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  1. Saw on the cruise planner that there is an 18-21 mingle on the first day. Perhaps they can meet some friends to hang out with the rest of the cruise.
  2. Stopping in Barbados on Vision next month. Going to Harbour Lights (similar to Boatyard and right next door). Since we are all adults we don't really need the rope swing/trampoline options. 10$ to rent chair/umbrella and 20$ for all that + a turtle snorkeling tour. As Laura said take a taxi, Its 5$ each way.
  3. 42 days left. Leaving from San Juan. BVI, Antigua, Barbados, St Lucia and DR( punta cana)
  4. Just booked my families excursions for our southern Caribbean cruise but some of the precruise deals weren’t available anymore. Hope black friday deals are good so I can rebook! 🤑🤑
  5. After I posted This I remembered there was a search feature haha. Thanks for the link!
  6. Hey All, Question if i bring my own reusable straws what is the best way to clean them after use? It's a definite no no to wash them with the cruise sink water right? Also has Royal switched to paper/bamboo or other recyclable material straws yet?
  7. Went on a royal euro cruise in 2017. Didnt really notice anyone dressing super fancy every day (although I definitely dressed up in cocktail dresses most nights it was my birthday cruise)
  8. That is indeed the address. Try the chuleta Cancan/kankan and arroz mamosteao (mixed rice and beans) you wont regret it! *this post has been sponsered by a Puerto Rican.
  9. Hey all! Would love to hear from my seasoned Caribbean cruisers. I travel to Puerto Rican often but not much in the winter (usually spring/summer) Will be on a southern carib cruise for christmas. How’s the weather? Is it warm enough to spend time on the beach? Will it be cold at night while the ship is sailing? Does the time of year you cruise dictate what types of excursions you take? I guess your answer might be dependant on where you live. I’m from the Northeast so anything above 70° is nice to me anyway lol.
  10. 2-3 weeks out. But I mentally pack as soon as vacation is booked haha. I just edit it by the time it's actually time to put clothes to suitcase.
  11. Keep it all to yourself! *maniacal laughter*
  12. Doing the math the DDP doesn't really work out for us since most of our days are docked and only 1 sea day (on a 7 day cruise). So I think bringing the two bottles will at least help us keep our drink cost down between the two of us. one or two drinks during the day and the bottles at dinner.
  13. Great! I'm dreading the day when they "wise up" and take this option away.
  14. Hey All, Wondering if this is still an available option? I cruised Royal in July 2017 and we were able to bring two bottles per cabin. Going on Vision in December this year.
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