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  1. My son is still young and though he will be getting swimming lessons I'm not sure how well he is going to do. He loves to jump into pools and such. Are there complimentary life vests/jackets at Coco Cay for kids or will I need to bring one from home? TIA!
  2. I am not one to just sit around in my room and watch TV or whatever, so 2 cruises with interior rooms is what I would do. There are always places on the ship that is pretty much quiet and you can just chill out. My room is for changing clothes, bathing, and sleeping. Personally, the balcony is a waste of money because I won't be staying in the room very often. It all comes down to what you use your room for and if you are ok being in a smaller room. Also, some ships have a virtual balcony for not much more than a regular inside room. It has a real time view of outside.
  3. I LOVE the shirt idea!! I have a friend who can do things like that too. Thank you so much! I do think we will take some decorations. We will be in St. Maarten that day so I may get her something special while we are there.
  4. Same! We just had this snow here in NC and I'm wanting palm trees. I can't book but one cruise every few years and this will be the first time for my kids. The fact that it's a surprise for them is making it worse. My poor mom (who is going too) has to hear me talk about it all the time. 178 days to go.
  5. Hope you have a great time! I still have 179 days until I'm on SOS.
  6. I know, but wasn't sure if anyone would see if I added a different part to the question. I saw so many people talking about how porters "lose" their luggage because of not being tipped or tipped properly. I don't need this happening to us considering I will be having my kids with me.
  7. Ok guys, my trip is a few months off, but I want to figure out what kind of cash I need. I have heard many things about the porters. Do I really need to use them? Can we take our luggage on ourselves and save about $30? I don't want to risk getting a person who is having a bad day and they "misplace" my bags.
  8. Went on the Allure for my honeymoon. It is Oasis class as well. They are wonderful ships with lots to do. The shows are wonderful! My #1 thing I would say to do is find some time to just sit on the beach and relax and do nothing for a few hours. Take it all in. Don't get preoccupied with trying to do too much. The best day we had was when we just sat on the beach under an umbrella holding hands. I wish you the best and smooth sailing!
  9. Can WOW Bands be used for more than one cruise?
  10. Call up RC and tell them what your situation is. They can accommodate most special needs. There is an email address, but I can't remember what it is. I know Matt has mentioned it on a few of the videos on YouTube. I know you will have a great time!
  11. Hello fellow cruisers! My mother-in-law is going with us on our cruise and her birthday is on one of the days of the cruise. Does the MDR or anyone else do special things for birthdays? I want to do something special but not sure what I can do. Ideas?
  12. My husband and I went snuba at St. Thomas on our honeymoon. We booked through RC and a great time. St. Thomas was a great place for trinket shopping too. We didn't go to Grand Bahama.
  13. Ok, thanks. I'll have to make sure that we don't pack too much. There are 5 of us total going and with 2 of them being kids, well...the bags could pile up.
  14. Hey everyone! What exactly do the porters do? If we choose not to use them, what does that mean? I don't remember if we used them on our last cruise, which was many years ago. We are kind of cruising on a budget and would like to not have to worry about tipping anyone or having someone "conveniently misplacing" our luggage as we are traveling with kids.
  15. Talk to your travel agent and get travel insurance. Most times they cover luggage. If you don't have a travel agent then call your personal auto or home insurance and they may be able to help you. My husband and I got it for our honeymoon cruise, which was our first. Thankfully we didn't need it, but it covered our luggage as well and many other things. Peace of mind is priceless. Happy Sailing!
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