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  1. If I wanted to take my 10 year old grandson on a cruise in June would he have to be Vaccinated?
  2. Does anyone know the age limit, hight limit and weight limit on the zipline?
  3. Can my wife take a clothing steamer on the ship?
  4. I know you can bring 2 bottles of wine but how much pop and water can you bring onboard?
  5. I will be on Mariner of the Sea for the Super Bowl, will they air the game on the big screen by the pool?
  6. I leave on Mariner of the Sea in February and one of our stops is Labadee, does anyone know if Labadee is open yet?
  7. On the Royal Caribbean App I am getting ready to input my Vaccination info and they ask for the date of my final dose, I got my booster yesterday is that the date they want or is it the second shot date that they want?
  8. I just checked in and I got a digital set sail pass, I got one set sail pass with my name on it should my wife have gotten one also or does it work for both of us?
  9. I can do my online check in tomorrow what info do i need to have ready to check in.
  10. Where can I find the covid test on Royal Caribbean web site? Step by Step Please.
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