am the only one listed on the itinerary.
  4. I had put a deposit down for a sailing in 2020, and since then I have accepted a teaching position and it would be during the school year. I was wondering if you guys had any experience with gifting/transferring a sailing to someone else and if there are any suggestions of trying to do so as painlessly as possible. My plan is to pay off the sailing and gift it to my mom for a milestone birthday. Thinking an issue for her would be accessing the cruise planner on RC's website.
  5. I don't know what a PNR is but one thing that helped me during this recent mess of travel is just being persistent with calling or being transferred to someone who may be able to help you. It became very clear to me that not everyone is on the same page nor has the same information. I spoke with at least 5 different RC reps the last few days and not one of them had the same information as the other.
  6. Skip a couple of commercials and maybe send a few less advertisement emails!!! I kept them in a separate folder for August. 48 ads in 31 days...
  7. I was told by the first person I should receive an email with the voucher around September 20th, and the person who actually cancelled my trip (third time's a charm) said if I don't receive it in a week, that I should give them a call. Next time I will 100% be using a travel agent!!
  8. 2nd one came back for now. I'll wait about a week to check back in on it. Let things calm down over there.
  9. *For cancelling Navigator's shortened sailing* No thanks...I'm not paying full price airfare for a laughable attempt at a vacation. I'm a very calm and understanding person when it comes to call centers/customer service. They shouldn't be punching bags...but this has to be shared. Was on the phone for two hours yesterday to cancel my sailing and flight. The first person in reservations didn't listen to what I was trying to do, she eventually transferred me to someone to Air2Sea once I thought I was done cancelling my sailing. The A2S rep said that I couldn't get a refund and it would have to be credit (fine no problem) but I would have to contact the airline to use that credit (turns out that ALL of that was wrong). I then made sure to get transferred back to reservations to make sure my trip was cancelled. The first rep DIDN'T cancel it. So I had the second rep do that...so I thought... Airline couldn't help me because they couldn't see the total they would be crediting me for and I would have to call A2S back. So another call to them revealed that I COULD get a full refund for the flight..great lets do that, I'm done being passed around..."but you need to cancel your trip" --I did that yesterday...TWICE-- "We are showing its still active" ***table flip*** Took THREE times to get my trip cancelled and to get a confirmation email! While I'm getting a voucher for the cancelled sailing...I'm not excited to ever try and deal with RC again. Sure they are super busy but no two people had the same information to give me!! On top of all of this my trip for 2020 has disappeared off of my list of upcoming travel. (no email received for canceling this) All I've paid is the deposit but WTH?!!
  10. I know this wasn't for me but I figured I'd share. Spent 2 hours and 18 minutes on the phone. Maybe 8 of them speaking with a real person...the rest was repetitive ads. (Did you know Jamie Oliver has restaurants with RC? I will have nightmares about this) Since I know that it is chaos down there I tried to be nice and joking with the people I spoke with. The first RC person I spoke with wasn't helpful and didn't listen to me but she at least got things started. Receiving 100% credit for the sailing to use at a later date and am getting money back for the drink package and excursion bought with my credit card. There was still a sizable shortfall with my Air2Sea booking. She said that was non refundable. "Not acceptable, transfer me to someone who can help me". Representative from Air2Sea was helpful and was able to get me a credit through the airline. So now I will be calling them up to see what my options are, but at least I'm not being forced to make the choice of flying into a hurricane damaged area with no place to stay for a few days, or lose my money. Once done with him I was transferred back to RC's line so I could confirm that my booking was in fact cancelled. Come to find out the first person didn't even finish cancelling my booking and I fear I would have been on the hook if I didn't not ask for the confirmation. Should be receiving the voucher around September 20th. Good luck everyone!
  11. I'm over forty minutes in...its continuous ads, I would kill for some regular crappy music at this point! Last night after feeling insulted by the Navigator 2 night sailing offer (not paying for airfare and using my limited PTO to have half a vacation to then have to fly again to use the other half of my missed trip) I tried to call their "24 hour line". Even tried the line the RCtwitter person gave me...got the same "office is closed" answer and got disconnected.
  12. Headed out on Navigator Monday! Wish me luck!
  13. My trip on Navigator leaves two weeks from tomorrow! Nailing down my travel plans for the day. (Don't have the vacation time to get to Miami the day before) I booked my flight through Air2Sea (flight is on American), I was wondering what is the process of getting my ticket/boarding pass? Will A2S send me an email for that? Will it come from American? This is the one part of the whole trip that I am totally clueless on. Figured I'd come to you fine people first to see if there were any tips/hints you could give. Leaving from Miami.
  14. Cash is king but I've heard of people leaving phone cards before.
  15. I watch Royal Caribbean Blog videos and visit this page 😎 40 days until Navigator!
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