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  1. We have not worn our pins and don't plan to anytime soon but have no resentment for those that do.
  2. For a B2B, would a Diamond member be allowed use drink vouchers the morning of disembarkation that would only count for the first cruise, and then reboard later that day and start using vouchers for the 2nd cruise. Where can you get a drink the morning of disembarkation?
  3. We are also "take the stairs" people and like to book on decks 7-10 so we never have to go up or down more than a few levels. On our Empress trip in 2020, we didn't use the elevators the entire week.
  4. Congratulations! I agree with @Mike n Ky, definitely let the cruise team know it's your honeymoon and try to get on Love and Marriage show. I think we will be on Odyssey the same time as you guys!
  5. We hit 140 points on the last night of our Brilliance cruise in June. They left a crystal block in our room a day early.....YAY. The block was for Symphony......interesting that it wasn't Brilliance but.......we love Symphony and had no issues with it.
  6. I'm on a cruise ship and any port on vacation is better than being stuck at work. But.....if I have to offer a couple of ports they would be...............Port Canaveral and Freeport Port Canaveral has Cocoa Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Ron Jon's, and a great dive bar.......but we've done it multiple times. Freeport has..........................a beach?
  7. We used to go for the conch fritters too.
  8. We have booked numerous excursions through Viator. Just make sure your tour times coincide with your time in port. It might be helpful if you share where you are going as some ports have more options than others.
  9. I hope that couple earned a lot of cash back or travel rewards with their large dinner purchase!
  10. I'm with you @foulmouthedieon! We were on Symphony last year and enjoyed the artwork throughout the ship, including the bathrooms. I took a picture to show my wife (she confirmed the ladies room did not have the same theme).
  11. One package for two devices will be the better value. You could also share one plan and each sign off to let the other use it but that may not be ideal.
  12. Congratulations on your 55th Anniversary next year. Quite an accomplishment. Enjoy the planning and fun of your first cruise. To answer your question, your sea pass card will have the drink package included. It may be a short amount of time after you board before you get your sea pass card but you can show a bartender your setsail pass or give them your room number and you should be fine.
  13. try https://portofbaltimore.parksleepfly.com
  14. try each site....here is the Staybridge Suites link.....looks like Candlewood has stopped the shuttle due to COVID https://www.ihg.com/staybridge/hotels/us/en/baltimore/balih/hoteldetail?cm_mmc=GoogleMaps-_-SB-_-US-_-BALIH there's a tab below that says park and cruise. I had to refresh to get that option.
  15. Candlewood Suites and Staybridge Suites are very close and have park n' cruise deals.
  16. I agree it might be cutting it close but suggest keeping he morning departure. If you realize you will miss the flight, call the airline and let them know and they should be able to rebook you on a later flight. Which airline are you using?
  17. During the pandemic, another lesser known perk for Diamond was an invitation to the top tier event with free champagne and mimosas. Now that the pandemic restrictions are being lifted, I think this perk is open to some of the lower levels again. But.....free champagne!!!!
  18. I have the info on my phone but our last two cruises (Miami, Ravenna), the signal dropped getting on the cruise ship and we could not pull up the setsail pass. Best to screenshot and paper copy to be safe.
  19. Navigator has quite a few 4 and 5 night options in that range. Sometimes a balcony can be had for your price range. We booked a 4 night balcony for $1000 total including gratuities and taxes.
  20. Following along and looking forward to your cruise next month. Yay for no testing required! We are booked on a 7 night and 4 night B2B in February on Navigator and have had issues with the cruise planner too.
  21. Thank you everyone for your information. I may have additional questions between now and February. We went ahead and booked the 4 night cruise and will be doing our first B2B cruise! The completion of this cruise will put us One cruise away from D+. That cruise is booked for April 2023 on Odyssey.
  22. We wore ours one time to sit on the balcony on a chilly sea day. I have seen several people wear them to the spa and the pool but not the dining room or casino.
  23. That's a great tip. Will we still have to do the emuster drill and all the safety videos on the app for the 2nd cruise?
  24. Our bags will remain on the ship even if we get off and go through customs? If we don't have luggage, it might be a great way to sightsee in L.A. or the beaches. Would we be allowed to reboard later in the day?
  25. What about the ports made them so bad?
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