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  1. In Costa Maya, we took a cab into town and spent an afternoon at Krazy Lobster. But my wife still had time to hit the jewelry stores in Costa Maya. In Cozumel, we go to Mr. Sancho's. Always super friendly service, food and beverages included, and a great massage spot close to the beach for just a few extra pesos. Have not made it to Roatan yet.
  2. Seems high but no telling what the new "normal" might be like after COVID-19. Most likely the price will not come down until 6 months before embarkation date. It's good to check periodically just in case those interns come up with another crazy sale.
  3. Great first day! Great pictures. So many questions........ What is your secret for what to do or NOT to do on the flowrider? I have tried it at a waterpark but not on a ship yet. How was your dog at the Boardwalk doghouse? You mentioned making dinner reservations when you got on board, did you have the dining package? What other reservations did you make before boarding and which ones did you make once you got onboard? Does that include activities too? We have not been on Oasis (or any Oasis class ships) and I'm the type of planner that likes to get as much "planned" in advance as possible. How does Oasis compare to Freedom?
  4. Following @rshov. We are anxiously awaiting our first Oasis class cruise in October and look forward to your pics and adventures. We live in Northern VA (Go Nationals, Go CAPS!), but big fans of Baltimore too. Thanks for sharing your "live" blog!
  5. I miss everything. The excitement of embarkation day, the first drink by the pool, getting to see our room for the first time, first night in the dining room, and so on. But one thing that particularly stands out for me is watching the sun go down, the stars come out, smelling the clean ocean air, and watching the wake drift lazily behind the ship. Such a calm and peaceful experience (for me anyway).
  6. Hard to pick just one...…..but here goes. Our Western Med cruise on Freedom two and half years ago. First cruise for our two teens. Very port intensive (Marseilles, Villefranche (Nice), La Spezia (Florence & Pisa), Rome, Naples and Barcelona. Summer time and didn't get dark until 10 pm each night. It was like having two vacations in once, the ports each day, the ship at night. The kids loved it and all was well with the world. ro
  7. Our local brewpub had a carryout special today. Filled 2 growlers for $15! Cheers!
  8. @WannaCruise………..we just sailed Anthem for the New Year's Eve Cruise a few months ago. We had a balcony cabin AND a virtual balcony cabin for our teens. The weather was cold in NY/NJ and warmed up but still chilly by the time we got to Port Canaveral 2 days later. Weather improved dramatically for Nassau, Coco Cay, and our first sea day headed back. Rain/cold weather for our last day at sea. I would think you could get worse weather but what we experienced was probably typical for that time of the year. Here's the thing. We were disappointed with the virtual balcony. The room seemed small and dark. The "virtual" was neat but the novelty wore off pretty quickly. One day it didn't work at all. The actual balcony let in lots of light even on the chilly days, was great to look at the stars at night, and very useful for the 3.5 days of nice weather. The room felt significantly larger and the ocean air was refreshing no matter what the outside temps were. I would take half a cruise with decent weather in a balcony cabin even for the extra $$$ vs. the virtual cabin option.
  9. I think we will change more of our land based behaviors to mimic what we do on the ship more than the other way around. Lots of hand sanitizer, not touching door handles (when possible), and more "washy washy" than ever.
  10. I had a feeling this was coming. Not sure they had much choice. Sorry to everyone with plans disrupted, I know it must be very disappointing. Hope that everyone stays healthy and safe and things return to normal...…….soon!
  11. We saw the drink cards offered last month on Empress. 7 night cruise but at least they are still making an appearance.
  12. We just had this issue with our NYE cruise. Booked our balcony room and kids room on same floor but four doors down. RCI would not permit it even though our kids are 17 and 20! Had to book one parent in each room. The only exceptions are the adjoining rooms or one directly across the hall.
  13. Oasis has a music hall? Is it similar to the one on Anthem? Unbelievably excited about our first Oasis (and Oasis Class) sailing in October!!!
  14. Agree with you 150% on the excited to cruise part. CocoCay is just icing on the cake no matter which part of the island we visit.
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