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  1. I do feel like it is a odd time for the show but I get why they do it. Its between lunch and dinner so people don't have to rush in the morning or feel like they have to rush to the early dinner. Also the ones I have seen the CD sometimes is really good at it and gets into it and some others are ok at it and maybe because they do it so much they kind of get over it. I usually try to catch it when I go on the ship.
  2. Hopefully they have that when I go next year. I'm a diamond but it would be nice on sea days to split that up during the week.
  3. Most of the time a travel agent will have you book two inside connecting cabins with one adult in each. What people do then is they leave that connecting door open and the kids sleep on one side and the parents in the other. Or what you could do is separate the beds and one parent sleep with one kid and the other in the other cabin. Like others said the travel agent would of told you that the inside cabins are too small for a pull out couch. Everyone on here uses MEI travel and said great things about them and they don't charge you a fee to use them.
  4. I mean if you are flexable and want to pay for me that sailing leaves on my birthday
  5. I had to do forget my password and create a new one and it worked after that on the computer and my iphone
  6. Looking at it quickly 7200 would be a nice cabin since it is on the hump of the ship. Gives you a better view when looking over the side. That would be a you best bet in my opinion.
  7. Yea I also found that part kind of a bummer. Maybe we should all speak up in the survey!!!!
  8. I liked both and been on both, but the Vue Bar on the Wonder is one of my favorites and I did like the Windjammer layout on the Wonder as well. I can't wait to be back on her next year. But like Mike said if the price is good for the SOS and the ports are where you want to go then you can't go wrong with that as well. Mason Jar was good for dinner and a nice change to a specialty restaurant.
  9. I will be on the Allure. They don't have playmakers but doing the Wonder again in 2025!!!
  10. One cruise I had them make me a Blue Long Island or aka AMF. The last cruise I tried the Long Beach Ice Tea. This cruise coming up I am going to try the Tokyo Tea. They will make it if they have all of it.
  11. It seems like Royal Caribbean doesn't do it like they use to with some entertainment after COVID. They use to have comedians fly into ports and come on for the tail end of a cruise. Now it seems like they stay on for a few months and then leave the ship. The two guys on the Symphony I went to see did the same set the two nights I went to see them. I was hoping they would of changed it up but didn't. One guy was funny and the other one was ok. All the shows in the main theater are always the same and don't change between sailings. But the nice thing with a back to back I would say is that since it does stay the same, the first cruise you could kind of go with the flow and then the next one catch all the entertainment or even spread it out between the two sailings to catch it all. Sometimes some show times mix together so it is hard to catch it all.
  12. Those three ships are all pretty similar with the Liberty and Freedom a little bigger then the Adventure of the seas. The Freedom is the newest in being cleaned up in 2020. But I would go by the ports if you can if it's places you haven't been and want to see. Also compare the shore excursions. Some ports offer good ones through Royal and some are slim pickens or sometimes aren't ones appealing to what you like to do. Ft. Lauderdale is really easier to leave out of, the port is nice and quick getting on and off the ship. Anyone one of those three ships I don't think you can go wrong, but it is a step down from the Oasis class ship. Go around this site and read peoples reviews of those ships or even on his Matt's youtube channel and see if he has ship tour videos and go from there.
  13. I've been on most Oasis class ships and the Wonder is one of my favorites. The Vue Bar is a nice spot they made on that ship. I would like to maybe go back on a Voyager Class again. I've been on Adventure and Mariner and wouldn't mind the Mariner again! Or trying a Freedom class ship.
  14. I was on there 2 weeks ago and I overheard that they said one of the glass panels is broken.
  15. If they are picky eaters they can also order off the kids menu. I know some of the stuff does seem a little disappointing on the choices. Usually what I do is order extra of a appetizer and then just get the NY strip. Then maybe get some pizza later at Sorrentos.
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