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  1. I heard it is now up an running on there. Most people say it's fine, nothing to blow your mind. Royal is still throttling it down is what I heard
  2. I was on there in September, it wouldn't be hard for them to transition that area into it. If they do I will be bummed because I liked El Loco Fresh. Can't wait for it in April on the Wonder!!!
  3. No it runs off of dail-up, but those long cords are hard to find now a days
  4. Just go to guest services and put money to their sea pass. You can also put a spending limit on their cards.
  5. If you are going on a Oasis class ship breakfast is free for Johnny Rockets
  6. I think a new class and bigger ship you will feel different. I think some of the older ships they keep around because they are smaller and can get into ports other ships can't, but they do show their age and Covid did not help them to get their ships in the schedule dry docks. You said Princess food is better, but they are more of the luxury line of Carnival, so they put more effort in the quality of food. But I have noticed from even night to night on a cruise you can have really good food and then the next night it is just alright. The only food you will be blown away by is the specialty restaurants. I know you have to pay extra for it, but they use better quality product and aren't cooking for 500 people at once. I do think the ships aren't getting the quality of food like they use to from their vendors and have to take what they can get to feed cruises day in and day out. You said dinner took a long time, but that's about average depending on your table size. The ships from what I heard are all fully staffed, but maybe a lot of new staff from what it seems. So go up to a Freedom class or higher ship and give it another shot. Oasis class ships are pretty amazing to go on, they feel more like a hotel with all the neighborhoods. Im excited to try the Quantum next year and go back to Alaska!!!
  7. My parents TA saved them $1000 and got them a little bigger cabin for their January cruise. Like Matt has said before, if you find a good travel agent they will save you $$$
  8. I wasn't fully Wowed when the Oasis class ships came out. Only the size was the big wow factor for me. I mean I love going on them with all there is to do, but the Icon class looks amazing and I can't stop watching videos and seeing pictures. Hope I get to sail on her one day!
  9. I have been to both and I like Trunk Bay so much better. It is less crowded and good snorkeling. Trunk Bay is a national park so it is kept up and boats aren't allowed in the bay area
  10. As far as football goes, I was on the Allure a few weeks ago and they only made the effort to get a few college and NFL games on. Sometimes it matters how hard people push to get the games. Because the other days they never had CBS or Fox but when the games started they were able to get the games because people were fussing. They also came on in the cabin. Once the games were over the channels went back to the original broadcast. They even got the Sunday night game on Prime and showed it at the Aqua Theater. On the SOS last year in September since they had Playmakers it seemed like they had more games then the Allure
  11. I will be curious to see if they update all the routers you see down the hallways. I know at work our IT department came in and replaced all the wireless routers to maximize the bandwidth because the ones we had didn't put out what our network could get up to. So they could get this Starlink, but if they don't update all the other hardware then I don't know how much difference it till make. I mean it can't get worse, just boost it to where it is now. I know it's not going to happen over night, but just hope their IT team thinks about that.
  12. Also, is there a DL on the Quantum?
  13. Yea I brought a fan. It helped a little but not as much as I thought
  14. Yea I did all the right things for sure. I was on deck 12, but went in all parts of the ship and never found a cold spot except the back part of the Windjammer. Hopefully my inside cabin on the Wonder in April will be colder for my liking.
  15. I wish I was on there again with this hurricane coming right at my house in Pinellas county. Also part that stinks because I work for the government I have to stay back to work a shelter. My wife and kids left with my MOL to GA and then possibly NC to see family and wait it out. Hopefully nothing too bad happens here, but not looking good at the moment. Enjoy the cruise, Allure was great last week
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