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  1. @SPS thanks I really like this one.
  2. @AshleyDillo thks! These are what I really wanted.
  3. LINKS - where to buy these? Amazon...etc ??? Can I get some "links" for luggage holders when we get our tags? Also any links for land yards, as a newbie I'm assuming we'll need them. Also should they be waterproof? Lastly, and links for small waterproof bags when on excursions, assuming we'll need that too. You all are the experts, I'm listening.....thks! 157 Days to go! Yes that's Christmas my friends!
  4. When I click on the link, it says "please ensure your sailing is within the next 30 days" (which it is not) --- how did you get in from March for a May sailing???
  5. They probably have an email discount or shorter cruise. Mine is listed at $199. Waiting for a price discount to be posted.
  6. DAM, I missed this one. Good for RC, shocked though!
  7. Key member- how about leaving? When should I expect to have the shuttle meet us to get our car?
  8. Vlgg, how did you pre-pay for parking? We are going out of Ft Lauderdale in December and can't find much on parking? I assume there is a lot and how do you pay? Thks!
  9. Honestly I think it has to do more with packing. Your in a warm environment, pants take up extra suitcase space. I get your point but if I fly to Miami for a week, there will be no long pants in my case. Its vacation in the heat and comfortable is the word.
  10. Thanks Tim B! We will be departing from Fort L also. Appreciate the insight.
  11. Not sure where your from, but we switched from Allure to Indy for the Christmas cruise. 5 days vs 7 was huge for our family of 4. Still expensive because its the Holidays, but we knew that. A huge savings we are making is that we live in MA and we are driving a rental vs airfair. A mini van is a fraction of the cost vs a 5k airfair! Plus we can hit some other locations on our way home. Just a thought.........
  12. That's awesome to hear Tim B. I purchased the Key for my family for 2019 Christmas on Indy! Any tips?
  13. Newbie here too. Traveling at Christmas 2019. Did purchase Ultimate drink pkg as I have read and watched (YouTube) too many positives vs negatives. Avoids that big bill at the end of the cruise. And, although we do not drink much, we are on vacation and the last thing I want to worry about is not having enough money to cover the bill and drinking water instead. This is our family vacation that we probably won't take again as my kids are 20 somethings. Also purchased the Key! Will follow the post to see what others say. Have fun !!!
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