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  1. The 'Learn to play' session in the casino. I'm not a gambler and never been to Vegas but I thought it would be fun to have a 'play'session to learn. No one else was there and the staff were not very enthusiastic so they only explained some rules to me very quickly. Not exactly the fun session I had envisioned! Also, the art auction! It promised champagne that never materialised and was painful to watch as an art conservator! Haha.
  2. Yes, I had an email to say my Denmark cruise on Adventure has been cancelled.... That was to replace a cancelled Norwegian cruise. I think I'll wait this time and not rebook anything for 2021 just yet.....
  3. Just one 'big' trip planned so far for 2021, our Copenhagen to Amsterdam cruise on Adventure. I'll plan more local trips nearer the time travel restrictions permitting and try to rebook our cancelled trip to visit family in Florida..... fingers crossed....
  4. You can also sometimes find transit cruises within Europe. I'm booked on Adventure of the Seas from Copenhagen to Amsterdam in August 2021 and there was one for this year between Copenhagen and Barcelona (presumably cancelled!). It's a great way to see a wider variety of places and you can add on additional city breaks before and after.
  5. I would wait. You have a long time still and airlines are constantly changing itineraries at the moment. I would set up a fare alert for the route you're looking for. Sky scanner offers this on their website, I think. It will send you an email when fares change for dates and route you are looking for.
  6. Most of the desserts in the MDR! They always sound amazing but about 90% of the time I find them really disappointing. Chocolate molten cake arrived over baked and dry. Creme brulee wasn't set. The special RCL birthday cake looked pretty but was just a sugar bomb with no flavour...
  7. Something local to the region you're sailing! I still feel sad that there was no key lime pie when we stopped at Key West! Or meatballs when in Sweden....
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/20/how-coronavirus-is-reshaping-europes-tourism-hotspots An interesting article on how different hotspots are rethinking how to engage with visitors.
  9. I feel like this is a good time to reflect in our tourist habits and really think about what we want to do and experience at places we visit. Must see lists are part of the cause of over tourism in a lot of places around the world. If everyone visits the same tourist attractions in places then it's less enjoyable and meaningful for everyone. I love art but hated visiting the Hermitage in St. Petersburg because it was rammed with people just ticking off a list. What do you and your family enjoy? History? Architecture? Food? Beaches? Then do some research and find out what is on offer tha
  10. I booked a GTY cabin for the first time for next year. I saved about £400, which can go towards shore excursions or onboard expenses. It's a port heavy itinerary so I'll only be there for sleeping/showering anyway. Yay.
  11. I know a ferry is a mode of transportation. I just thought it was interesting. Especially as overnight routes will have some of same issues/requirements as cruises in terms of making things like buffets, cabins, and public areas safe for travel during covid.19
  12. Interestingly, ferries are resuming operations here in the UK, including a few overnight routes.... even though UK govt made a statement today cautioning against cruise holidays....
  13. My upcoming Fjord cruise was cancelled and its sail date coming up at the end of June.... I booked a similar cruise for August 2021! Adventure of the Seas from Copenhagen to Amsterdam! Reduced fare and covered by CWC. I'm determined to stay positive that we will be able to travel and cruise again next year. Anyone else planning for 2021?
  14. As soon as I step on board, grabbing a coffee and exploring! Also, vintages, anywhere I can grab a quiet chair in the shade to read. Amd best of all quality time with the hubby
  15. I love this post!! I love cruising for the ports of call - I've been lucky enough to visit Cuba, Russia and the Baltic so far. Places that I probably wouldn't have been able to visit otherwise. My next cruise is Norwegian fjords in July. I'd love to do more cruises in the Caribbean and Alaksa is definitely on my list. If I could teleport over from the UK I'd do it in a heartbeat. Haha.
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