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  1. Just spent about 2 hours in total on hold but I was able to get my June sailing on Navigator upgraded in a big way! Went from an interior room to an ocean view balcony and I'm getting $60 back after the entire process! It was very much worth the wait! Just saying if you have an upcoming sailing, it might not be the worst idea to give them a call now with everything going on. Figure the worst that they could say was "no we can't help you". Good luck and stay healthy everyone!
  2. Planning ahead for June's trip and was wondering what everyone enjoys doing in Miami. Will be arriving in the afternoon the day before the sailing and will also have a lot of time after getting off of the ship upon returning. This 30 something is looking for YOUR restaurant, shops, club ideas...as the internet has almost too much information.
  3. I'd pay for the upcharge to get the virtual in a heartbeat this way! Heck if I'm being offered two cruises I would sleep in a room that only fit a bed and space to stand my suitcase up. I'll find a way to get cleaned up and brush my teeth.
  4. Going in June on Navigator. I plan on hitting up the spots that are "free". After that I'm going to hop back on the ship and try to take advantage of the smaller amount of people on board.
  5. I will be using the "free" areas of the island for a short time and then will be taking advantage of the less crowded ship.
  6. Can confirm! Its sweet and easy to drink. Plus its fun to make/see be made.
  7. Before the nonsense of Hurricane Dorian, my biggest mistake was booking my arrival to the port city the day of embarkation. Even though I didn't go on the sailing, I was feeling the stress of having the flight the same day. Will not be making that mistake this summer and will see a little what Miami has to offer.
  8. I mean if a multi-billion dollar company with its billion dollar ship wants to change its entire year around my two days... come on..I'm not that big of a narcissist. I booked my trip for the only time of year that it was available for me. I don't have the ability to take trips whenever I want. Thought my first cruise as an adult would be fun. Thought that if something like a major hurricane would occur that Royal would have been able to handle it well. Maybe they did for a lot of people but every time I tried to get something handled it was a mess. I expect lots of people her
  9. That's great for you. Mine didn't after hours of being on the phone and getting bounced around (insert travel agent plug here) and again it took their customer service team three different tries to finally cancel my trip. The details are lengthy but I found it to be unacceptable and the fact that my FCC didn't get generated was the cherry on top. I like this community here. I really liked Royal and wanted them to be the company I took my trips with. I'll give them a shot...But I'm going to need to be blown away if I'm going to ever consider traveling through them after the FCC gets us
  10. My issue was that they shortened the trip instead of canceling or rerouting. Not paying full price airfare for half a trip that I may not even be able to get to. I was also told that when I would book another trip that it would be waiting for me/connected to my account. Assumed the person knew what they were talking about.
  11. I thought going through RC would turn out to be a great decision, however I've been met with nothing but incompetence and frustration. My sailing was unfortunately during the time Hurricane Dorian was around. My 4 night sailing was trimmed to 2, a decision I have issues with, but ultimately I was able to cancel and got some of my money back because of the weather. **It took me THREE tries to get the trip completely cancelled because the people on the phone didn't do their jobs** They told me that I would receive a travel voucher for the remaining amount and it would be generated in 7-10
  12. Well that's all kind of unfortunate. I'm now 0-2 this year with my Royal bookings...
  13. Basically taking my name off while adding her's onto the sailing all while paying for it.
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