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  1. Any advice on where we can store our luggage in Miami for a few hours after our cruise? We want to explore South beach and Lincoln Road Mall so we would like to store the luggage somewhere in that area.
  2. Around the 70`s sounds good enough for me, a really good Swedish summer is around 77-86 degrees Fahrenheit, in the winter and especially February it can go as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit so coming to Miami will feel nice
  3. We`re going on our first cruise ever in February and also it will be my first time in the US. We`re from Sweden so the weather here is cold in feb but what is it like in Miami, is it shorts and t-shirt kind of weather or is it sweater and jeans kind of weather? I realize that it varies but on avarage what would you say?
  4. Hey guys. A silly question perhaps, but I didn´t find any information about this so I thought I´d ask you lot. Let´s say I book a table at CHOPS GRILL, GIOVANNI'S TABLE etc. Does the Deluxe drink package apply in those types of restaurants as well? Or is it only for the bars and the "free" restaurants? This is our very first trip on a cruise ship so we´re kinda lost when it comes to these things, so go easy on us. From what I´ve understood you can order drinks etc that costs up to $12 (or whatever the budget cap is for the Deluxe package on that trip), and if you order drinks a
  5. I`m from Sweden but not from Gotland, I think you can definitely fill the time there. Visby is a cosy and beautiful town with lots of shops, cafés, bars and restaurants. Dont forget to walk around the ringwall or "Ringmuren" in swedish. it´s about 3.5 kilometers around and it was built in the 12th century, also the botanical garden is pretty nice to stroll through. And if you want a meal with a view I can recommend restaurant Krönet, you cant book a table though and it can be quite full in july. Maybe you can get more ideas from here: https://gotland.com/en/visit/articles-guides/vis
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