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  1. Cash is king but I've heard of people leaving phone cards before.
  2. I watch Royal Caribbean Blog videos and visit this page 😎 40 days until Navigator!
  3. Former bartender here...you are basically ingesting poison and your body is supposed to be angry with you after a night of heavy drinking. There is no "cure" but you can do some things that will lessen the pain. 1. Hydrate: before, during, after. 2. Nutrients: vitamins, electrolytes, sure a banana wouldn't hurt. 3. Have some food in you to help slow the absorption of the alcohol. (your body can only process/get rid of so much in an hour, it will stay in your blood until then) 4. Know your body! If you have personally been victimized by tequila in the past...maybe avoid that shot at the end of the night. Vodka or wine gives you headaches...you know what to do. 5. Be safe and enjoy everyone!!
  4. Goal: retire and ship hop all over the world. Maybe have a place where I could store some belongings and swap out clothes after awhile. Otherwise just travel and see the world while being waited on.
  5. Goal: retire and ship hop all over the world. Maybe have a place where I could store some belongings and swap out clothes after awhile. Otherwise just travel and see the world while being waited on.
  6. Went on Majesty of the Seas back in 97, when she was one of the newer ships. Will be headed back on the water this fall and am looking forward to doing things that I couldn't do when I was 10. I'm sure Navigator will be quite the change from what I saw 22 years ago.
  7. Disaronno (amaretto) and Dr. Pepper. Bacardi Dragonberry and Sprite (you can throw a little grenadine in as well). First one is my favorite drink and the other was my go to pour when someone asked for something fruity when I was a bartender.
  8. Once forgot our son Kevin while leaving on a family vacation. Was quite easy since it was a large group and we were running late for our flight because the power went out during the night...international flights don't wait around so we had to run through the terminal. I've been looking at lists and tweaking them for things that will fit me and my trip. Thanks to this blog the odds of me forgetting something important have decreased. But when I do inevitably forget something...I'll be here in September to share my experience. 😂
  9. The Bucs are the forgotten team that won in between the 3 SBs in 4 years for your Pats. Always could use more fans at our support group meetings on Mondays during the fall. Don't get me started on the alarm clock style uniform change...went from one of the best looks in the league to the worst.
  10. Moderators...I would like to report abusive content lol 🤣😐😫😡
  11. Buccaneers fan checking in...this is an important question
  12. My only cruise so far was when I was about 10 years old (22 years ago). It was a 7 night cruise on Majesty. During the trip I somehow became "popular" on the ship. I was a big kid who always looked older for my age who would be on the basketball court and occasionally the hot tub having a great time. I had the soda package and would just use the fountain dispensers... One of the nights I wasn't feeling to well and I stayed in the room during dinner. My mother went to one of the bars and asked the bartender to use the phone. Keep in mind that I'm 10 years old. The BARTENDER asked if she was calling the room to check on (my name). She was all kinds of confused and was wondering if I had been a regular ordering drinks at the bar. It is something that we laugh about to this day.
  13. Two... I want the jobs that some of you guys have!! Six plus sailings booked...one day....one day.
  14. I have a hard time calling Fireball a whiskey. I've served it with Coke plenty of times but never cream soda...now that I'm thinking about it, that should be a nice flavor combo. The Chata/Fireball combo is a little better over ice. Back on topic: I'm thinking Royal would have a little issue with taking those creamer cups on board because of the alcohol content.
  15. Cinnamon Toast Crunch shots. Tasty but a sticky mess at the end
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