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  1. I was afraid of this! I'm sorry for everyone who's cruise was cancelled. It makes me more nervous about mine in August. I also hope that any changes won't suck the fun out of cruising no matter when they decide to resume. Maybe this will mean that most, if not all, ports will be back open and they won't have to change itineraries.
  2. I think it is hard for people to be told what to do. I honestly hate most sanitizers as their smell irritates my allergies, however I will endure it if it means getting back to cruising without much hassle. Making WJ a new "pay restaurant" would be a big mistake. It would cause even more people to eat in the MDR and the crowds would be atrocious! There are many cruisers, some loyal to RCCL many not, who won't cruise with RCCL if there isn't more than one free food place where they can get more than just snacks. They would choose other lines. I think that any changes would be temporary and that only loyal RCCL cruisers will be ok with dealing with them. Just my thoughts.
  3. At some point I would like an Aquatheatre suite. It would be cool to watch a performance from the balcony of my room. However, I don't think that we will have quite that much money this time. It's on the bucket list though.
  4. Considering 2 of the guests are children, ages 7 and 11, some of the extras of a royal suite, though nice, are not needed. I honestly could care less about what a roll away looks like in the room during the day since we will rarely be in there. However, the idea of 2 adjoining rooms sounds about like what we may do. We were getting 2 rooms anyway, though were unable to get adjoining rooms for my original booking. My MIL snores, so a separate room may be a good idea. All of these is hypothetical as of now. Our cruise hasn't been canceled yet. It is for the middle of August. I'm just trying to keep an open mind and see positives in all of this just in case. If you have a plan B already in the works, then if plan A goes bad you don't have to be too upset.
  5. I apologize, I was thinking of an Oasis class ship mostly. However, it would be nice to know for other classes. I have only been on Oasis class though. It sounds like I will just need to hang in there and pray that everyone starts sailing again soon. My heart truly breaks for those whose sailings were canceled. My mother has been staying with my kids while my husband and I are still working. I have promised her a day at sea where she can just do as she wishes and we won't schedule anything for her to do if she doesn't want, guilt free. After all of this is over, I think we all will need some smooth sailing days!
  6. Hello all! I am looking at the idea of booking a suite (especially if I have to rebook). However, I would really like for all of us to be in the same room if I do. Which suites would be able to hold 5 people (3 adults 2 children)? How do the prices compare to balcony suites? TIA!
  7. Hello all! I was just listening to the new vid and realized that I forgot about the boarding order. I am the only person in my group at gold status because they have never cruised before. We are divided up into 2 rooms. How does the boarding work for this? Will I need to just hang back with them? Or will those in my room get to go with me? My kiddos are going so I'm not a fan of leaving everyone behind. TIA
  8. Depending on where you are sailing to, I would still go. There is a lot of needless hype in the media. If you live on the west coast or are sailing from there I would think twice, if not then I wouldn't worry too much. You have a better chance of getting the flu. Wash your hands well and often as if you were trying not to get sick from anything else. I personally am not cancelling my cruise. I refuse to let something like this ruin my fun when it doesn't have to. At the end of the day, you have to make the decision yourself. IMO, if RCCL thought is was a crisis, they wouldn't risk lawsuits and keep the sail date.
  9. Sitting at the aft on the Allure watching the wake.
  10. Are you still able to check-in on the app if you don't have a passport? We will not be able to get passports for our cruise, thankfully we don't really need them. Due to certain circumstances, it would be very hard to get one for my daughter anyway. Are we going to have to wait to check-in at the port? TIA
  11. Thank you both! That makes me feel lots better!
  12. My son is still young and though he will be getting swimming lessons I'm not sure how well he is going to do. He loves to jump into pools and such. Are there complimentary life vests/jackets at Coco Cay for kids or will I need to bring one from home? TIA!
  13. I am not one to just sit around in my room and watch TV or whatever, so 2 cruises with interior rooms is what I would do. There are always places on the ship that is pretty much quiet and you can just chill out. My room is for changing clothes, bathing, and sleeping. Personally, the balcony is a waste of money because I won't be staying in the room very often. It all comes down to what you use your room for and if you are ok being in a smaller room. Also, some ships have a virtual balcony for not much more than a regular inside room. It has a real time view of outside.
  14. I LOVE the shirt idea!! I have a friend who can do things like that too. Thank you so much! I do think we will take some decorations. We will be in St. Maarten that day so I may get her something special while we are there.
  15. Same! We just had this snow here in NC and I'm wanting palm trees. I can't book but one cruise every few years and this will be the first time for my kids. The fact that it's a surprise for them is making it worse. My poor mom (who is going too) has to hear me talk about it all the time. 178 days to go.
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