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  1. Americans are selfish people. It will be many, many years before Covid 19 is eradicated from it’s borders because asking it’s citizens to make some very simple life changes for a very short period of time is too difficult for them. If all Americans would wear masks, socially distance, and wash their hands for 30 continuous days....Covid 19 would be so substantially reduced, normalcy could begin to be resumed. But that will never happen, it’s asking too much of very selfish people.
  2. Sadly, no mention of the most economical people mover: a zipline between FLL and Port Everglades. :0(
  3. I would be very cautious about the CDC having an opinion poll of Americans what a reopening of cruising should look like; long time cruisers may not get the results they are expecting. Jus' say'n....
  4. How many people think we should buy a Monarch lifeboat for Matt to create a RCBlog studio/office/YouTube broadcast booth? Or, should it just be the furnishings from one of the pool bars?
  5. My question is, being beyond confident there will be no sailings this year: do I greatly increase my cabin categories on 2020 cruises in order to receive an inflated 25% part of the FCC??? If so, is this a company I want to front money to? Will there even be a Royal Caribbean in 2021/2022??? This strangely feels familiar, like I am over-served in Casino Royale and trying to make financial decisions past midnight.
  6. I do not understand the benefit of wholly owning Silversea at this point in time. Crazy...
  7. I think the company that operated the Royal Up program has been gone for months and will likely never return. Going forward, Royal Up is unnecessary. Royal is simply substituting much higher pricing for balconies and above from day one. I know it's unpopular here, but if they need to trim the manifest for social distancing purposes; it will strictly be done by 'How much did you pay?'.
  8. We went in August of 2014 and only have good memories of the ruins at Tulum and of the Mía Restaurant & Beach Club who was the vendor for our beach break. Yes it was hot and humid, it would be disappointing if it wasn't. I have very high regard for the Mayan culture and I don't think I'm going to far out on a limb by saying and hot and humid as it was touring the ruins, it was very much likely hotter and more humid at other places inland. The Mayans chose the locations for their settlements for astrological reasons; but I also think the Tulum location was chosen for it's ocean breezes
  9. Of interesting note, do you know how TA’s check for price reductions? No, they don’t have a software program that monitors their customers pricing; they do it through mock bookings at royalcaribbean.com just like you and me. We all need to appreciate our TAs more.
  10. I gotta tell you guys I am troubled by Matt's recent post about the proposed EU guidelines. I've been thinking about it quite a bit over the weekend. It's not the guidelines themselves, they seem so simple. I have always thought that when cruising resumes the change in culture will be harder than the changes themselves. That's why I have been upset that Royal has not come out and said "we are going to create many areas for hand washing", "we are going to reform the old practices of embarkation to allow for social distancing", or "we are changing the way we serve food"; very, very easy and
  11. It would come as no surprise to me if 10 or 15 Royal ships were decommissioned by the end of the summer.
  12. Just my opinion: if losing online contact with this company brings a big knot in your stomach; you should probably be reevaluating the value in your life you are allowing Royal to have. Jus' say'n
  13. I suspect Vanessa's (Insiders) predicament has resonated through the corner offices in Miami. Therefore there are good reasons (and perhaps correctly) to price those newly opened big rooms sky high. There is also likely a minority saying "that's price gouging, there are marketing problems with that". So they have decided not to make a decision.
  14. I have had thoughts about Royal having an art liquidation auction before they tow the Oasis class ships to some foreign soiled scrapyard. And the prices received being far, far less than what we have been told the art installations onboard are worth. I think Super Mario could pick up that million dollar spinning head on Harmony for just a thousand or two.
  15. Is it not impossible to think that the cold shoulder by the CDC is due the fact that cruisers are notoriously sloppy and lazy? The demographic class of the typical cruise ship passenger is over 60 years old and has known health issues? The reason the CDC has been deliberately silent is because a cruise ship has so many factors making it a pandemic bullseye that at this point in time it's off-the-charts crazy to change behaviors and make them a safe place??? Also, you are aware of what happens if any single person; passenger or crew, enters the medical facility on floor two not feeling wel
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