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  1. This will be our 3rd Oasis class ship, was on Oasis and Harmony twice
  2. How difficult is it to do the test with you cell phone? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated
  3. On the Harmony now and will go from Gold to Platinum on this cruise, Just booked for the wonder next October on board and wondering what perks there are for booking a ocean view cabin? I seem to remember from Matt awhile back i believe that there was some kind of perk when you book an ocean view?
  4. Did you use a tripod or some other method to move the phone around for the proctor?
  5. Looking for suggestions of whats the easiest devise to use (Iphone, Tablet/Laptop or Computer)for taking your proctored covid test.
  6. Going on Harmony in a few weeks and all the shore excursions are sold out, are any available when you get onboard?
  7. Can anyone tell me the experation date of test they ordered from Optum?
  8. I received mine are you looking at the App or The website? Try both but you should have received them
  9. Is the bistro at the solarium open yet?
  10. Besides getting your deposit back if you cancel are there any other advantages?
  11. Can someone provide a dinner menu please
  12. Any reason why or when it will be open again
  13. How do you go about requesting a table for two in the main dining room?
  14. Is the bistro closed for some reason on Harmony
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