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  1. Do you have to follow the formal nights / wear your best rules when going to the special restaurant such as chops grill / wonderland?
  2. What is the must drink and dish to try on a royal Caribbean cruise, such as Symphony of the seas. Going in 3 weeks. I have already booked several sessions at my local CrossFit centre to get rid off the weight I will be gaining
  3. Last year my family went on my first cruise going on the Harmony, and although we absolutely loved it I remember the first lunch was so stressful especially at lunch time. This year I am going on the symphony and we are boarding as early as we can as we can’t wait for the cruise to begin. Lunch time will undoubtedly be hectic again, so just wanted to find a reasonable quiet place.What other option do I have apart from the Windjammer? Not interested in going any fancy places as we will be sitting around the pool, and don’t want to change into fancy clothes. Where could I go and do they cost ext
  4. Ok need some input on this. Been on 1 cruise and last time I noticed they have loads of stands selling watches. I am looking to get a new watch and was just wondering if they are any good, are can you find a good deal, or would I find a better deal on any ports I am visiting. I am visiting Rostand, Costa Maya and Cosumel if anyone could recommend a good place to buy a watch, that would be great
  5. I keep asking questions - guess I am just super excited for my upcoming cruise on the symphony end of October. 2 questions; Can you prebook spa treatments and if so how much cheaper are they when pre booked? Can I ask for several starters at dinner time when eating at my time and at any of the other restaurants? Or is that being greedy?
  6. Is there a Johnny Rocket onboard Symphony? When looking at the cruise planner it does not show up, but it does on the App. Which one is correct?
  7. Sorry about being a bit slow on this, my kids are staying in a separate cabin. If I buy the package under my cabin number, I can’t take any pictures with my kids only in the picture?
  8. What is the difference between the Harmony and Symphony. I went on the Harmony last October and going on the Symphony in October and was just wondering if I can expect new things to see/do
  9. Going on the symphony next month and was just wondering if I could save some time and hassle by filling out the waiver forms online before the cruise. I got 4 kids so do I need to sign 4 different waivers? And do each activity my kids try on board require a separate waiver form ? If that is the case I will be spending the first day just signing those forms? Any suggestions for me not to do this would be great
  10. Going on the Symphony of the seas, end of October. Where is your favourite place onboard and why?
  11. Going on the symphony of the seas in October. Does anyone know if there is a place there they serve churros?
  12. Family are very excited to go on Symphony on the seas end October we are excited and hoping to meet some great new friends from America I have checked us in already with a boarding time at 12:30. Do I need to stick to that time or can I get on board earlier Also any great ideas on how to make embankment day Go smoothly with kids age 7-9?
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