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  1. Do you remember when you had to take a tender to Coco Cay? Or that you could get to the terminal early (probably not anymore!)
  2. I agree with @WAAAYTOOOabout trying Odyssey or even Anthem of the Seas. The Quantum class ships are quite different than the rest of the fleet. The shows (including the 270 experience) are unique.
  3. Count me in as a fan of Sorrento's for a good late night snack. Anthem seemed to have the best that we've tried so far. I'm not a pizza snob and enjoy the chains and the local mom and pop places too. Even found a good pizza place in Philly!
  4. thanks @Lovetocruise2002, I edited my question to specify this is not a solo cruise. If it was, my wife would not be happy. Sounds like 28 points is the winner. We have a JS booked in September and another in October= hello Diamond status!
  5. Just playing along at home......does a non solo 7 night JS count for 21 or 28 points?
  6. Did the Double C & A points promotion expire last night or is it good through the end of the year?
  7. Last night we moved our Empress sailing in February to 2022. We are now on Oasis but lost a night of the itinerary. Just don't see things returning to normal for a long time.
  8. Just wondering out loud.......if we are boarding later in the day, how long will it take our bags to make it to our cabins?
  9. I'm not sure......I think the evites have already been sent.
  10. Not empty nesters but we are close. Both kids would be in college this Fall but now with COVID19, they might still be home. We had an 11 night Anthem cruise planned for January and our oldest would be home to house/pet sit. That would be nice but the cruise has been lifted to 2022. We've gone on several cruises the exact same time that our youngest seems to have a party at our house.....what a coincidence!
  11. We sailed Navigator "pre-amp" back in 2018 and I think she was still doing 5 and 9 day itineraries so it's not out of the question she will get rotated out of the 3 and 4 day trips in the future. Understand with COVID19 it might be a while before that happens.
  12. We went to Wonderland on Anthem. The experience is out of this world, very creative and festive. The food was definitely different than what we would typically eat but we tried everything they put in front of us. Go for the experience if nothing else. You can always go to Sorrento's later.
  13. We saw a proposal on Anthem in December and the cruise staff was definitely involved. Everything took place in the Music Hall and the cruise activities director did a great job of making it a total surprise for the bride to be and the audience. She said "YES".
  14. That's great news. Sometimes everything works out better than you expected.
  15. At this point, my dream cruise is any sailing to just about anywhere. Hope we are back to normal by then. But Greek Isles would be a close second.
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