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  1. Players, and the Pool bar were open most of the day. The solarium bar opens around 12:00, and the others started opening around 4.
  2. I had the same problem before a recent cruise, but signing them on the ship was fairly painless. With that being said I really didn't read what I was signing, so I may have signed away the house. The Flowrider may have been worth it.
  3. I't seemed like we arrived and departed with in an hour of each other. The water park was busy, but the beach did not seem to be over crowded. We never made it to the oasis pool. Having two days at the island will probably help spread the crowd out a little more. Have fun!
  4. We were there 9/12 and everything was in good shape (other then the balloon not operating). We we're on Mariner and Navigator was in port as well. That was a bit of a surprise, and made it very crowded in the water park, but all of the facilities seemed to be in order. Royal Caribbean has done a great job with Coco Cay.
  5. We are going on the same itinerary and opted for the passport book. It's more significantly more expensive than the card, but we'll be covered if we do any kind of international travel in the next 10 years.
  6. Take a look at some of the cruise compass's from recent sailings that have been to Coco Cay. This will show you all of the other activities that are offered. I'm trying to convince my 10 year old son not to do the waterpark, because he won't ride the majority of the slides. I think we would have a more enjoyable time with the beach activities and snorkeling. We will be there next week, so I'll be sure to post our cruise compass when we return.
  7. We ran into a similar situation when rescheduling due to the hurricane, but it was only $100 more for my wife and I. Since they made rescheduling so easy, I chalked it up to RCI needing to draw the line somewhere. Keeping an eye on the cruise planner is the way to go, and I hope you find the deal you originally had. Good luck and enjoy your cruise.
  8. Thanks everyone for your kind words and wishes. This board has been a great help, and now I'm pretty much addicted to it. See you next [email protected]
  9. We were scheduled for a September 2nd cruise on Navigator that was shortened by hurricane dorian. RCI went above what would be expected in this situation, and made switching cruises fairly simple. We are now heading out of Port Canaveral on the 9th. I can't imagine the stress the customer service reps have been under and everyone was very kind, patient, and helpful. The only issue was the amount of time spent on hold, but that was to be expected under the circumstances. I will absolutely be sailing and recommending RCI in the future.
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